Orthodontics in Harley Street – a wise choice

It can be intimidating when you hear that you need to have your teeth or jaw corrected with orthodontics in Harley Street. However, rest assured that the devices that are used today are much more advanced and work faster than traditional braces did several years ago.


There are a multitude of different treatment options that are suitable for different kinds of issues. Depending on the severity of your condition, a dentist will be able to discuss with you what devices would be the most suitable for you, so that you can achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing smile to enjoy.

Orthodontics in Harley Street is the field of dentistry that is concerned with the alignment of teeth and jaws. For people to enjoy the full functionality of their teeth, they need to be properly aligned. There is both a cosmetic and restorative element to orthodontics in Harley Street and it is important to understand both of them. A professional who works in this field has both an eye for beauty and enjoys the technical element of teeth and jaw manipulation.

What is the cosmetic element to this field of dentistry?

Having straight teeth is something that many of us want. They are deemed as more attractive and people tend to listen to, appreciate and respect people that they find attractive. There is also a self-esteem element to this treatment, where people think more highly of themselves when they like the image that looks back at them in the mirror.

If you want to feel more confident in social, business and romantic ventures in your life, consider thinking about how your smile looks and discover whether this part of yourself is a help or a hindrance to your confidence. If it is the latter, and it is because your teeth are crooked, overlapping, gapped or too cramped together, then you should consider teeth straightening in order to achieve a smile that you would be happy to share with others.

What is the restorative element to this field of dentistry?

For some people more than others, straightening teeth is a necessary task, so that they are able to eat and speak more easily. A severely misaligned jaw can result in individuals not being able to bite down or chew correctly.

You can also prematurely wear down your teeth if they do not align as they should do. This can lead to a whole host of complications later down the track which can be costly, uncomfortable and embarrassing.

We are able to bring the alignment of your teeth and jaw into the correct position so that you are able to enjoy a healthier mouth. You are also able to enjoy longevity of your teeth as they are where they are meant to be, are able to be kept clean more easily and are less susceptible to damage, unlike teeth that jut out at odd angles.

We warmly invite you to come in and speak with us so that you can see for yourself the range of different teeth straightening devices that are available for you to use.