What are Dental Implants?

If you have unfortunately lost your teeth then Dental implants Harley Street could be a good fit for you. The implants are used as an artificial tooth root to build a permanent replacement.  Crowns, bridges or secured dentures can then be fitted on top of the implant allowing you to complete your smile again. We understand that the issue of losing some teeth can be very distressing and that is why we want to help you. Losing teeth can not only cause emotional distress but it can also cause problems with eating, talking and cause issues for the structural integrity of the mouth. This implant promotes bone growth allowing you to have a stronger and healthier looking smile. This treatment can be used to replace a missing tooth, a series of missing teeth or a whole set. We have a highly experienced team behind us so you can access the help that you need to achieve your natural-looking smile again. This article will run through why we think you should consider this treatment as well as how the implants are fitted.


Why should I consider this treatment?

You should consider Dental implants Harley Street if you have missing teeth and wish to restore your smile. You should consider this treatment as many patients before you have had this treatment and have been very impressed by the results that have been yielded. This treatment can do wonders for your confidence and help you smile again. You can promote a healthier mouth and invest in your smile for years to come through this treatment, as providing these implants are cared for they can last a long time. We utilize the latest technology to ensure that your implants are fitted in the most secure way. The replacement teeth end up looking, acting and feeling very much like the ones that you lost giving you the confidence to show off your teeth again. You should work with your dentist to determine if this treatment could be the one for you. You should read onto the next section to see how your implants are fitted.

How are the implants fitted?

If you decide that Dental implants Harley Street are a good fit for you then you should set up an initial consultation where you will be taken through your options concerning this treatment. We will utilize x-rays, scans, photographs and models of the teeth and jaws to carefully plan out your treatment. We will then place the implant in the bone of your jaw during surgery. Regular review visits are then put in place as the implant fuses to the bone so we can ensure everything is working as it should. Once your treatment is complete you will then be advised as to how best look after your new smile. If you do decide that this treatment could be the one for you then you should consider giving us a call here at the Harley Street Dental Clinic so we can begin to assist you in achieving your best-looking smile. We look forward to hearing from you and assisting you in your smile goals.