How your dentist and hygienist can help restore your gum health

As well as taking care of your teeth, your dentist and hygienist will work together to ensure that you have healthy gums. Gum health is just as important as tooth health, because gum disease is one of the leading causes of tooth loss in the UK. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, as well as a team of dentists and hygienists, we offer the services of specialist periodontist Dr Pedja Pavlovic, who can treat a range of complex gum issues.

gum diseasePeriodontics is the dental specialism that deals with the gums. Gum disease is very common and most people will experience it at some point in their life. There are two forms of gum disease: the early form is called gingivitis, while the more advanced form is known as periodontitis or periodontal disease.

The early symptoms of gingivitis can be difficult to spot, which is why regular visits to the dentist and hygienist are important, as they are in a prime position to notice the early signs. Symptoms you may notice yourself include red and swollen gums (which may or may not be painful), persistent bad breath, and gums that bleed when you brush your teeth.

If you notice any of these symptoms you should book an appointment with a dentist here at our Harley Street clinic at your earliest convenience. Treating gingivitis promptly will help to prevent the more serious form of gum disease developing.

Your hygienist plays an important role in treating the early stages of gum disease, professionally cleaning your teeth in a procedure known as a scale and polish to remove all traces of plaque, which causes gum disease.

If you haven’t visited the dentist or hygienist for some time, you may have developed periodontitis, which is characterised by:

  • Tooth ligaments detaching
  • Destruction of surrounding bone
  • Teeth becoming wobbly
  • Tooth loss

Harley Street Dental Clinic’s specialist periodontist, Dr Pavlovic, can provide a range of options to manage the condition.

How a cosmetic dentist can cure your gummy smile

A cosmetic dentist doesn’t just work on your teeth – they can also help if you have too much gum tissue on show when you smile. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our skilled team have helped many patients who have a gummy smile to improve the appearance of their smile – and with it boost their confidence.

cosmetic dentists at harley streetMany people come to our Harley Street clinic concerned about their gum line. It may be too high or too low, or they may describe themselves as having “short” teeth. In most cases teeth are of standard length, but are covered by excess gum tissue.

The cosmetic dentists at Harley Street can remove excess gum tissue and even out your gum line with a procedure known as a gum lift or gum reshaping. There are several different options for this treatment, and these will be discussed by your dentist at your initial consultation.

If a gummy smile is making you frown, you should book a consultation with a cosmetic dentist here at our Harley Street practice. They will carefully examine your teeth and gums before recommending the best course of treatment.

In many cases your dentist can painlessly reshape the gum line – increasing or reducing its length – using a laser. Some patients will require a more extensive gum reshaping procedure, which involves removing bone and gum tissue through dental surgery.

Having a gum lift carried out by a skilled cosmetic dentist can improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile by making it look better proportioned and more even. As well as the obvious aesthetic benefits, an improved gum line can also lead to healthier gums in the long-run.

For patients who have laser treatment for a gummy smile, there is practically no down time and most patients can return immediately to everyday activities. You may experience slight swelling or redness of the gums for a few days, for which your dentist can prescribe analgesia.

Finding a new dentist: why it’s never too late to save your smile

Many patients put off visiting the dentist because they are nervous or phobic. They then start to feel embarrassed or ashamed of the condition of their teeth, making them even less keen to visit a dental practice. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that it is never too late to save your smile. We offer a range of treatment options for nervous and phobic patients, and urge you never to be embarrassed to come and see us.

nervous and phobic patientsAt our Harley Street clinic your dentist will never judge you if you haven’t visited a dental practice for many years. We know that this is counterproductive and could easily put you off seeking treatment in the future.

Instead, your dentist will take the time to work with you to help you overcome your fears. The whole team at Harley Street Dental Clinic wants nothing more than to help you get your smile – and the full functionality of a healthy mouth – back, then to help you maintain it for life.

If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, just let us know. Our highly experienced team will take all the time you need to talk through your fears in the relaxed surroundings of our Harley Street clinic.

Your dentist will explain any treatment required, including any analgesia required. To help you relax we offer in-chair entertainment, so you can listen to music or an audiobook, or watch a film, during treatment. We also ensure you know that by giving us a hand signal you can let your dentist know you need a break.

Patients can opt for treatment under hypnosis, which has been proven to be very effective, as well as either inhalation sedation or intravenous sedation, with the latter being provided by a consultant anaesthetist here at our Harley Street practice.

How your dentist can replace your missing teeth

Your dentist has many options available to help you if you have lost one or more of your natural teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our team comprises some of the leading practitioners in the fields of dental implants and prosthodontics, and we offer several tooth replacement solutions.

replace missing teethWe see patients who have lost teeth for a variety of reasons – tooth decay, gum disease, accident or injury. Whatever the reason, if you lose one or more of your natural teeth, we urge you to book an appointment with a dentist as soon as possible. As well as improving your confidence in your smile, replacing your teeth is better for your dental and general health.

