Want some information about lip filler aftercare? Your top 5 FAQs answered

When it comes to cosmetic surgery, correct aftercare is just as important as the procedure going smoothly.


While in recent times there has been a shift towards non-surgical cosmetic options, this does not mean that careful aftercare is not warranted. While there is no down-time and no anaesthesia risks, in order to maximise the effects of the procedure, you will still need to take some special steps to keep yourself healthy and to avoid damaging the treated area.

Indeed, there are many facial injectables that, while extremely effective, can be easily damaged by lifestyle choices which can cause them to be less effective and to break down prematurely.

If you choose to undertake non-surgical facial treatments, our team can help you. Qualified to perform cosmetic injectables like lip fillers in Harley Street, our dentists can help you to refresh your appearance, leaving you with a younger look and boosted confidence. Perfect!

But do lip fillers in Harley Street need specific aftercare? Read on for the answers to the top 5 FAQs related to the aftercare of this procedure.

Before I have them injected, can I take painkillers?

When you come to us for lip fillers in Harley Street, our team will apply a numbing gel to the areas where you are going to have the injections. However, in relation to over-the-counter painkillers, it is not recommended to take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories, such as aspirin and ibuprofen, as these can thin the blood and result in easier bruising. If you are in discomfort post-treatment, apply a cold compress to the area.

Can I exercise after having fillers?

If you attend the gym often or even practice lighter exercises like yoga, you may need to take a week off from all of them. Once again, strenuous exercises can increase the likelihood of developing infections and even certain yoga poses may cause rushing of blood to the injection site, leading to bruising.

How soon post-injection can I drink alcohol?

It is best to avoid consuming alcohol for at least 2 days after dermal fillers are injected. As alcohol can act as an inflammatory, it can once again increase the chances of bruising to the injection area as well as exacerbating any swelling.

When will the effects of the treatment become apparent?

While many of our former patients have commented on noticing the plumping effect of the injections to their lips as soon as they have left our clinic, fillers can take up to 14 days for the effects to become apparent. The end result will vary based on age, lifestyle choices and elasticity of the skin.

How long will they last?

As we all constantly move our lips, the results are not as long-lasting as fillers which are injected into other facial areas, like the cheeks for example. Generally, the results of the fillers will last between 6-9 months, and depending on how you feel about the results, you are more than welcome to come back to Harley Street for a top-up.