DIY Remedies Before Receiving Professional Emergency Dental Care

Unhealthy gums and teeth can hurt any given time unexpectedly. In some cases, a slight ache can rapidly advance into an unbearable pain, and the swelling into a full-scale infection. Healthy gums and teeth are not spared from this fate, as accidents can occur any time.

emergency dental careUnderstanding that sudden dental problems require immediate attention, Harley Street Dental Clinic offers 24-hour emergency care to address these problems immediately. In case it takes you a while to reach our clinic and you seek temporary relief, we suggest you do the following:

To reduce pain

In many cases, pain in the gums and the teeth are so severe that mere analgesics no longer have an effect. For effective relief, we recommend cold compress. This should numb the affected area and help alleviate a great share of the pain. You may use an ice pack, or a washcloth stuffed with ice cubes as an alternate option.

To relieve swelling

The problem with swelling is that the affected area can easily get infected after coming in contact with bacteria. To reduce some of the swelling and relieve any feeling of tightness, we advise you to apply a hot compress. To prevent bacteria from causing further infection, we recommend rinsing the mouth with warm water and salt.

To reduce bleeding

You have always been taught that to stop profuse bleeding, one must apply pressure on the wound. For bleeding teeth and gums, the same principle applies. A simple knocked out tooth or a small lesion in the gums can cause continuous bleeding, requiring you to take immediate action. Remember to wash the affected area with clean and warm water to prevent any bacteria from coming in contact with the wound and causing an infection. We advise against application of topical antibiotic, as this may worsen the condition.

For your convenience, Harley Street Dental Clinic is open six days a week, offering services from dental hygiene to oral surgery. Whether you have encountered an unfortunate accident, or your gingivitis has suddenly been aggravated, we suggest you visit our clinic immediately for treatment.

Whitening Treatment & the Habits that Ruin Your Teeth

Whilst many consider teeth whitening treatments as minor miracles for stained teeth, such methods do not guarantee long-term results. Your habits or activities may render them ineffective. So if you are recently done with one, you should lessen or avoid doing these things altogether:

Overusing teeth whiteners

teeth whiteningIf you think that using teeth whiteners after dental treatments produces better results, you might want to reconsider. Teeth whitening kits contain bleach and other strong chemicals that may weaken the enamel, harm your teeth and gums, causing the opposite to happen.

Avoid or lessen the use of commercial teeth whiteners after dental treatments. Use them only upon a dentist’s advice, and only in prescribed amounts, as well. Excessive use of teeth whiteners may increase your teeth’s vulnerability against germs, causing more stains.

Consuming teeth-staining diet

Your teeth will become sensitive after a whitening treatment, leaving them vulnerable to stain-causing bacteria. Dentists suggest that you wait for at least 36-48 hours for the whitening agents to take effect before consuming teeth-staining food or drinks.

Avoid food or drinks with a strong colour, including coffee, tea, sauces, mustard, cranberry juice and red wine for several days until the open pores in the tooth close. Rinse your mouth with water right after consuming dark food and liquids for long-lasting results.

Poor Lifestyle

Certain habits may reduce and remove the effect of your teeth whitening efforts. Avoid smoking post-treatment as it causes dark stains to linger in your teeth. Drinking alcohol leaves your mouth dry, allowing stain-causing bacteria to thrive so try to avoid it, as well.

Teeth whitening treatments last for a few years. Overusing teeth whiteners, consuming teeth-staining food or drinks, and poor lifestyle, however, may cause the effects to disappear early. Maintenance is essential to make the effects of your whitening treatment last longer. Cosmetic dentists in Harley Street conduct teeth whitening, dental veneer installations and other treatments for a brighter smile. We can give you advice and assistance, ranging from treatments to maintenance of your pearly whites. Contact us for more information on our wide selection of dental treatments.

Missing Teeth Can Make You Look Old Before Your Time

The expression, ‘you are getting old before your time’, usually applies when people cannot let go of old habits. Little do they realise that it is possible to look old at a young age. Surprisingly, it is not the wrinkles or age lines that cause it, but the early loss of teeth.

dentists in Harley StreetUnderstanding the relationship between tooth loss and early aging will help you understand the importance of having a complete set of teeth.

Tooth loss and early aging

Teeth serve a variety of purposes apart from aiding your digestion. These keep your facial muscles and bones intact. Tooth loss causes loss of alveolar bone, one that surrounds and supports teeth. You lose facial bone and muscle support for every tooth you lose.

Studies show that the bone experiences about 25% decrease in width after losing your teeth in the first year and an overall 4-millimetre decrease in height thereafter. Without the mass your teeth provides, your mouth and cheeks will sink and shrink upwards. A few teeth gaps may seem insignificant. Too many gaps, however, may change the way you look forever.

It is not just your face but your lifestyle that will change, as well. You will find it hard to chew, speak or smile if you lose your teeth. From a mere inconvenience, tooth loss becomes a major hindrance.

Dealing with premature aging

Given the consequences, dentists in Harley Street emphasise the need for a complete set of teeth, be it through natural or artificial means. They suggest flossing and brushing your teeth once and twice a day, respectively. They recommend a diet filled with calcium, fruits and vegetables instead of sugary food and drinks, as well. Avoid clenching and grinding your teeth to prevent early wear and tear.

Tooth loss changes your appearance and lifestyle if you refuse to do anything about it. Visit a dentist for advice and assistance in proper oral care. Cosmetic dentists in Harley Street know how to save your teeth from damage and discoloration. We provide dental implants, bridges, crowns and other dental treatments to help maintain and improve your face and smile. Call us or visit our office for more information on treatments for tooth loss.

