Trying to choose between dentures or dental implants? Five reasons to choose implants in Harley Street

When you have lost a tooth, several teeth or your entire set of teeth, you will obviously want them replaced to restore your confidence and the functionality of your mouth. In years gone by, dental professionals would have been able to offer you either a bridge supported by any surrounding natural teeth and either a partial or full denture.


However, as dental technology has advanced in recent times, there are now other options available to patients who have a few missing teeth. With the invention of oral implants, patients may now find themselves debating which is better for them; implants or dentures?

At Harley Street Dental, we are proud to be able to offer all of our patients dental implants in Harley Street, regardless of their age. We pride ourselves on using the most up-to-date implant technology, to help you get the best prosthesis to improve your appearance, while also restoring the functionality of your teeth.

Are there any key advantages of getting dental implants in Harley Street? Are they more suitable for you than dentures?


If you are currently wearing a set of dentures or a bridge, then you may be well aware that your dentures require a great deal of adhesive and maintenance to keep them in place.

When you choose dental implants in Harley Street, they are attached directly to your jawbone and are therefore significantly more stable than dentures; they are immovable!

No rubbing

After you have dentures fitted, your jawline may recede back and become thinner. This can cause your newly fitted dentures to rub against your jawline, causing ulcers, sore spots and redness.

As implants and the prosthesis are fitted snugly to your jaw, there is no possible way they can rub against your jaw. Long term, they offer more comfort for wearers and require no daily removal and fitting each day.

Long life-span

While dentures can offer wearers a long-term solution, implants can also offer a very long life- span once they are fitted.

If you look after your oral health, attend your biannual dental check-ups, do not consume excessive amounts of alcohol or smoke, then your oral implants can last up to 40 years! Now that’s a good investment in your smile!

Improved bite

We have all seen denture adhesive adverts stating that certain glues can allow you to eat corn on the cob or bite into an apple without issue.

However, if you choose to have oral implants fitted, there is no messy adhesive needed to secure them and wearers report having a stronger bite and better levels of precision. With implants, you can eat corn on the cob, apples or even toffee without worrying that they will come loose or fall out.

Higher confidence

Our dentists at Harley Street will match any oral implants that we make for you in colour, size and shape, with your remaining natural teeth, ensuring that when you smile, all of your teeth look as natural as possible.

And that is enough to boost anyone’s confidence!