Overcome fear of the dentist for good

Has fear of the dentist prevented you from getting much-needed treatment? If you are anxious, nervous, or even phobic about dental visits, we urge you to get in touch with Harley Street Dental Clinic, because we believe that we can help you to get back to oral health without it being a traumatic experience.

nervous-patientsBeing scared of the dentist is very common, and in the world of modern dentistry clinicians tend to be much more sympathetic to and understanding of nervous patients’ needs than they might have been in the past. The team at Harley Street Dental Clinic is exceptionally experienced in dealing with nervous, anxious, and phobic patients, and we guarantee that you will be treated with the utmost care, respect, and understanding at all times.

About one in six UK adults identifies as being a nervous dental patient. There are numerous causes given for this fear; sometimes a patient has had a traumatic experience during childhood, whilst in other cases a trigger such as the sight of a needle, the sound of a drill, or the thought of being out of control can be responsible.

A lot of people also fear being judged if they have less than perfect oral health, or fear what ongoing treatment may be required. At our Harley Street clinic we know that being judgemental is nothing but counter-productive, making an already anxious patient want to run down the street in shame and never set foot in a dental practice again.

Rest assured: at Harley Street Dental Clinic we will never judge you if you have less than perfect oral health. A good dentist wants only to help you get that health back and to maintain it in the future, and enjoys nothing more than seeing a once anxious patient with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Your dentist will discuss all the options available to you in a tranquil private space away from the dentist’s chair. You may benefit from bringing music to listen to or a film to watch, or could opt for either inhalation or intravenous sedation. Each patient’s needs are different, and we are committed to finding the best way to help you.