Your dentist in W1 goes above and beyond

Traditional dentistry encompasses many aspects of caring for your smile and is generally thought of as a combination of cosmetic, restorative or preventive care. Previously, care was focused purely on the teeth and gums, however, your dentist in W1 has expanded their vision to look at all of the factors that go into a healthy and beautiful smile.


That is why facial aesthetics are beginning to play a major role in a modernised dental practice, where the skills, experience and training of facial anatomy and structure that a dentist in W1 has achieved can be put to good use for your benefit.

By speaking to a dentist in W1 about the vast range of options that are now available in our dental practice regarding facial aesthetics, you will be amazed at what we can do for you that is non-invasive and effective at removing wrinkles, smoothing out lines and plumping cheeks and lips, to give a more youthful appearance that allows you to feel confident in your own skin.

Why choose facial aesthetics in a dental practice?

Many consultants do not need to undergo vast medical training in order to provide cosmetic treatments for their patients. This can result in a final appearance looking fake and overdone. This is the last thing that anyone wants. We all want a cosmetic procedure to simply enhance our unique and natural look, emphasising our beauty and masking those things that have us feeling a little less confident about ourselves.

Our professionals have had many years of experience in understanding the facial anatomy and structure, so that they have a natural eye for what needs to go where, in order to achieve a certain look. We have experience with many of the chemicals used in dental treatments and we ensure that we are completely trained and confident with using ingredients applied for facial aesthetics.

Our medical approach comes through everything that we do and we treat any surgical procedure, however minor, with complete professionalism. We have the ability to perform intricate and detailed work and have the confidence to be able to complete your smile so that you feel great about your natural self.

What treatments are available?

We suggest you come in and speak with us regarding the kinds of results that you would like to see, so that we can offer the right kind of treatment that will provide results that you want and none that you do not want.

Dermal fillers are commonly used to plump lips or other areas of the face and to smooth out lines. We can also offer skin rejuvenation procedures and other soft surgery treatments that do not require cutting of the skin, but offer dramatic results.

These non-invasive methods to remove acne scarring, stretch marks and other imperfections are a way for you to gently approach cosmetic solutions.

Our treatments are affordable and you can enjoy 0% interest free financing options for 12 months with further plans available. We look forward to meeting with you and offering a vast range of solutions to meet your needs.