What do general treatments at the dentist typically include?

It is normal to feel nervous about your upcoming dental visit. Many people experience anxiety about their first appointment with us because they do not know what to expect. Read on to learn  about some of the general treatments in Harley Street we offer at our practice, Harley Street Dental Clinic.

general-dental-treatments-harley-streetWhat does a routine appointment entail?

On average, you should be undergoing general treatments in Harley Street twice a year, but this number might change according to the nature of your dental issue. These check-ups are crucial in preventing an onslaught of nasty, yet avoidable, mouth diseases and infections.

Usually, the treatments and procedures we administer are routine and straightforward, but the experience will vary from person-to-person, depending on how long it has been since your last visit, the state of your oral health and whether or not you are a first-time patient. We will need to conduct a full medical and dental history if you are new to our practice.

A regular check-up includes the following:

  • A thorough examination of your entire mouth. We do this to check for signs of poor dental health, namely tooth decay and gum diseases.
  • If proven necessary, we might take x-rays – these x-rays will highlight abnormalities, whereupon cavities show up as dark areas on a tooth.
  • We will discuss your health and lifestyle habits that contribute to poor oral hygiene, including a poor diet, smoking and drinking.
  • We will also chat about your teeth-cleaning and ways in which it can be improved upon.
  • If you need treatment beyond a routine check-up, these will be explained in detail, and we will make a dental appointment for you in the near future.
  • We will happily answer any and all questions and concerns to your satisfaction.

Dental emergencies: how do you handle these kinds of general treatments in Harley Street?

In an ideal world, if we look after our teeth, we should not have to experience dental emergencies. However, accidents are unpredictable and can occur at any time.

If you have knocked out a tooth, it is important to see us urgently to save it.  The sooner you receive medical attention, the higher your chances of successfully re-implanting the tooth in the socket.

There are a few things you can do to be proactive in scenarios like this, which include

  • Hold the tooth by the crown and not the root, in order to prevent spreading infection. If possible, reposition the tooth in the socket by biting down on a paper towel.
  • If you cannot, then try to hold the tooth in your cheek – it is important to keep it hydrated with your saliva.
  • If you are experiencing severe blood loss – apply pressure to the site with a cloth, bandages or anything clean and available – tea bags work well as makeshift bandages because they are highly absorbent.

In emergencies, people are left scrambling to find an emergency dentist who can treat them immediately – we offer emergency services during office hours and offer 24-hour advice to people who phone us after-hours.

Whether you are a new patient or old, require routine check-ups or more serious treatments, or need urgent medical care following an accident, our experienced dental team are on board to assist you!

Four ways your dentist can help you improve your smile

Even people who visit our dental practice regularly during the year for check-ups are sometimes unaware of the treatments that are available to them when it comes to improving their smile, or the general appearance of their teeth. Your dentist in W1 can listen to the problems and insecurities that you have about your smile at a consultation appointment, and from here they will be able to create a treatment plan that addresses your individual needs.

w1-dentistStraighten out your crooked teeth

If you have an uneven smile and wish to straighten your teeth then there are several options available that your dentist in W1 can talk you through. It is important to find the right type of brace to suit your lifestyle as well as your teeth, to leave you feeling confident throughout your treatment. At Harley Street Dental Practice we have discreet treatments available such as Invisalign aligners and lingual braces. Discreet straightening treatments are becoming increasingly popular amongst adults who feel too old for braces, as they enable them to straighten their teeth subtly without others being able to notice their appliance easily.

Restore missing teeth

Sometimes teeth can fall out due to tooth decay, whilst at other times it can be a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time and being involved in an accident that results in the loss of one or more teeth. Either way, here at Harley Street Dental Clinic we are never happy until a patient leaves our practice smiling proudly, with a full set of teeth.

There is more than one way to replace your missing teeth. To find out which option is the most suitable for you it is recommended that you book a consultation appointment, so that one of our dental professionals can assess the condition of your mouth. At our practice you can benefit from bridges and dentures, as well as dental implants.

Repair or mask damaged teeth

Adult teeth often become chipped or damaged over time and can make people feel insecure about smiling in front of other people or joining in with things like group photographs. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have an array of treatments to help rebuild your confidence as well as your smile.

Porcelain veneers are an effective and popular way of hiding any chips that you have in your smile. Whilst they do not get rid of the chips themselves, they completely disguise them from view and can make your other teeth appear more even by lengthening or widening the appearance of the surfaces of your teeth. Veneers attach to your teeth and are tooth coloured, so they look completely natural.

