Why your dentist will recommend root canal treatment

When a dentist utters the words “root canal treatment” even the bravest of patients may feel a twinge of fear. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are keen to point out that, thanks to modern dental techniques, root canal treatment is nothing to be afraid of. On the contrary, it can in fact be essential to saving a tooth.

root-canal-treatmentAt Harley Street Dental Clinic our root canal work is carried out by Dr Nectaria Polycarpou, a specialist endodontist who can treat even the most complex of cases. She is known for her warm, kind-hearted and compassionate nature, and can reassure patients who are anxious about treatment.

Endodontics is the specialist area of dentistry that deals with root canal therapies. Your dentist will prescribe root canal treatment when a tooth becomes infected. Untreated tooth infection can quickly become unbearably painful, and if you continue to ignore it can result in you losing your tooth. Your dentist will work hard to prevent that from happening.

Teeth become infected for a number of reasons. Visiting your dentist regularly should help to prevent tooth decay, but it does still happen and if it is not addressed promptly it can allow bacteria to enter the pulp or nerve at the centre of your tooth.

Injury to the teeth can also result in infection. Even a tiny chip or crack can be enough to let bacteria in, which is one of the reasons you should call an emergency dentist as soon as possible after an injury occurs.

Harley Street endodontics

When you come to our Harley Street clinic for endodontic treatment, Dr Polycarpou will numb your tooth with local anaesthetic before using a range of specialist instruments to cleanse the root canal(s) of all traces of infection. If you are scared of the dentist, sedation is also an option.

Root canal treatment usually requires at least two visits to our Harley Street clinic, so your dentist can be sure that the infection has fully cleared before permanently filling the tooth. We will usually place a crown on root treated teeth to give them additional strength and restore their appearance.