Planning Ahead for Your Smile Makeover

It’s becoming far more common for people to have cosmetic dentistry in Harley Street, and there’s little doubt that a properly designed smile can make a world of difference to appearance. However it’s all too easy to underestimate the time required to carry out a comprehensive smile makeover that will involve several different treatments. If you’re thinking of rejuvenating your smile in time for some special event then it’s best to plan well ahead.

Visit Harley Street Dental Clinic for a Consultation

cosmetic dentistry in Harley StreetYour first step is to visit Dr Stanley Kay or another of our dentists at Harley Street Dental clinic to discuss how you’d like to change the look of your teeth. There are lots of different treatments that can be used, and it’s often best to use some of them in combination. The reason for this is that treatment will be as conservative as possible, preserving the maximum amount of tooth structure. A good example would be using orthodontics in combination with dental veneers and perhaps teeth whitening.

The Advantages of Using a Combination of Treatments

Cosmetic braces can straighten up the front teeth as are visible when smiling within just a few months or even weeks. Any minor anomalies can then be corrected through the use of a few selectively placed veneers. This is much healthier for your teeth than veneering all of them, and could be cheaper in the long run as veneers need to be replaced every 10 years or so. If you have more substantial orthodontic problems such as issues with the way your teeth bite together then you may need a more conventional orthodontic system that will take longer to move your teeth into the correct positions. After orthodontic treatment, whitening your teeth will automatically lift your smile creating a more youthful appearance, and your new veneers can then be matched to the new shade of your teeth.

The point is that allowing plenty of time to plan and complete your smile makeover will help ensure you get the best possible results. You get a full estimate of the total cost before treatment, and if you’re having several different treatments then you might be able to spread the cost. Your dentist in Harley Street will work with you every step of the way, and of course treatment can be adjusted to take into account your budget.