Stay on top of stains

It is common to develop stains on the surfaces of your teeth as you get older. Your dentist in W1 can help you whiten your smile by several shades, but results may vary between patients as no two sets of teeth are the same shade. Discolouration can occur for all sorts of reasons, including lifestyle habits such as drinking alcohol and tea, smoking or having a bad brushing routine.

When you have your teeth whitened you will have a choice as to whether you have the process carried out in our practice by one of our professionals, or at home where you are in charge of your treatment. For the most impressive results it is recommended that you have a combination of both types of treatments.

Could orthodontics improve your smile and boost your confidence?

When you look in the mirror in the morning and see your teeth in your reflection, it should make you want to smile. If this is not happening then it is time for you to see if orthodontics in Harley Street could help you. Crooked, uneven or overlapping teeth can cause people to have low self-esteem and prevent them from feeling able to smile with confidence. This can seep into their social life sometimes and impact them negatively when it comes to being involved in things such as group photographs.

orthodontics-harley-streetInstead of being unhappy with your crooked teeth book a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals at Harley Street Dental Clinic and find out what we could do to improve your smile.

Crooked teeth can damage your health as well as your confidence

When people have crooked or overlapping teeth they often do not realise how it could be affecting their health as well. Even if you brush religiously twice a day and use mouthwash, if your teeth overlap there is a chance that there are a few spots that you just will not be able to reach. Plaque can build up here, and if you do not have your teeth straightened this could lead to more complicated problems later on, such as tooth decay or loss, and you could also experience things such as gingivitis.

Orthodontics in Harley Street can help you resolve these issues and prevent you from having to undergo more complex dental procedures later on in life. Your dental practitioner will do whatever they can to prevent further problems from arising, as prevention is just as important to us as providing resolutions.

What options are available to you?

When you decide to find out more about what orthodontics in Harley Street has to offer, you will discover a range of treatments at your fingertips. Our treatments are both discreet and convenient so can fit around your lifestyle and leave you feeling elevated instead of self-conscious throughout your treatment.

Invisalign is a popular and modern way to straighten your teeth. With this treatment you will have a 3D scan taken of your mouth and the images this produces will be used to create a series of custom-made aligners. Made out of plastic and comfortable to wear over the top of your own teeth, this treatment is practically invisible to other people. The aligners are removable too which makes it convenient for you to take them out to eat and brush your teeth, meaning you do not need to worry about eating in public, as no food will be getting stuck in your appliance. You need to make sure that you are wearing your aligners for at least twenty-two hours of the day to ensure treatment works effectively.

If you do not mind the idea of having a fixed brace but want it to be out of sight, then lingual braces may be an option for you. These function in a similar way to traditional braces but attach to the insides of your teeth instead of the outer surfaces. The brackets are still metallic and connected with a metal wire, but they are hidden from view so nobody will even know that they are there.

Our cosmetic dentist has an array of treatments to offer you

All sorts of different things can make you feel self-conscious about the appearance of your teeth, but here at Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a multitude of treatments that can boost your happiness when it comes to your smile. It is easy to arrange a time that is convenient for you to see your cosmetic dentist in Harley Street, and after your initial consultation they will be able to produce a treatment plan that targets the areas and issues that you wish to improve.

cosmetic-dentist-harley-streetWhiten your smile

Your smile can make you look younger if it is free from discolouration and metallic coloured fixtures such as fillings. Stains on your teeth can appear for a variety of reasons, but they can leave you feeling insecure about smiling because you do not want others to notice that you have yellow or brown stains. Fillings are common and are used to repair a tooth to prevent it from becoming even more damaged. Normally these are metallic coloured and can stand out when you are speaking to someone or smiling, but your cosmetic dentist in Harley Street has treatments for you that prevents these issues from arising.

Teeth whitening can be carried out by our dental professionals within our dental clinic and we are able to whiten your teeth by several shades. Whilst results will vary between our patients depending on the original shade of their teeth, we do not let anybody leave our practice until they are completely satisfied with their smile.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we also offer white fillings. Some patients that come to us wish to upgrade from their metallic fillings so that they blend in with their teeth better and become a lot less visible to others when they are talking to them. However, if you have only just found out that you need to have a filling and wish to get white ones, simply speak to your dental practitioner and they will be able to arrange this for you.

Change the shape of your teeth to get a more even smile

There is more than one way that your cosmetic dentist in Harley Street can alter the appearance of the shape of your teeth. Porcelain veneers can make each of your teeth seem longer or wider to give them an overall neat and even appearance. A set of veneers easily attaches to the surfaces of your teeth and can make them look whiter and close small gaps, as well as making them appear even. This treatment is commonly used to cover up any chips that you might have in your smile too, as having chipped teeth can cause you to feel insecure. You can have just one veneer fitted or a whole set depending on your needs.