Take Care of Your Porcelain Veneers Like They Take Care of Your Teeth

Porcelain veneers have led some of the biggest trends in the cosmetic dental practice. All over the world, these thin restorative laminates have reshaped and repaired all types of teeth deformations, such as chipping, cracks and misalignment. After placement, caring for them, therefore, is not to be overlooked. To make your veneers last as long as possible, exercise caution and follow these simple rules:

Blush and floss regularly

porcelain veneersWe often advise our patients to treat their veneers just as they would their original teeth, and that includes diligent and thorough brushing and flossing. This is to keep the porcelain as plaque-free as possible.

Tooth decay will not form on the veneer’s surface, but it can develop on the natural part of the tooth, including the structure surrounding the edges of the veneer. If plaque accumulates on the tooth’s surface, gums surrounding it may recede. As a consequence, a change in the cosmetic appearance can be the reason for a replacement.

Avoid putting pressure on the veneer

While they offer incredible durability, extreme biting pressures can be harmful to your veneers. Habits, such as nail biting or holding objects between the teeth can put direct pressure on the veneer, putting it at risk of breaking and coming off. Moreover, avoid using the teeth to rip open packets and food bags, as this can also result in breaking.

If you have a condition called Bruxism, more known as involuntary teeth grinding, it is advisable to wear a night time oral appliance or a mouth guard.

Minimise vices to prevent discolouration

Veneers restore and improve the sight of your teeth, but their placement requires some amount of sacrifice to maintain its optimal appearance. Drinking and smoking have to be reduced, and better yet, eliminated. Although veneer surface offers high resistance to staining, regular or excessive exposure to tea, wine, coffee and tobacco products is damaging to both natural teeth and veneers.

With enough discipline and vigilance in your lifestyle and diet, coupled with regular visits to the dentist, your porcelain veneers are bound to last.

For more inquiries about porcelain veneer placement, care and process, contact Harley Street Dental Clinic today.

Making your Dental Implants Last

Over the years, dental implants have served as great alternatives to traditional dentures in replacing missing teeth. Due to their advanced technology, these permanent placements can function like your natural teeth and prove far stronger than any other dental restoration.

dental implantsCommonly referred to as “artificial teeth”, implants are actually artificial “roots” made of titanium. They are screwed into the bone, which in time, will fuse to the implants. We restore this stable foundation with a crown, bridge or denture.

Just as you would with your original teeth, you must take care of them. They may be tough as the natural enamel, but they demand extra attention and care to avoid complications. Fortunately, to do this, you only need to exercise good oral hygiene and enforce a healthy lifestyle.

Brushing and flossing

As with your real teeth, brush and floss the implants at least twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. Try to clean every corner and area thoroughly yet gently, as harsh brushing can damage the implants.

Diet and lifestyle

Subscribing to a healthy lifestyle will keep your implants in great condition. To do this, avoid extreme-temperature and teeth-staining foods and beverages. We also advise that you avoid vices, such as alcohol and cigarette. If you are a regular smoker and drinker, now is the right time to quit.

If you frequently play sports or are a generally physically active person, secure your implants with oral appliances, like mouth guards. Wearing them in your sleep may also keep bruxism, or teeth grinding, from wearing your implants.

Dental checkups and cleaning

Checking in with your dentist every now and then is important. Generally, implants are tough, but they are susceptible to wear. Our dentists can carry out a thorough assessment of the implants’ condition and provide treatment if problems are detected.

Effective care for your implants only calls for patience and discipline. By breaking unhealthy habits and exercising proper oral hygiene, your dental implants are bound to last and serve as long-term support for your mouth.

If you require a more advanced approach in maintaining your implants, we are more than willing to assist. Contact Harley Street Dental Clinic today.

Teeth Whitening

If you want a quick and safe boost to your smile, teeth whitening may be the perfect cosmetic dental treatment for you.

teeth whiteningFor a time, bright, white teeth were the preserve of film stars, celebrities and the super-rich. These days, however, things are different, and teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. It’s simple, affordable and a great way to boost your smile.

The most important thing to remember about teeth whitening treatment is that it should always be carried out by a qualified dentist. While the treatment is available in some beauty salons, this is illegal without a dental professional present. Tooth whitening products can also be bought from the internet, but these are likely to be substandard and can end up damaging your teeth and causing sensitivity and pain. Remember: if something seems too good to be true, it probably is – and it’s certainly not worth risking your oral health for!

Teeth whitening carried out by a fully-trained dentist is safe, reliable and should not cause any discomfort. We offer both in-practice and home teeth whitening, using the popular Zoom tooth whitening system.

The Zoom whitening system used in the practice requires just one appointment, which will last about an hour and a half and is a non-invasive, relaxing procedure. Imagine walking into the practice with stained teeth and walking out less than two hours later with a bright, fresh, white smile!

The home tooth whitening system uses bespoke trays and whitening gel, which you wear overnight for one to two weeks, depending on what your dentist tells you. You will still need to visit the practice so that we can make the trays to exactly fit your mouth.

At the Harley Street Dental Clinic we don’t believe in quick-fix solutions when there is an underlying problem, and we won’t provide tooth whitening treatment without treating any underlying dental health issues first, as this can do more damage than good. However, as we offer a full range of dental treatment, there’s no need to worry, as we can fix any tooth or gum problems before your tooth whitening treatment begins.