Orthodontics without metal braces: Harley Street treatment options

Modern orthodontics offers a number of subtle ways to straighten your teeth, without a glint of metal in sight. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have three in-house orthodontic specialists, who provide treatment to children, adults, and teenagers.

metal-braces-harley-streetHere at our Harley Street clinic, we are always keen to point out the benefits of teeth straightening treatment to patients of all ages. An increasing number of adults are turning to orthodontics, whether they missed out on having treatment during their younger years or underwent treatment only to experience adult relapse – teeth moving back to their old position, often due to failure to keep up with the retention stage.

We also recognise that a lot of adults are put off by the thought of wearing metal “train-track” braces, which is why at Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer a number of more discreet routes to straighter teeth.

Orthodontics as an adult can. . .

  • Help you to maintain good dental hygiene by reducing hard to reach areas where plaque can build up, making your teeth easier to clean and cutting your risk of gum disease and dental
  • Better protect protruding front teeth from accidental damage.
  • Improve your bite (how your jaws meet), reducing excessive wear on some teeth, and making it easier to eat a healthy diet.
  • Help in some cases of bruxism.
  • Boost your smile’s appearance, and with it your body image and self-esteem.

Harley Street Dental Clinic offers treatment with both braces and aligners. Your orthodontist will help you to choose the most appropriate appliance for your needs.

Harley Street discreet orthodontics

Lingual braces

Braces remain the staple of orthodontics. They can be used for everything from mild cosmetic correction to more extensive treatment involving the bite. Lingual braces are made from metal but nobody will notice them in everyday life because they are fitted to the rear (lingual) surfaces of the teeth.


This system of clear, removable aligners can treat a range of conditions in between six to 12 months, with minimal impact on your lifestyle. Maintaining dental hygiene during treatment is easy – you just pop the aligners out to clean.