You can trust our dentist with your tooth related issues

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we want to help our patients feel good about their smile wherever we can. We know that a trip to your dental clinic is about more than just a routine appointment and we will take the time to understand how you feel about your teeth, advising on which treatments will be able to help you the most. More than this though, our dentist Harley Street will be there for you to rely on them when you find yourself in the middle of an emergency, day or night. If you find that you are having any issues with your teeth, whether it is an emergency or not, it is important to make an appointment to speak to one of our dental professionals as soon as possible, to prevent any additional damage from taking place.


Providing support through day and night

Our dentist Harley Street is not just there for you when it is time for your routine appointment, but when you are having an emergency too. Tooth related emergencies can happen when you least expect it, from tripping over and knocking your tooth out to being involved in a sporting accident or suffering from intense wisdom tooth pain. If you have lost a tooth or you are in severe pain then it is important to make an appointment as soon as possible to prevent any further damage from occurring. The earlier you phone in the day then the earlier we will be able to arrange for you to come in for an emergency appointment. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we understand that emergencies are not planned and will sometimes unfortunately take place during out of hours for our practice. However, in these circumstances you are still able to call our practice during your emergency and your call will be answered by a dental professional who will be able to advise you on what to do until morning. In the morning one of our team will call you to make an appointment for you as soon as possible.  

Consider long-term solutions for your smile

If you chip or crack your teeth it can leave you feeling incredibly insecure, but there is no need to worry, as a simple chat with our dentist Harley Street will allow you to find out what treatments could help you resolve your issue. Treatments such as veneers and composite bonding are both capable of disguising chips and small gaps between teeth, but they work in slightly different ways. Veneers offer a more long-term solution to cover up imperfections, as they are capable of lasting for up to ten years if they are taken care of properly. However, getting veneers will also require careful tooth preparation, as the veneers themselves are attached to the surfaces of your teeth. This differs from composite bonding, where no tooth preparation is required. With composite bonding a resin is applied to your chipped or cracked tooth and then moulded into the right shape before being hardened underneath a special lamp, but it will not last as long as veneers can.