Why it is important to see our dentist regularly

The majority of people in the UK, and indeed worldwide, avoid attending their dental surgery unless they have a dental emergency.


And whilst this may seem like the perfect plan, especially if you don’t suffer from bad or weak teeth, it can very quickly become a bad idea to avoid dental checkups.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we know how important prevention is in dental care, and our dentist Harley Street recommends that all of our patients attend a checkup every 6 months as a bare minimum. That way, we can provide easier treatments to problems, which, if left untreated, may result in more intense procedures further down the line.

On to specifics; why is it important to see our dentist Harley Street at least twice a year? Read on to find out.


We know that you are, at heart, a good dental patient who cleans their teeth twice a day, avoids sugar and will always inform us if there is a dental issue.

However, when you visit our dentist Harley Street, we can clean your teeth thoroughly, removing any calcified plaque (tartar) and ensuring that there is no plaque underneath your gum line.

This will help to keep your gums and teeth healthy and, in the long-term, your overall health in better condition.

Decay prevention

OK, so when you hear the word ‘decay’ concerning teeth, you probably think that this entails treatments such as fillings or crowns.

Well, whilst that is part of the restorative aspect, we can offer sealants to prevent decay from forming, keeping your teeth healthy and intact without the need for any further procedures. Great!

Gum disease prevention

A simple checkup can also help to prevent gum disease.

By examining your teeth, we can determine whether you need to brush your teeth more regularly, have an active case of gum disease or need to see our on-site hygienist to remove plaque.

Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer is on the rise in the UK; however, it is also one of the most preventable of all cancers.

The best way to detect and treat any signs of oral cancer is to attend a dental checkup once every 6 months with our team. We are trained to spot anything unusual or suspicious in your mouth and can refer you to the appropriate professionals for treatment if needed.

Remember, oral cancer is not only one of the most preventable cancers, but it is one of the easiest to treat too. So, to safeguard your general health, please attend our surgery for checkups and cancer screenings.


Suppose you have had a gap in your smile for a few years now and are eager to have it filled, how else will you manage this without attending a dental checkup and discussing it with our team? A checkup provides far more than an opportunity for our team to check your teeth for signs of decay. Rather, it allows us to discuss treatment options with you to help you get the smile that you have always wanted whilst giving you the green light about your dental health too.