Scared of the dentist? How to beat your fears

Fear of the dentist is a common problem in the UK – approximately one in six adults puts off dental treatment because of fear. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we understand anxiety and phobia surrounding dental appointments, but do not think it should prevent you getting treatment. Our skilled and empathic team will work with you to help you beat your fear once and for all – and get you back to full dental health.

dental phobiaThe causes of dental phobia

Nervous patients give many reasons for fear of the dentist. It could be a bad experience in the past, perhaps during childhood, or could relate to a specific trigger such as the sound of a drill or the sight of a needle.

Some people who haven’t had treatment for many years are ashamed or embarrassed at the condition of their teeth. At our Harley Street clinic you will never be judged if fear has stopped you visiting the dentist and left your teeth in less than perfect condition – we only want to help you get your health, and your smile, back.

Others can identify no specific trigger for their anxiety; they know only that the thought of visiting a dental practice is terrifying.

Whatever the cause of your fear, we invite you to join us at our Harley Street clinic. Our experienced specialists will take all the time you need to talk through your fears in a relaxed, comfortable environment away from the dentist’s chair. They will provide you with hand signals that you can give whenever you need to take a break during treatment – never worry that you are holding up the dentist, as we will ensure enough time is factored in to your appointments.

We also offer the options of treatment under hypnosis or sedation. Both of these options are provided by fully-qualified, experienced professionals.