Worried about getting dental implants in Harley Street?

Dental implants in Harley Street can be a big step for some of us, especially if you are transitioning from dentures to this procedure in order to reduce the instances of your false teeth slipping at inappropriate times or rubbing on your gums.


Even though it is a minor surgical procedure, it is still one we take seriously. We will only perform this treatment if we deem you to be healthy enough, not wanting to put your health at risk or causing you too much discomfort during the healing phase.

Many of our patients are suitable for dental implants in Harley Street although if you have an underlying health condition that may impact how you recover, then we will reconsider this treatment and ask that you manage this condition before continuing.

We would like to assure you that dental implants in Harley Street have around a 98% success rate so that you can go into this procedure confident that you will likely see great results, enabling you to have a fully functioning smile again.

Whether you have lost a single tooth or are stabilizing your dentures, this treatment is one that provides long lasting results and is favoured by dentists and patients alike.

How does this treatment work?

We begin with a consultation, a chance for you to ask questions about what you should expect, what advantages you might come to experience or what disadvantages there are that you should be made aware of.

We will take some scans of your teeth and jaw bone to determine whether you are suitable for this treatment or, if you may need to have another treatment prior to this one, to stabilize your jaw bone.

Jaw bone recession is a natural occurrence that happens when the bone in your jaw is no longer stimulated when your teeth disappear. If you do not have enough jaw bone at the site of your missing tooth, then we will not have enough stability for the implant to hold successfully.

Adding artificial bone is the solution to this and if this is essential for your treatment to go ahead, then we will talk you through this relatively simple procedure as well.

An implant is a titanium rod that is placed directly into the jawbone. We use titanium because this material is special in the way that it forms a bond with your natural bone, fusing with it over time. This creates a strong, lifelong hold which means we can guarantee that your implant will remain with you for decades.

Following the insertion of the titanium implant, we either add a crown to replace a single tooth, a bridge to replace up to three or four adjoining teeth or we attach your dentures onto one of four implants that are strategically placed around your mouth.

Although the treatment is straightforward, the results can be extremely diverse, depending on the needs of each of our patients.

If you have lost a tooth, then this treatment could be your long term solution to enjoying your smile again.