When to consider dental implants in Harley Street

If you have missing teeth then your dentist will urge you to consider one of the few methods available that allow you to replace them. It is important to replace missing teeth not only for aesthetic purposes which can improve your self-esteem but for the health of your mouth as well.


Teeth tend to shift and move to compensate for missing teeth over time, which can force them to become unstable as well as more susceptible to damage. The exposed gums at the site of missing teeth are at greater risk of damage and disease as well. For any individual who has a missing tooth, they can account for the avoidance of certain foods, in particular, hard and sharp foods, that prove to be difficult to eat without all of their teeth in place.

As a result, your missing teeth can have a follow on effect to your general health and wellbeing by impacting your nutritional load. By not being able to eat a range of different food or chew them correctly, you can have gut complications which can eventually be expressed in a multitude of different ways throughout your body.

So as you can see, because our bodies are holistic entities, your missing teeth can have an impact on the rest of your body as well. One way that we can rectify this is with dental implants in Harley Street.

What are dental implants?

Dental implants in Harley Street is a treatment that can be adapted in many different ways to suit the needs of different patients. Whether you have a single missing tooth that was avulsed during a sporting accident or many missing teeth that have been lost over time, we are able to use dental implants in Harley Street as a method to complete your smile again.

The treatment consists of a titanium metal implant that is inserted directly into the jaw bone during a minor surgical procedure. In some cases, the visible crown replacement can be added on immediately or you will need to wait for a number of weeks for it to heal before we can move forward with this aspect of the treatment.

We use a titanium metal because it is known to fuse with your actual jaw bone and this is what gives this treatment such a good name. Not only does it have around a 98% success rate, but we can guarantee that this treatment will last for several decades which makes it a wise investment for many who seek to have long-lasting and durable treatments that they do not need to worry about.

Not everyone is viable for this treatment option, unfortunately, but if you are in good health and have no underlying health conditions, it is very likely that this treatment is a good option for you. If you would like to know more, then we warmly invite you to contact us to discuss your options so that together we can move forward and find a solution to your missing teeth so that you can enjoy a fully-functional mouth once again.