Replenishing and replacing your broken smile with dental implants Harley Street

Covering up the smile


Masks, although a pain in many ways, for those with a broken or damaged smile have been the perfect item. No unwanted glances towards the gap in your smile, no ‘helpful’ comments regarding tooth replacement options and no hiding away due to low self-esteem. A mask can only deflect and divert the problem for a short time though. Therefore, regaining your confidence concerning your smile and filling in the gaps is the best long-term solution for you and this is where dental implants Harley Street come in. Small titanium screws that act as an artificial root for the new tooth or teeth, enabling you to restore your smile for the long term rather than quick fix options that do not last.

The impact of tooth loss

A smile, whilst it may seem simple, can alter the way we see ourselves and how others see us. A hard chiselled jaw can appear softer, the frown lines can smooth out and the eyes soften, and you can put another person at ease with a smile. We are able to express our emotions through the movement of the mouth and therefore hiding it away due to insecurities can not only impact our self-esteem, but can also hinder how the outside world sees us.

On top of the emotional impact of tooth loss, is the physical impact. Whilst the gap may or may not be obvious, any form of tooth loss can, over time, cause further health problems. It may be that further tooth loss occurs due to a breakdown of the jawbone which has been left unstimulated over time. This can lead to a weakening of the teeth surrounding the gap and in time, alter the facial definition of the individual.

Whether a tooth or multiple teeth have been lost, visiting our dentist is of extreme importance to ensure you maintain your overall oral health.

Protect your smile with dental implants Harley Street

One of the more popular, long-term solutions to tooth loss is to use dental implants Harley Street. These small screws are made of titanium and when inserted into the jawbone, create a sturdy, artificial root for the tooth replacement. The nature of these titanium screws, once inserted into the bone, helps stimulate bone regrowth and therefore regenerates it around the implant securing it into place. This in turn protects facial definition and the surrounding teeth. 

Can anyone have dental implants Harley Street?

In many cases, having implants secured within the mouth is the most suitable tooth replacement option, however this is not always possible. For this reason, each patient has to first attend a consultation with our dental team where a discussion and physical examination of the teeth, mouth and gums will take place. The combination of the physical examination, digital scans and X-rays helps our dental team to ascertain whether this is the procedure for you. It may be that the bone depth of your jaw is insufficient, or it may be that the overall health of the mouth is not at a high enough standard which would negatively impact the implant and reduce the longevity of the process. No matter what, all this would be discussed within the consultation and a variety of solutions will be made available to you by us.