Scared of visiting the dental clinic in W1?

We have found out that about one in every six people are nervous about an upcoming dental appointment, and some of these people can become so anxious that it can be classed as dental phobia.


If you experience panic attacks at the very thought of visiting your dental clinic in W1, you’re not alone.  We want to be able to help you through this situation so that you can receive the oral health guidance and care that you need to ensure that your smile is strong and healthy.

Many people ignore issues with their smile, battling on until pain or discomfort becomes too much, and they need to see a dentist for emergency dental care.  Unfortunately, when you get to this stage, restorative treatments can be expensive, another factor that can hinder the desire to have treatment done.

Your mouth is connected to your entire body whether you understand and notice it, or not.  Your whole health and wellbeing can be dragged down by an unknown infection in your tooth.  By having frequent check ups, you can avoid the need for potentially costly restorative care, and embrace a healthy and beautiful smile instead.

How can you help my phobia?

If you are putting off even thinking about making an appointment with a dentist at our dental clinic in W1, trust that we specialise in attending patients who suffer from mild to severe fear.  Our dentists are non-judgemental, and highly experienced in this field, and will happily talk to you through the options that are available.

We would like to listen to the reason behind your fears so that together we can work through a plan that helps you to face them. Every person is unique and therefore, will need to work through their emotions in their own way and in their own time.  Know that we are here to offer tools and guidance to get you there when you are ready.

By informing us during the initial consultation that you are somewhat anxious about treatment, we can ensure that we put aside enough time for any procedure so that you are not rushed into the experience.  During a treatment, we can discuss signals that you can make to quickly tell us if you need to take a break.  We also offer entertainment such as listening to an audiobook, music, or watching a film to take your mind off what we are doing.

For some of you, sedation is a good option.  Breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen will help you to relax comfortably.  You remain conscious at all times; simply more relaxed, and largely unaware of the treatment itself.

By mixing the laughing gas with oxygen, there should be no negative side effects and you will be able to drive home from the dental clinic in W1 afterwards.  Some people can experience nausea or a headache, however, this is greatly reduced with oxygen, and we suggest not eating a large meal prior to your treatment to reduce this slight risk.