Another thing that can make teeth appear different shapes and sizes is having an uneven gum line or an overly ‘gummy’ smile. Having a gum lift will improve the appearance of your gums and give your smile a much neater finish around this area of your teeth. A gum lift works by raising and sculpting the gum line to make your teeth same longer or larger.

Visiting your dental clinic is better than risking your teeth

A majority of people do not realise how important it is to take good care of their teeth. Adult teeth should be loved and taken care of, as they are the only set of adult teeth that you are going to get. If you neglect them then you can develop things such as gum disease and risk losing your teeth and your confidence along with them.

w1-dental-clinicAt our dental clinic in W1 our dental practitioners want to do everything they can to make sure your teeth stay strong and healthy for as long as possible. We will always advise you during check-ups about which treatments could benefit you and recommend when it is time for you to have a professional clean with our hygienist. You do not have to wait for us to recommend treatments to you though, if you are interested in having a treatment at our practice then book a consultation appointment with one of our professionals to find out what steps you need to take next.

Why check-ups are important

Visiting your dental clinic in W1 at least twice a year is important in making sure that your teeth are in good condition and that you have no underlying problems. Your practitioner will inform you if you have a build-up of plaque or tartar, and may recommend that you see the hygienist if you do.

Your hygienist will be able to get rid of the plaque that has hardened onto the surfaces of your teeth that can no longer be removed through brushing. Sometimes plaque can gather in the pockets of your gums, but this is another thing your hygienist will be able to deal with. Getting rid of all this plaque will help you to avoid developing things like gingivitis, which if left untreated can lead to gum disease.

At a check-up your dental practitioner will inform you of any damaged teeth that you have that need repairing. You may need a filling, which can be either metallic or coloured white, applied to your tooth, preventing any additional damage from being done. Fillings protect the tooth’s nerves too and will prevent you from experiencing any pain or sensitivity when you bite down on things and chew food.

Seek advice as soon as you can in an emergency

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a twenty-four hour service, so that when our practice is closed there is still always someone on the end of the phone to give you advice in an emergency. It is important that you make an appointment at our dental clinic in W1 as soon as possible if you are having a dental emergency. If you have called out of opening hours then your call will be returned by one of our team first thing in the morning and they will book an appointment to attend as soon as possible for you.

There are several things that can constitute an emergency. If you are in severe pain and paracetamol has not helped, knocked a tooth out or chipped one slightly, or have suddenly noticed a lump or abscess in your mouth or on your tongue. In all these cases contact us as soon as possible.

Your dentist can look after the teeth of both adults and children

Over the years it is likely that you will get to know your dentist in Harley Street very well. You will be seeing them around two times a year for a regular check-up, but you will probably start visiting more frequently as your teeth get older, to benefit from other treatments that we have to offer to keep you smiling. We are proud to cater for both children and adults and will do whatever we can to make sure your teeth are strong and healthy from a young age right through into your retirement.

adult-and-childrens-dentistLook after your child’s teeth from a young age

Bringing your child to see their dentist in Harley Street as soon as they have developed their first tooth is important. Instilling good dental habits in them from a young age will decrease their chances of suffering from dental phobia and increase the likelihood of them understanding just how important their dental hygiene is.

We provide fluoride application treatment which helps to protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay on a long-term basis. The fluoride application provides minerals and is painted onto your child’s teeth. We also offer fissure sealants. Applied to the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth these sealants offer extra protection against decay, and they are tooth coloured so they do not stand out or look unsightly.

Spotting things such as under and overbites from a young age is important too, as the sooner these issues are spotted the sooner they can be rectified. Having braces to correct the positioning of teeth sooner rather than later can reduce treatment time, as teeth are more susceptible to moving at a younger age. Resolving these issues early can also prevent more complex straightening treatments from being needed in the future.

Replacing any missing teeth you have will be stress-free

Your dentist in Harley Street is able to help you restore your adult teeth if they start to fall out due to tooth decay as you get older. Sometimes people can have their teeth knocked out in an accident and need them replacing, but however you have lost your teeth and regardless of how many need replacing we can help.

Dental implants are becoming an increasingly popular way of replacing teeth. They offer a more permanent feeling replacement option and can last for up to twenty years if they are taken care of properly. Made to look and feel exactly like your original teeth, they will blend in with any original teeth that you still have. If you are replacing an entire set of teeth then they will give you a fresh, even set of teeth that people will not be able to notice is not real.

Having dental implants consists of having one or several titanium screws placed into your jawbone. They fuse together with the bone, stimulating it and acting as the root of your original tooth would. How many implants you need in total will depend on how many teeth you are replacing. A full set of teeth can require between four and twelve screws, whilst a single tooth replacement will only need the one.