If you don’t replace missing teeth, your remaining teeth may become crooked as they move into any gaps. This makes them more difficult to clean and increases your chances of developing tooth decay and gum disease – in turn increasing your chances of losing more teeth.

Your diet and speech can also be affected by tooth loss, and many patients who have lost several or all of their natural teeth also experience bone loss as the jaw bone starts to resorb.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer a wide variety of ways to replace your missing teeth, so if you have lost one or more teeth you should book a consultation with a dentist to discuss tooth replacement options.

Here are some of the ways your dentist can replace lost teeth at our Harley Street practice:


Bridges can replace one, two or a few adjacent teeth. They may be fixed to remaining teeth with wings or crowns, or may be supported by dental implants – your dentist will discuss all the options.


Dentures can replace some or all of your teeth. They can also be supported by dental implants.

Dental implants

The only permanent way for your dentist to replace your missing teeth, implants are small metal screws that replace the root portion of a tooth, with crowns, dentures or bridges attached on top.

Why you need a cosmetic dentist for teeth whitening treatment

Do I really need to see a cosmetic dentist to have tooth whitening treatment? That’s a question that some patients ask themselves, tempted by whitening products available on the high street or from the internet. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we would always urge you to consult a cosmetic dentist before undertaking whitening treatment – for the sake of your smile and your health.

teeth whitening treatmentTeeth whitening treatment is one of the most common procedures a cosmetic dentist will be asked to carry out. It involves the use of special dental bleaching gel to remove the everyday stains that build up on the teeth thanks to drinks such as red wine, tea, and coffee, as well as through smoking and as a side effect of taking some medicines.

When carried out by an experienced cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening is safe, fast and predictable. At our Harley Street clinic we offer three teeth whitening options: home whitening, power whitening here in the practice, or a combination of both. Your dentist will talk you through all the options so that you can decide on the best one for you at your initial consultation.

One of the most important things to remember about teeth whitening is that it should only be carried out on a healthy mouth. If you have tooth decay, gum disease or any other oral health problems, these should be treated prior to starting teeth whitening, to help prevent complications such as sensitivity.

The experienced dental team here at our Harley Street clinic can diagnose and treat any health problems before you start your whitening treatment. We have a team of specialists under one roof who can help with both major and minor oral health issues.

Products used by the cosmetic dentists at our Harley Street clinic have been rigorously tested and proven to be safe and effective. Those available elsewhere are unlikely to have been subject to such intensive testing, and could actually damage your teeth or gums.

Finding a good children’s dentist

A good children’s dentist can help your child develop good oral health habits and have a healthy mouth for life. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a dedicated children’s dental team, led by paediatric dental specialist Professor Raman Bedi. Professor Bedi is chairman of the Global Child Dental Fund and co-chair of a global expert committee on caries management and prevention.

childrens dentistMany patients who experience fear or phobia of the dentist in later life cite a bad experience in childhood as the trigger to their problems. By seeing a specialist in children’s dentistry from an early age, children will learn that visiting the dental practice is nothing to be afraid of. Professor Bedi and his team here at our Harley Street clinic are highly experienced in working with children and young people, taking the time to build up a good rapport and a relationship of trust with young patients and talking to them as well as to their parents, presenting information in an engaging and age-appropriate manner.

Dentists remain concerned at the high levels of tooth decay in children in the UK. This is painful and distressing for the child, and research has also found a link between untreated tooth decay in young people and health problems including diabetes and heart disease in later life. You can help to prevent this by bringing your child to visit the dentist regularly and by helping them to establish a good tooth-cleaning routine at home.

At our Harley Street practice we offer preventative treatments, including fluoride varnish and fissure sealant, which help to strengthen children’s teeth and prevent tooth decay from developing. Your child will also learn the best way to brush their teeth at home and how too much sugary food and drink can have bad effects on your teeth.

To book an appointment with a children’s dentist, get in touch with our Harley Street clinic today.

Ask your cosmetic dentist about veneers – a quick and painless way to boost your smile

As a cosmetic dentist, one of the most common procedures patients ask about is dental veneers. Veneers are very thin shells of material placed over the front surfaces of the teeth, improving their appearance and giving them extra strength. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer veneers made from porcelain or from composite material (the same material that is used to create white fillings).

A brief history of veneers

cosmetic dentist about veneersVeneers were originally created by a cosmetic dentist from California as a way for Hollywood stars to temporarily change the appearance of their teeth. In those days they were attached with denture adhesive, because they were not intended to be permanent.

These days, cosmetic dentists use special dental bonding agents to attach veneers to the surfaces of the teeth, becoming much stronger and more durable and lasting for many years with good care.

Veneers are an increasingly popular way for cosmetic dentists the world over to improve the aesthetic appearance of smiles, correcting a wide range of problems including permanent discolouration, chips, cracks, gaps and small problems with alignment when orthodontics is not the best option.

