Unsure if you need a same-day appointment with a dentist? 5 of the most common dental emergencies

When it comes to general healthcare, it is important to be able to assess which scenarios require regular treatments/appointments and which ones need emergency attention.


When the majority of people hear the word ‘dental’ and the word ‘emergency,’ they immediately

picture someone with a swollen face in a great deal of discomfort. Of course, this is a warranted image; many people only seek urgent dental attention when they are in discomfort, but there are many more situations which will need emergency treatment than a sore tooth.

So, when you are going about your day to day life and you notice one of your fillings is loose, is it a dental emergency or can it wait?

When it comes to dental emergencies, our dentist at Harley Street can provide you with 24-hour access to specialist advice, allowing you to feel confident that we will always be on hand to help. We prioritise certain appointments each day to dental emergencies, meaning that you won’t be left in discomfort or with large gaps from lost fillings or crowns when you join our team.

But, going back to the initial question; is a lost filling an emergency requiring a same day trip to our dentist in Harley Street? Read on for the top 5 most common dental emergencies.

Lost filling or crown

As it turns out, yes, a lost or loose filling or crown is a valid reason for an emergency trip to our dentist in Harley Street. As both of these issues can cause bacteria to infiltrate the tooth and cause further decay or an infection, as soon as you notice that one of your fillings is loose, call our team for a same-day appointment. Remember, while the lost filling may not cause discomfort, it is indeed an emergency!


Back to the image of swelling; indicative of everything from an infection to an impacted wisdom tooth, swelling of any kind in the mouth, throat or jaw area requires urgent medical attention. Once again, even if it isn’t painful, you still need to see a member of our team as soon as possible.


If you have pain that is stopping you from eating, drinking, sleeping or functioning, you need to book an urgent appointment. Whether this pain resembles a shooting sensation, stabbing, burning or indeed a throbbing, it could be indicative of an infection, which will need immediate treatment.


While most oral lumps and bumps are benign, it is best to err on the side of caution and book an emergency appointment with our team. In cases of oral cancer, early detection and treatment offer a better outcome, so it is best not to ignore this symptom.

Cracks and chips

More common with children, chips and crack in the teeth require urgent repair to prevent the damage from spreading, or from exposing the nerve of the tooth to bacteria. This really is a very common issue but, to prevent it from needing more extensive treatment, book an emergency dental appointment.