Why you should get Invisalign

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting Invisalign in Harley Street if you have been looking for a convenient way to straighten your teeth. Many people do not like the idea of having fixed braces, but this treatment offers a completely removable appliance. Depending on your individual circumstances you could have a straight smile in as little as six months.

invisalign-harley-streetA simple, straightforward treatment

Once you have had a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners at Harley Street Dental Clinic you will be on your way to transforming your smile. At your next appointment you will receive your custom-made aligners. You will have several sets of aligners and you will be required to wear these in the right order to gradually pull or push your teeth into their new positions. Every two weeks you will need to put your next set of aligners in, and this can be done from the comfort of your own home and requires no dental visits.

The aligners themselves are clear and therefore almost invisible and incredibly hard for people to notice. The discreet nature of this treatment means that you can remain confident throughout your treatment and will not have to worry about dealing with the noticeability of a fixed appliance.

You can remove your aligners to eat too, so you do not need to worry about food getting stuck around your appliance. You are expected to brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in after eating or drinking, and your aligners must be removed so you can clean your teeth in the morning and at night too. For at least twenty-two hours of the day you need to make sure you keep your aligners in, otherwise your treatment may not work as efficiently as it should and your overall treatment time could increase.

Predicting your teeth’s path to being straighter

Invisalign in Harley Street uses advanced technology to produce your custom-made aligners. You will have a 3D scan taken of your teeth and it will create a series of images showing how your teeth will move with each set of aligners and then a final image showing what your teeth will look like once they have been straightened. Once the images have been produced your dental professional will send them away so your aligners can be made, and once they have been returned to the dental practice you will have an appointment made to collect them.

Long-lasting smiles

When you have Invisalign in Harley Street you can expect to be left smiling for an incredibly long time. Once you have worn your last set of aligners we will provide you with a retainer to wear. This retainer will be made of plastic and will fit comfortably over your teeth as your aligners did, but after a few weeks of constant wear you should be able to reduce this to night time only. Some people will have to wear their retainer at night for several years and others will only require it for a few months, but it is important to follow your dental professional’s instructions to avoid your teeth returning to their original positions.

Could dental implants recreate your smile?

Tooth loss can happen to anyone, whether it is due to tooth decay, gum disease or an accident. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we will do whatever we can to replace any teeth you have lost, to leave you feeling confident when it comes to your smile.

dental-implants-harley-streetWe offer dental implants in Harley Street which is an effective way to restore your teeth, regardless of how many you may have missing. If you think that this treatment could make you feel better about your smile then it is time to book a consultation appointment at our dental clinic, so one of dental practitioners can assess the condition of your mouth and create a personalised treatment plan for you.

How do they work?

When you have dental implants in Harley Street your dental practitioner will insert a certain number of titanium screws into your jawbone. The screws will act as teeth roots and how many you need in total will depend on the amount of teeth that you need replacing and your individual circumstances. If you are only replacing one tooth then it is likely that one screw will be used, whilst if you are placing multiple teeth or a whole set you will need multiple screws to be able to support your new teeth.

Once you have had the screws embedded into your bone they will fuse with it naturally, and your dental professional will be able to attach the necessary appliance to regain your smile and leave you with a complete, natural looking set of teeth. Sometimes you can have the screws inserted and your artificial teeth attached to them in the same day, but a lot of patients will need healing time between the two procedures.

The types of appliances that can be used to restore your smile

The convenience of having dental implants in Harley Street is that you can have an array of different appliances attached to them. Which appliance you need will depend on how many teeth you are replacing and what positions they are in.

If you have knocked a single tooth out or had to have it removed for whatever reason then it is most likely that you will only need one titanium screw inserted and to this your dental practitioner will attach a crown. These crowns are tooth-coloured and will blend in with the rest of your teeth nicely, meaning people are unlikely to even spot that you have had treatment.

If you are replacing more than one tooth then there is more than one option for your dentist to discuss with you. If your missing teeth are either side of an original tooth then a bridge is more likely to be used than a partial denture. A bridge offers more stability to the remaining teeth, while partial dentures are commonly used to replace several teeth that are all next to each other.

Replacing a whole mouthful of teeth is just as simple as replacing one, and your dental practitioner will be able to explain the different treatments that are most suitable to your personal situation when you attend your initial appointment. It is possible to replace an entire set of teeth with only four tooth implants, but some patients will need up to twelve.

