Refresh your smile with our teeth whitening treatment

Having a discoloured smile can leave people feeling incredibly self-conscious about the way that their smile looks. Brown or yellow stains can make a person appear older than they really are, but at Harley Street Dental Clinic we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to get a brighter smile. If you are not happy with the colour of your teeth then it may be time to think about having teeth whitening Harley Street. Instead of trying to master smiling with your mouth closed, you can receive treatment to lighten the colour of your teeth by several shades and remove nasty stains. We have multiple treatments for you to choose from and even offer a discount for those patients who bring a friend along with them. Whilst treatment usually lightens the colour of your teeth by several shades, it is important to remember that individual results will vary depending on the severity of your circumstances.


Find the treatment that suits you

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer more than one type of treatment when it comes to teeth whitening Harley Street. At your consultation appointment your dental professional will discuss all of the available treatments and suggest which one will be most suited to your particular circumstances. You can choose to have your treatment carried out within our practice, where it usually takes about an hour. If you opt for this then you will be able to notice an immediate difference in the colour of your teeth when you leave our practice, which means this treatment is ideal for anybody who is looking to brighten their teeth quickly. Sometimes patients prefer to carry out treatment themselves in the comfort of their own home. In this instance your dental practitioner will issue you with a custom-made tray that fits over your own teeth and a bleaching gel. You will need to wear your tray every night for about two weeks to see results, putting a bit of gel inside it before placing it over your teeth each night. In some circumstances people prefer to go for a combination of both of these treatments. 

Discolouration: what really causes it?

All sorts of behaviours and lifestyle choices can end up with you seeking teeth whitening Harley Street. Normal everyday habits such as drinking tea or eating certain foods can cause discolouration over time, especially if you do not follow a strict brushing regime. It is important to brush your teeth twice a day as well as using mouthwash and flossing regularly, to ensure your teeth are getting a deeper clean. Not brushing can lead to discolouration in itself, and this can be made worse with things like alcohol consumption and smoking. Generally the colour of enamel will deteriorate over time and is not overly noticeable at first, but if left untreated can result in the unsightly appearance of yellow or brown stains. If you are unhappy with the colour of your teeth then you can arrange to have a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners, through our website or over the phone.