What happens when I go to see a Harley Street dentist?

Harley Street Dental Clinic is dedicated to the highest possible standards of dental treatment and are attentive to the needs of each patient. Our award-winning practice provides the ultimate in stress-free, personalised patient care, making sure that patients can feel at home from the moment that they walk through the door of the clinic. Our Harley Street Dentists listen carefully to the needs of each patient to ensure a quality service from start to finish.

harley-street-dentistOur clinic itself is located over five floors of our beautiful old Georgian building on Harley street, and has been designed with the patient in mind to ensure the maximum of comfort and care.

When you enter the clinic, first see the receptionist who can guide you through the initial stages of your journey with us and can answer any questions that you may have. Our reception team will then connect you with your treatment coordinator who will be able to recommend a schedule for your treatments or check-ups, according to your unique dental needs.

While you are waiting to see your Harley Street dentist

You can wait with a tea or coffee, which is provided for you in the waiting area as you wait for your appointment with the dentist in Harley Street Dental Clinic. You can also watch the television in the lounge area or take solace in a dedicated prayer room, which patients of all faiths can make use of

Patients requiring general advice can see our treatment coordinator or maybe able to consult with one of our senior clinicians. Emergency patients can often be seen immediately or within a few hours.

what happens after I have seen a treatment coordinator or senior clinician?

After your initial meeting with our staff, you will then be referred on to one of our dentists for an appointment, or, if appropriate, recommended to see one of our specialists. Although you will be assigned to one main dentist who will be responsible for your treatments and treatment plan at all times, if a more complicated treatment is required, your dentist may work together with the treatment coordinator and another dentist trained in a specific area to provide the best solution.