Worried about a loose filling? 5 signs you need to see our emergency dentist at Harley Street

Having a dental emergency is no fun, regardless of your age. And so, when one strikes, it is pivotal to know what to do to resolve any discomfort and get everything back under control.


In the first instance, you will need to contact a dental surgery for a same-day appointment.

At Harley Street Dental, we are proud of our emergency clinic and if you are suffering from a dental emergency, our emergency dentist in Harley Street can offer you advice 24 hours a day. We set aside appointments for our emergency patients each day and will endeavour to resolve

your issue within 24 hours, allowing you to get on with your day.

But what are some of the signs that you need to see our emergency dentist in Harley Street?

Persistent discomfort

Often portrayed in the media, persistent pain in your mouth is a key indicator that you need to see our emergency dentist in Harley Street.

Remember, dental discomfort could point towards anything from an abscess to a loose filling, all of which need to be addressed promptly to prevent serious complications.


If you spot swelling on your gums, under your jaw or if one of your cheeks appears larger than the other, you need to see our team.

Even if the swelling does not feel uncomfortable, it still requires urgent attention as it could suddenly begin to hurt and could even signify something as serious as oral cancer. And of course, as swelling rarely shrinks, it could even begin to press on your airway which can be life-threatening. Come and see our team as soon as you notice any abnormal swellings!

Loose fillings and crowns

It is an irritation to many people who have fillings and crowns that they can come loose.

Not only can this be uncomfortable, but if left untreated it can cause infection to set in and can allow for further decay of the tooth. Yikes!

If you can move a filling or a crown with your tooth, call our team for a check-up. We will be able to apply a composite to secure the filling, but concerning crowns, we may need to prepare the tooth again to support the newly fitted crown.

If you have lost a filling or crown, we need to see you urgently as the exposed pulp is more prone to infection.


When you have had an accident or a dental extraction, there is probably going to be some bleeding in the oral area.

However, if with the application of gauze the bleeding fails to subside after 20 minutes, you need to see our team at Harley Street to prevent blood loss. Depending on the underlying cause, we will be able to apply surgical glues or stitches to prevent any further bleeding.

Chipped and cracked teeth

Chips and cracks are common but can allow bacteria access underneath the enamel.

Therefore, if you notice that one of your teeth is cracked or chipped, we can repair it with composite materials.