Scared of the dentist? Beat your fears for good

Does the word “dentist” make you quake in your boots? You are not alone; fear of the dentist or dental phobia is the main reason UK adults put off seeking dental treatment. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our philosophy is that everyone deserves excellent oral health and a smile to be proud of, which is why we invest the extra time and effort needed to help nervous patients get treatment.

hsdc-scared-dentistStudies have shown that approximately one in six patients in the UK puts off seeking routine dental treatment because they are scared of the dentist. The irony is that this can become a vicious cycle: by waiting until an emergency arises, you are more likely to be in need of more intensive and invasive treatment, which in itself can be traumatic.

Harley Street Dental Clinic is proud to provide pain-free dentistry, so even if you need a more intensive procedure you should not feel any pain, and our dedicated, experienced and caring team will work with you to ensure it is not a traumatic experience. Dental phobia can cause panic attacks and severe anxiety and our team understands this, which is why in the first instance we invite phobic and nervous patients to join us in a relaxed, comfortable environment to talk through their fears.

Whether you have had a previous negative experience of visiting the dentist, have a particular trigger such as the sound of the drill or the sight of a needle, or do not know the exact cause of your fear, we are confident that we can help you.

Our Harley Street clinic is fully equipped with in-chair entertainment, so you can watch a film, listen to music or read an audiobook during treatment – whatever helps you to relax. We will also devise some signals that you can give your dentist if you need a break during treatment.

Hypnosis, inhalation and intravenous sedation are also available if you need extra help to relax.