Worried about showing off your teeth in photographs? Regardless of your age, our orthodontists in Harley Street can help you!

In society today, everyone seems to have perfectly straight, ice white teeth. While this is a testament to modem dental techniques, if you have a less than perfect smile, we know how  it can severely impact on your confidence.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetThere is a somewhat old-fashioned idea that once you reach a certain age, you will not be able to have any dental realignment performed using braces, and if you do, it will not be as effective as it would have been earlier in life.

While there is a benefit to having braces fitted at a younger age, our orthodontists in Harley Street can help you get the smile you have always dreamed of at any stage in your life. Interested to find out how they can help? Read on!

Traditional braces

Our team of orthodontists in Harley Street can help straighten your smile using a more traditional or more contemporary brace system.

Even if you consider yourself more mature, our orthodontists in Harley Street can  usually use an orthodontic brace if you have a severe misalignment, depending on the condition of your teeth and jaw. Although this may seem like a step backwards in confidence building, orthodontic braces are usually a first step treatment; once our dental team are satisfied that your teeth have been straightened to the desired level with an orthodontic brace, they will usually move you onto another aligner, which will be more discreet and even removable.

Our orthodontic braces at Harley Street comprise of the traditional, metal braces placed on the front of your teeth and the lingual brace, which is placed on the back.

Contemporary aligners

Of course, if you have a mild to moderate malocclusion or misalignment, then our team will provide you with a more discreet type of aligner.

The most popular cosmetic aligners at our Harley Street practice include the Invisalign aligner and the Incognito brace; both have a minimal visual appearance and an accelerated treatment time.

The Invisalign aligner is removable, fits over your teeth and uses gentle pressure to relocate your teeth; it is better suited to adults and adapts easily around your lifestyle.

Our Incognito brace provides an effective corrective treatment, while having a discreet appearance and being more comfortable.

Surgery options

In the unlikely event that our braces alone cannot straighten your teeth, you may require surgery in order to move your jaws to a more aligned position, alongside any brace or aligner treatment.

We can provide this to you under the same roof and have members of our orthodontic team specially trained in this type of surgery. If you do not wish to undertake this option, we will adapt your treatment plan to better fit your aesthetic requirements.

You deserve to have that straight smile you have always wanted and our team at Harley Street will help you make it a reality!

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