Top cosmetic dental procedures explained

Cosmetic dentistry has advanced in leaps and bounds, helping people to achieve enviable smiles and enhance their facial features.


Cosmetic dentistry has seen a wave of popularity resulting from this, with many people changing their looks in ways they couldn’t before.

Our top cosmetic dentists in Harley Street are here to help improve your quality of life and boost your self-esteem with our array of life-changing aesthetic treatments.

So what are your options? This depends on the dental issue you want to fix. Read below to learn more about our number one procedures.

Your teeth have dulled

To possess a dazzling smile is what we all want. Unfortunately, as we age, coupled with bad habits and ineffective teeth cleaning, our teeth turn ugly shades of yellow and grey.

Teeth whitening is the quickest way of lightening your teeth. The procedures can be done using our in-house processes or tray systems which you can take home with you.

Some people are frightened by the idea of bleaching their teeth. However, the procedure has undergone frequent testing to ensure that it’s safe.

You wish that you had straighter teeth

Not everyone is genetically inclined to have straight teeth, but that doesn’t mean you have to walk through life with crooked pearly whites.

There are various types of braces available to you. Have a chat with our orthodontist to see which appliance is most suitable for you.

Invisalign is our show stopper and has helped several of our patients in achieving the dream smile that they’ve always wanted. These invisible aligner trays will pull your teeth into their desired position over 12 to 18 months, depending on the nature and severity of your dental issue.

Key features of the device that are sure to enhance the user experience include its detachable nature, its flawless, comfortable design, and unique way of straightening your teeth.

Your teeth are chipped or marked with unsightly spots

Veneers can cover up chipped teeth or marks discreetly using pieces of tooth-coloured porcelain. They can also be used to recontour your pearly whites or can bridge gaps between teeth that remove the need for orthodontic work.

There are three steps to obtaining veneers at the cosmetic dentist in Harley Street. The first is a consultation, the second involves preparing the tooth, and the bonding occurs in the third stage. Bonding refers to the process where the veneer is affixed to the front of your tooth, changing its colour, shape, size, or length. 

Check-ups are encouraged to ensure that the veneer remains securely in place.

However, a word of warning about veneers: they can’t be removed once they’re in place, so be sure that you’re ready to make this commitment.

 Are dental implants classified as an aesthetic treatment?

Technically speaking, dental implants form part of implant dentistry where a specialist performs the procedures and not a cosmetic dentist in Harley Street. That said, dental implants may also be seen as a cosmetic treatment, because they increase a person’s quality of life on top of improving the general state of your oral health.