What are dental implants?

Dental implants Harley Street are replacements for single or several missing teeth. The implant itself is made up of a metal, titanium screw which will fuse to the jawbone to mimic natural teeth. The attachment to the screw that is used as a solution can be in the form of a crown, bridge or a secured denture. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our dental professionals have great expertise in this area of dentistry. We can provide single restorations or multiple ones if that is the patient’s preference. Losing teeth usually occurs due to ageing or injury to the mouth area. This can be a huge distress to patients, however with this dental option there is a possibility for the issue to be fixed. The loss of teeth can make an individual shy away from social situations which may require them smiling and missing teeth are also an important life issue, as the situation can interrupt daily necessities such as eating and talking. The loss of teeth can also affect the alignment of teeth in the surrounding area therefore exacerbating the problem. Dental implants can address this discomfort and are a highly recommended solution. If you are interested in this dental procedure, feel free to book an appointment with us to discuss dental implants Harley Street.


Who is eligible for dental implants?

A suitable candidate for this dental procedure is someone who has one or multiple missing teeth. For multiple missing teeth in the same area there is the possibility to secure more than one artificial tooth to a single, individual implant.

Benefits of dental implants

There are a wide range of advantages when receiving dental implants, one of the major benefits is that they are semi-permanent. There are also many more favourable results from this dental treatment.

Function in the same way as natural teeth

Dental implants both appear to look like natural teeth and behave in the same way as natural teeth. The prosthetic teeth will gradually fuse to the gum line which makes them structured in the same way as natural teeth. No one will be able to tell the difference and it is highly possible no one will know that you have had a restoration. Since the artificial tooth fuses with the jawbone it provides strength and stability to the surrounding area. This is what a natural tooth does, therefore the prosthetic and natural teeth function similarly.

Easy aftercare of dental implants

Dental implants post procedure are easy to take care of. This is because they can be treated in the same way a natural tooth would be. Which means daily brushing and flossing will be required alongside regular dental check-ups. It is a common myth amongst the public that because implants are not created  from organic materials it is not a requirement for them to be cleaned. However, this is not a true statement and like natural teeth dental implants have the ability to develop tartar and periodontal disease, such as gum disease and infections. This will occur if the dental implants are not treated in the same manner as natural teeth.

Cost-effective treatment

In comparison to other dental procedures dental implants Harley Street are cost effective. They do not require regular replacement and once the implant has been secured a patient will only have to work on preventing future tooth loss.