Visiting your dentist in W1

You are probably already aware of the importance of visiting your dentist in W1 regularly to ensure that your smile remains healthy and strong.  By visiting our practice as often as twice a year, you can take full advantage of the tools and technology that we have available so that early signs of decay or disease can be detected and halted in its tracks.


During every consultation we make use of our digital scanners, high magnification tools, and lighting so that we are able to quickly and accurately detect any area of concern and diagnose your situation with confidence.  This means that a healthy mouth is far easier to achieve than ever before.

Your dentist in W1 can offer you a range of different treatments to suit your needs. Whether you and your children are looking for preventive care and advice, need some restorative work done to allow your mouth to be fully functional, or are looking to invest in your smile with some cosmetic treatments, we have the skills, motivation, and experience to get the results that you seek.

What can we offer children?

As soon as your child begins cutting their first tooth, you should pop in for a talk about caring for young teeth for a healthy mouth.  In these early years, so much happens and changes and with our support, you can be confident and able to assist your little one with the stresses of getting new teeth.

Once they are old enough to begin to understand and brush their own teeth, we can talk to both you and them to explain the importance of having clean, white teeth. We can also offer a range of preventive treatments which are designed to strengthen and protect young teeth from cavities.

Even though these milk teeth fall out, it is important to care for them both to establish positive habits that can be carried on throughout their lifetimes and to encourage healthy growth of the adult teeth that are forming under the milk teeth.

If milk teeth need to be removed, or fall out prematurely, this can have devastating effects on adult teeth as they develop and grow.  We have also found that over time, if a child is presented to a dentist in W1 at a young age, a fear of the dental chair is reduced. Alongside this, if healthy oral hygiene habits are formed early, they are more likely to continue on throughout their lives. It takes a team to care for a child, and oral health care professionals are experienced and eager to educate your child on how to look after their teeth so that they can enjoy them for life.  We warmly invite you to come in and visit us often with your child so that we can ensure their teeth are strong, that cavities are kept at bay, and that your child is comfortable and relaxed in the dental environment and has a better chance later in life to carry on the tradition.