Why dental clinic visits are necessary

Patients often don’t realise the importance of visiting a dental clinic in W1 for regular dental check-ups until a problem with their oral health develops and they are in extreme discomfort. At our Harley Street Dental Clinic our check-ups and procedures are carried out by experienced and qualified dental practitioners and are focussed on:

  • Conducting thorough oral examinations to detect current and potential problems.
  • Treating a variety of dental issues.
  • Providing corrective and preventive procedures.
  • Performing cosmetic procedures for patients who want to enhance the appearance of their teeth.
  • Educating patients on the necessity of looking after dental health and providing recommended dental guidelines to help them achieve this.

3 important dental check-ups to have

In addition to ensuring the overall health of the mouth is healthy, there are a number of other essential check-ups we carry out at our dental clinic in W1 that we encourage patients to have done.

  1. Oral Cancer check

Many patients are not aware of having a dentist carry out an oral cancer check while at a dental clinic in W1. The expertise of a trained dentist is required to identify the various warning signs of what is considered a very serious dental disease. As with a number of other dental diseases, oral cancer is a progressive disease and for this very reason, timely detection and treatment is critical.

The check for oral cancer is quick, non-invasive and there is no discomfort experienced. The dentist will be on the lookout for evidence of dead tissue as a result of tumours.

  • Gum disease detection

Another worrying progressive dental disease is gum disease. The adverse effects of this disease make direct and indirect inroads into various areas of a patient’s life that may not be obvious at first. One of the most serious consequences of gum disease is tooth loss. Consider the impact of this for the patient. Replacing missing teeth can be costly for a patient and not replacing missing teeth presents other problems for a patient, from difficulties with chewing to adversely affecting their self-image or self-esteem.

2. X-ray checks for an in-depth oral exam

Mouth structures include those parts of the mouth that cannot be seen by the naked eye and require X-rays that provide images that go beneath the surface. These X-rays provide dentists with a closer look at the hidden layers of teeth and jawbone. Without X-rays it is practically impossible for dental professionals to diagnose certain issues that are lurking under the surface.

Some of the dental issues that require X-rays to be taken are impacted teeth, jawbone damage, bone decay and tumours and cysts. These issues need to be treated quickly and effectively to prevent more complex problems developing.

  • Examination below the jawline

The most common areas of a regular dental check-up include the tongue, teeth and gums but a thorough check-up should also cover the lymph node in addition to the neck and jaw. The examination is important to detect signs of swelling or lumps that may indicate a serious health issue.

At our Harley Street Dental Clinic we pride ourselves in offering our patients the best quality dental care available. We are able to do this thanks to a dedicated dental team comprised of professionals in various fields of speciality. Give us a call today to schedule a quality dental check-up.