What is Invisalign?

Invisalign Harley Street is a quick solution to fixing a misaligned smile. If you want a new and improved looking smile then you may be surprised to know that you do not have to rely on metal braces, these aligners are used to straighten the teeth gently, safely and quickly, whilst being invisible and removable. Many people choose this option as they wish to conceal the fact that they are undergoing treatment and as these aligners are clear in nature. The aligners are made to fit your individual mouth pattern as the aligners fit over the teeth and this gently coaxes the teeth into the correct position. This article will run through why you should choose this treatment as well as how this treatment works. If at the end of this article you do decide that this treatment is the one for you, then you should consider getting in touch with us here at the Harley Street Dental Clinic.


Why should you choose this treatment?

If you decide on using Invisalign Harley Street to improve the look of your smile then you will be able to utilize the cutting edge technologies that this practice has access to, such as the iTero machine which is used to show you what your teeth will look like once you have finished the course of treatment, the machine can also be used to accurately measure your teeth so your aligners fit over your teeth perfectly and you can achieve the best results. Because you have access to the iTero technology you do not have to go through the messy process of having impressions taken. The results of this treatment are fast and accurate allowing you to build yourself the smile that you always wished that you had. This treatment is custom made allowing you to have a personalised experience. This treatment has a proven track record with past patients who would not hesitate to recommend this treatment to you. If this treatment sounds like the one for you then you should read on to the next section to discover how this treatment works.

How does this treatment work?

During your free consultation of your Invisalign Harley Street, we will ensure that your mouth is healthy and get an idea of your mouth shape so we can plan out the course of your treatment. We will then show you how your smile will look after the treatment. We will fit your first aligners at your next appointment. This aligner will get to work immediately to straighten your smile. We will keep in touch with you and your developing smile to check that everything is going smoothly. The practice is always on hand to ensure that you have all your questions answered. Our friendly team is always on hand to ensure that you understand the process and how best to look after your smile both as you undergo the treatment and when the treatment finishes. You will be provided with retainers once you have finished the course of your treatment so you can maintain the look of your new smile. The aligners gently force the teeth into their correct position and give you a brand new, fresh looking smile.