Need a discrete way to straighten your teeth? 5 advantages of wearing clear braces

When you were younger, the idea of wearing braces was probably off-putting due to the social stigma it carried.


As an adult, even if you have misaligned teeth, wearing a brace is usually less than desirable due to the required time, money and effort that is involved. And so, unfortunately, many adults could benefit from wearing braces that don’t and have to suffer the often awkward issue of having a crooked smile.

Luckily, there are now many ways you can straighten your teeth as an adult without the use of metal braces, which are just as effective and offer exceptional long-term results.

Our team is proud to be able to offer our suitable patients clear braces in Harley Street; with braces like Invisalign and the Incognito aligner, you can get the straighter smile you want without drawing unwanted attention from strangers. Easy to use and more flexible to your busy lifestyle, these braces can make an instant impact on your self-esteem.

But what are some of the other advantages of clear braces in Harley Street?

Better oral hygiene

Traditional braces can cause severe issues with oral hygiene, hence why many patients who wear them have to also attend hygienist appointments to keep their teeth clean.

As clear braces in Harley Street are often made from clear brackets and thin wires, they are easier to clean successfully, meaning your oral health doesn’t have to deteriorate while you get your new smile.

Removable (sometimes!)

While we cannot guarantee it, some of our adult braces in Harley Street are removable.

Invisalign is the most famous one, but other brands such as the Incognito brace are affixed to the back of the teeth, making them unnoticeable. After the assessment of your teeth, our team will determine which type of brace is the most suited to your specific issue.

Accelerated treatment

If you knew someone growing up who wore braces, you may remember that they had them for a long time.

However, with adult orthodontics, the majority of the appliances have an average treatment time of about 6 months, making them faster than the braces worn by children and teenagers. This is because unlike orthodontic braces which use force to move the teeth (tightening), adult braces use methods such as pushing to move the teeth. Treatment times may vary depending on the severity of the orthodontic issue being treated.


As there is no pulling or excessive adjusting required with adult aligners, they are often more comfortable to wear for many people.

While some will require adjusting, like the Incognito brace, options like Invisalign do not and move the teeth using a set of pre-made aligners worn in a specific order, so no force is used.

Excellent results

While you may be worried that the results won’t be as long-lasting, all adult braces offer exceptional results.

Many alignment issues which were once only treatable with traditional aligners can now be corrected with more subtle braces with the same long-term results. Great stuff!