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All our dentists adhere to the strict guidelines governing the profession under strict guidance from the General Dental Council (GDC) "Standards for Dental Professionals".

Dr Eleonora Ghukasyan

  • 2023 - Joined the dental cosmetic team at HSDC, London
  • 2022 - Restorative Dentistry course at King’s Colleage, London
  • 2011 - Postgraduate Diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry, Yerevan
  • 2009 - Graduated from State Medical University, Yerevan, Armenia
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Midline gap closure (min invasive).
Midline Gap closure for a young lady who asked for a quick and minimally invasive solution. We used composite resin material to close the gap between front teeth, finally delivering the look she always wanted. No mechanical tooth surface reduction (filing) was necessary.

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Slightly misaligned teeth, least invasive solution (veneers).
The patient's concern was the slightly misaligned teeth, especially the central incisors on both jaws. Looking for a quick, least invasive solution, we performed teeth whitening beforehand, followed by upper and lower composite veneers,applied by hand in a single visit.

Dr Eleonora Ghukasyan

General Dentist specialized in Composite Bonding
BDS 2009, PG DIploma Cosmetic Dentistry 2011
GDC No. 283292

Dr Eleonora Ghukasyan graduated from State Medical University in Armenia in 2009. She completed her postgraduate diploma in Cosmetic Dentistry in 2011.

Eleonora has long-standing professional experience specializing in cosmetic dentistry while practicing in central London for over eight years.

She attended regular classes at King's College and Fresh Dental Institute in London, where she had the opportunity to build a solid foundation for her career, providing the necessary knowledge to create beautiful life-changing smiles.

Dr Eleonora specializes in Composite Bonding procedures, a minimally invasive technique to achieve cosmetic improvements.

<< Composite bonding tecniques are ideal to give patients a perfect smile quickly. One of the good sides of Dental Bonding is that it is a reversible and minimally invasive treatment.>>

Eleonora is a good listener and works well with people from different backgrounds, anxiety levels, and personal preferences. Always taking time to address all patient concerns.

<< As a dentist, you need to be flexible, coming up with the best solution to each patient. All patients are different and all dental procedures must adapt to differences.>>

The accuracy in selecting materials is part of the process. Dr Eleonora constantly seeks the best quality resin to match specific requirements and long-lasting results.

According to her expertise, all selected materials need to meet at least three requirements:

  • be easy to polish
  • come with a variety of shades
  • look natural

After the treatment all patients receive regular follow-ups and advice, always enjoying their new and upgraded smile for a long time.

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