What are the factors affecting the cost of dental implants?

The availability of dental implants in Harley Street provides patients with a highly advantageous treatment solution to address missing teeth. Natural teeth may be lost and gaps created due to numerous reasons: tooth decay, facial trauma and loss of supportive dental structures. It is good to know that patients have access to quality procedures such as dental implants in Harley Street to replace missing teeth and restore function to activities only a healthy mouth can provide.


When patients come in for a consultation for dental implants in Harley Street, one of their top concerns revolve around cost of treatment. Our dentist is often asked questions about how the cost of treatment is determined. We take a look at some of the factors that influence how much patients may pay for dental implants. Patients should take note that the cost of treatment is calculated dependent on the patient’s individual needs, which is why a consultation with our dentist is the only reliable way to know the price of treatment.

 Factors that determine the cost of dental implants

  •  The number of implants that are needed

The more the number of tooth replacements are needed, the more the cost of treatment will be. A patient is advised to factor in what the dentist recommends in their decision making process.

  • The location where the missing teeth will need to be replaced

The placement of replacement teeth bears consideration. Locations that make access slightly more challenging may make the procedure more complicated with advanced work being needed.

  •  Is bone density sufficient or is additional treatment needed?

Bone density is one of the first criteria a dentist will assess. This is because the success of dental implants is highly dependent on how well the jawbone is able to support the replacement tooth.  For patients who do not have sufficient amounts of bone density, our dentist may suggest a bone grafting procedure before dental restorations can be considered.  This preparation procedure will affect the overall cost of implant treatment.

Also impacting on costs will be any additional dental care costs such as any necessary extractions that need to be made or gum infections that need to be treated.

  •  Procedure preparation costs

In order to determine where to place implants a dentist will rely on X-rays and other scans using available dental technology to gain a full picture of a patient’s mouth.  These steps are necessary to ensure accuracy of procedure and effectiveness of treatment plan.

  •  Implant material quality

The different types of materials that can be used in the manufacture of dental implants are priced according to the quality and functionalities they offer.

Determining the price tag of dental implants is not as simple as estimating what each implant will cost. Dentists have to look at the oral health of the patient, their individual needs and wants, the complexity of the procedure to be performed and if there are any conditions that require attention first or else impact on the outcome of implant procedure. To find out more about the costs involved, speak to our dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic.