Teeth whitening; Get the ice look!

Cosmetic dental procedures have been a mainstay of Harley Street Dental, it’s foundation or tradition that we are proud to continue. We provide the latest techniques in stain removal and teeth whitening in Harley Street that can remove many of the everyday wear and tear that we put our teeth through, whether that be from smoking, red wine or just the daily grind.


Don’t shy away from showing off your pearly whites in photos or during public appearances when you could have a tooth whitening at our clinic. Not only is the change of shade entirely within your control, but we can also use Spot whitening to correct imperfections and dark marks in the teeth. Yes, the treatment we offer is second to none!

The causes of tooth darkening

Our teeth go through a lot and although it is perfectly normal to have a slightly yellowish tint to your teeth (as this is the colour of dentin), it is usually obscured by the opalescence of our enamel. Over time, it is normal for enamel to become more translucent whether that be from acid erosion or simply age. This isn’t something you have to put up with and there are several techniques developed for lightening teeth. These are focused on the different causes of the darkening.

Staining generally is called by substances or calcified tartar forming over the enamel; this can be addressed with abrasion techniques, which grind off the stains similar to a very intense scale and polish. If performed correctly, less than 1 micron of enamel is removed during abrasion teeth whitening in Harley Street. Intrinsic staining is an alteration in the chemical structure of the enamel or underlying dentine, which could be caused by dietary deficiencies, genetic conditions or uncontrolled diabetes. Fluorosis is another example of intrinsic dental staining. These things can be addressed with a bleaching agent which permeates the tooth and chemically alters its structure making it lighter.

How we do things in our clinic

Even if your intention is simply to receive a whitening treatment, all of our consultations start with an in-depth check-up. There are several counter-indicated conditions which will lead us to advise you against tooth whitening, any cavities or loosely fitted filings should be addressed prior to treatment. Similarly, any dental sensitivity needs to be explored before cosmetic procedures can take place.

If you are pursuing chemical lightning using bleaching agents, there are at-home treatment options that you will be able to discuss with our dentist. They can take longer to achieve the desired shade but do so far more slowly over a period of months rather than lightning in the clinic, which is an immediate change, and not always in keeping with our patients taste or wishes for subtle cosmetic procedures. If an abrasion technique is being used, this can only be performed in our clinic but please talk to our dentist about the level of whitening you desire and how quickly you wish to see results.

We are continuing to provide teeth whitening in Harley Street services in line with government infection guidelines so feel free to book your appointment and stay safe.