Want to straighten your teeth with discretion? Five key advantages of clear braces in Harley Street

Everyone wants to look their best, but procedures that involve wearing noticeable apparatus or cause your appearance to alter in a negative fashion can seem counterproductive to boosting confidence.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetWhen it comes to your teeth, it is no different; everyone wants ice white, straight, strong teeth. However undergoing treatment with metal, orthodontic braces can be off putting as they are not discreet enough and require a great deal of maintenance.

Luckily, as dentistry has advanced, more options for braces have become available, including clear braces in Harley Street as well as invisible braces and lingual braces too. All of these aligners are useful for correcting minor to moderate misalignments and are discreet enough to wear every day, making them perfect for busy adults.

What are clear braces?

Not to be confused with invisible braces, clear braces in Harley Street are less noticeable than orthodontic ones.

Depending on the brand you and your dentist choose, your clear braces will typically comprise of brackets that are attached to the teeth, made from either a clear or enamel coloured plastic and a single wire that runs through the brackets.

Based on the discretion of your dentist, this wire can be coloured to match the brackets, making it even less visible.

So, what are the other advantages to wearing clear braces?

They are discreet

Granted, clear braces are not as discreet as invisible ones, but they are still extremely minimalist in appearance.

The treatment using clear braces does not impact on your ability to speak as you usually would, making them more suitable for people who have careers based around public speaking or meetings. Best of all, you can smile while wearing them without attracting unwanted attention.

Quicker treatment time

Treatment with clear braces tends to be quicker than with traditional ones. The average time of wearing clear braces is around twelve months and depending on the misalignment you are having treated, it may be even shorter.

Remember, in order to use clear braces, you must be deemed to have a moderate misalignment of the teeth.

Improved oral hygiene

You won’t get bits of food stuck in your braces and as they take up less room on your teeth, they are easier to navigate your toothbrush around, to clean and maintain them. It is also less likely you will develop gum disease, cavities or tooth decay during the duration of wearing them.


Clear braces aren’t bulky and only use a single wire. They are easier to sleep in, as they do not rub against your inner cheeks or your tongue. Also, they offer superior comfort after they are tightened or loosened than orthodontic braces.

Ease when eating

While you still have to avoid certain foods that could cause damage, you can still eat foods like mashed potatoes or sweetcorn without worrying about them becoming permanently lodged under the brace.

Perfect for maintaining your varied and healthy diet!