Missing Teeth Can Make You Look Old Before Your Time

The expression, ‘you are getting old before your time’, usually applies when people cannot let go of old habits. Little do they realise that it is possible to look old at a young age. Surprisingly, it is not the wrinkles or age lines that cause it, but the early loss of teeth.

dentists in Harley StreetUnderstanding the relationship between tooth loss and early aging will help you understand the importance of having a complete set of teeth.

Tooth loss and early aging

Teeth serve a variety of purposes apart from aiding your digestion. These keep your facial muscles and bones intact. Tooth loss causes loss of alveolar bone, one that surrounds and supports teeth. You lose facial bone and muscle support for every tooth you lose.

Studies show that the bone experiences about 25% decrease in width after losing your teeth in the first year and an overall 4-millimetre decrease in height thereafter. Without the mass your teeth provides, your mouth and cheeks will sink and shrink upwards. A few teeth gaps may seem insignificant. Too many gaps, however, may change the way you look forever.

It is not just your face but your lifestyle that will change, as well. You will find it hard to chew, speak or smile if you lose your teeth. From a mere inconvenience, tooth loss becomes a major hindrance.

Dealing with premature aging

Given the consequences, dentists in Harley Street emphasise the need for a complete set of teeth, be it through natural or artificial means. They suggest flossing and brushing your teeth once and twice a day, respectively. They recommend a diet filled with calcium, fruits and vegetables instead of sugary food and drinks, as well. Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth to prevent early wear and tear.

Tooth loss changes your appearance and lifestyle if you refuse to do anything about it. Visit a dentist for advice and assistance in proper oral care. Cosmetic dentists in Harley Street know how to save your teeth from damage and discoloration. We provide dental implants, bridges, crowns and other dental treatments to help maintain and improve your face and smile. Call us or visit our office for more information on treatments for tooth loss.