If you are interested in veneers, you should book a consultation with a cosmetic dentist at our Harley Street dental practice. Your dentist will carefully examine your teeth and gums and will determine whether veneers are the best treatment option. Once you agree on treatment with veneers, your dentist will discuss both composite and porcelain veneer options.

The process of fitting dental veneers at The Harley Street Dental Clinic is only done by our highly experienced cosmetic dentists, who are skilled in performing this treatment and use only the latest techniques and materials. In most cases you will require at least two appointments to have your veneers fitted.

Ask your dentist about dental implants

If you have lost one or more teeth, your dentist may recommend using dental implants to replace them. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a skilled dental implants team who have helped scores of patients to restore their smiles – and their dental health – with the help of dental implants. We believe that in many cases they are the best, and most cost-effective, way to replace missing teeth.

How dental implants work

dentist about dental implantsDental implants are small titanium screws that your dentist places directly in your jaw bone to replace the root portion of any missing teeth. Our teeth comprise two parts: the crowns that you can see, and the roots under the gum line. Implants integrate with the bone and, because they are osteoconductive, they help to promote bone growth and stop bone loss.

Once the implants have integrated with your jaw bone, your dentist will then fit new artificial teeth on top. These teeth may be in the form of dentures, bridges or crowns, depending on your individual needs, personal preference, and how many teeth need to be replaced.

Meet our implant team

Harley Street Dental Clinic’s implantology team comprises Mr Stephen Dover, Dr Pedja Pavlovic, and Dr Charlotte Stilwell, all of whom are fellows of the International Team of Implantology. They are all highly experienced in providing treatment with dental implants, and can even treat complex cases where patients need bone grafts or sinus lifts to counteract the effects of bone resorbtion. This is common in patients who have worn traditional dentures for several years.

Even if your own dentist has told you that you are not a suitable candidate for implant treatment because you do not have enough bone density, it is worth getting in touch with our Harley Street team of clinicians.

Sinus lifts and bone grafts will add some time on to the overall length of your treatment, but being able to permanently replace your teeth with dental implants will make it worth it.

How a cosmetic dentist can make over your smile

A cosmetic dentist has many ways of helping patients who are unhappy with their smile. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a leading team of dental specialists who can correct a wide spectrum of smile problems – from simple tooth whitening to a full-mouth makeover.

cosmetic dentistMany people are unhappy with some aspect of how their smile looks, causing them to hide it in public or to rarely smile at all. A consultation with a cosmetic dentist can help you to get your confidence back, and give you a smile you’ll be proud to show off.

Here are just some of the options available from the cosmetic dentists at our Harley Street clinic:

Teeth whitening

When carried out by a cosmetic dentist, teeth whitening is a safe, predictable and fast way to boost the appearance of your smile. Using special dental bleaching gel, everyday stains such as those cause by tea, coffee or smoking are gently removed from your teeth, leaving them brighter and whiter. This can be carried out at home or here in the comfort of our Harley Street practice.


Veneers are thin pieces of porcelain affixed to the front surfaces of the front teeth to improve their appearance. They can cover permanent discolouration or staining, small chips, and minor issues with spacing or tooth alignment. You will need at least two appointments at our Harley Street clinic for your cosmetic dentist to create and fit your veneers, which will look both beautiful and natural.

Gum lift

If you have a gummy smile – too much gum tissue on show when you smile – a gum lift is a fast and effective way for your dentist to correct this. Depending on the severity of your condition, your dentist may be able to use a laser to remove excess gum tissue, or you may require surgery.

What your dentist can do to replace missing teeth

Your dentist has many options to replace missing teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that it is always a good idea to replace lost teeth, not least because having gaps in your mouth can damage your confidence in your smile and your self-esteem. However, there are other health reasons why you should replace any missing teeth.

replace missing teethTeeth may be lost through gum disease or tooth decay, accident or injury. Whatever the reason, there are many options available to your dentist to provide you with a new tooth or teeth. This is important because any remaining teeth are prone to try to move into gaps left by missing teeth. In the process they can become crooked and harder to clean, which then increases your risk of plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum diseases – and, ultimately, further tooth loss.

Even one missing tooth increases the strain put on your remaining teeth when you bite and chew food, whilst several or all missing teeth can seriously impact upon your ability to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet. Nobody wants to be stuck on a soft food diet for the rest of their life, with many favourite foods off the menu. That’s why at our Harley Street clinic we recommend you see a dentist as soon as possible after tooth loss.

Treatment options

The best treatment for you will depend on several factors, including how many teeth you have lost, your general dental health, and your personal wishes. These are the options available at our Harley Street practice:


Bridges usually comprise a precious metal base and a porcelain tooth or teeth. They may be supported by wings or crowns on adjacent teeth, or by dental implants. Bridges can replace one, two or several adjacent missing teeth.


Dentures may be full or partial, and can be made from a range of materials.

Dental implants

Dental implants replace the root portion of a tooth and can support dentures, bridges or single crowns.