Your dentist can monitor the growth of your child’s teeth too

Bringing your child to our dentist in W1 from a young age will increase their chances of having good oral health later on in life. It will decrease their chances of suffering from things such as dental anxiety or phobia, as well as help to keep an endearing smile on their face! You can bring your child to our dental practice for an examination as soon as they have their first tooth, or when they are twelve months old even if they have not developed any teeth at that point.

childrens-teethThere are a range of treatments that could benefit your child at our practice, and if you would like to find out more it is easy to book a consultation appointment with one of our practitioners to see your child, either online on our website, or over the phone.

Keep your child’s teeth strong from the beginning

Alongside having regular dental check-ups with their dentist in W1, your child can benefit from other treatments that we have to offer. They should be visiting our dental practice at least twice a year for a general check-up, but fluoride applications can help protect your child’s teeth from tooth decay for longer. This treatment consists of having the fluoride painted onto the surfaces of your child’s teeth, and helps to mineralise them.

Another thing we have to offer are fissure sealants, which can be applied to the biting surfaces of your child’s teeth. This sealants help to prevent tooth decay and are tooth coloured, so blend in with your child’s other teeth nicely too.

Are your child’s adult teeth coming through crookedly?

If your child’s adult teeth appear to be coming through at uneven angles then it is a good idea to bring them to our dentist in W1. They will be able to examine emerging teeth fully and find out what needs to be done to address the problem. If your child suffers from overcrowding then they may need a tooth removed before undergoing any straightening treatment, to ensure that their teeth have enough room to move into their new positions.

We have a range of braces available at Harley Street Dental Clinic so you can make sure that your child gets the right appliance for them. Lingual braces fit on the inside surfaces of the teeth and have a discreet approach to straightening teeth, as the appliance is completely hidden from view. They are attached to the teeth with brackets, and these brackets are linked together with a thin metal wire which is tightened every six weeks or so. Sometimes it can take a couple of days for the tongue to get used to the appliance, but there should be no ongoing discomfort.

Invisalign aligners are clear and removable, so not only are they discreet but convenient too. You need to make sure that your child is wearing their aligners for at least twenty-two hours during the day, but thankfully Invisalign offer a teen range which has blue indicator strips on the aligners, allowing you to gauge how much they have been worn.

What you need to know about clear braces

Clear braces in Harley Street and appliances that are hidden from view have encouraged many people to have their teeth straightened. People are sometimes dubious about having traditional straightening treatments due to their bulky nature and the fact that they are permanently fixed onto patients’ teeth for up to twenty-four months. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer several alternatives to traditional treatments, and will make sure that you get the right appliance to fit around you, your teeth and your lifestyle.

clear-braces-harley-streetHidden from view and capable of correcting multiple problems

Clear braces in Harley Street come in two types, fixed and removable. They can help you with an array of different problems and efficiently straighten out your teeth in an unnoticeable way. Whether you have an overbite or want to close up the gaps you have between your teeth these appliances could resolve your problems. Sometimes people can suffer from overcrowding, which is where the teeth have not had enough room to grow straight. This could be because you have a small mouth, or you could need to have a tooth removed to make room for your other teeth. Either way, our friendly team at Harley Street Dental Clinic can help.

It is important to seek dental advice if you suffer from things such as overlapping teeth, as this can actually cause a build-up of plaque in some areas, even if you have a rigorous brushing routine. If left untreated this could lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss, so it is important to have your teeth straightened to reduce your chances of this happening.

Clear braces, in the form of fixed clear braces (also known as ceramic braces) can help you if you have generally crooked teeth too, as they give your dental practitioner a lot of control over the way that your teeth move. They attach to your teeth with clear or tooth coloured brackets and wires and are almost hidden from view, meaning that few people may know that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

We offer a removable appliance too

If you are looking for clear braces in Harley Street and wish that you could be able to remove your appliance as well, it is a good idea to discuss Invisalign treatment with one of our dental professionals. This treatment involves you wearing a series of custom-made aligners that will move your teeth gradually as you move through the aligners. Each set of aligners need to be worn for around two weeks, and you will be able to notice results soon after you have worn the first few sets. The aligners are easy to remove and completely clear so they are discreet and manageable. If you have an important speech to make or meeting to attend you can pop your aligners out, but make sure to wear them for at least twenty-two hours of the day.

Another appliance known as the lingual brace although not under the heading of a clear brace, is also hard to spot. Attached to the surfaces of your teeth via brackets that are metal, they are attached to one another by a thin wire. This is what tightens your appliance and makes your teeth move. This appliance works in a very similar way to traditional appliances, which also have metallic brackets and a wire, but the lingual brace is attached to the back of a patient’s teeth. Our dental team is ready to help you find the best way to improve your smile.