Does your child need braces? Four long term benefits of orthodontics for children

It can seem like a nightmare getting your child to attend a basic dental check-up and when they are told they may need a brace, you could be mistaken for thinking a volcano has erupted! While it is far from the most popular medical treatment your child will need, if their dentist states to you that they could benefit from a check-up with an orthodontist, it is important to pursue it.


Timing is important when it comes to children’s dentistry; just after all of their baby teeth have fallen out and their adult teeth are emerging is the desirable time for them to visit the orthodontist. Before their adult teeth are set in place, an orthodontist has the opportunity to move them easily, without causing extreme discomfort or pressure on their jaws. Delaying treatment could be extremely detrimental to your child’s physical and mental health, potentially causing issues later in life.

When it comes to childhood braces, you can come to us for your child’s orthodontics in Harley Street. Our team will assess the condition of your child’s newly emerged adult teeth and assess the fastest way to realign them, without causing undue stress to your child. We aim to make all of our procedures seamless and will work to make both you and your children feel relaxed in our surgery.

But what are the long term benefits of orthodontics in Harley Street? Read on to find out!

Better prognosis

While we cannot see into the future, early orthodontics in Harley Street can provide both you and our team with a rough idea of how your child’s adult teeth will form.

If we detect an underlying problem with how they are aligned or notice any protrusions, we can correct them sooner, allowing the teeth to move when they are at their most adaptable.

Bite correction

A huge area of childhood braces revolves around over, under and crossbites.

While these may seem fairly benign as a dental issue, they can cause problems such as oral grinding and have been linked to more extreme facial injuries when falling.

Having a brace fitted on your child will correct all manner of bite issues and create a more symmetrical, straighter smile.

Improve long term oral health

Straighter teeth are easier to clean and maintain.

If your child has misaligned or crowded teeth, it is highly likely that they are missing areas in their mouths with their daily dental routine. This can lead to plaque accumulation, tooth decay and periodontal diseases like gingivitis.

While you may not feel like the most popular parent in the world, saying yes to your child’s brace treatment sets them up for a lifetime of straighter, healthier teeth and better overall health too.

Create more room

Adult teeth that are crowded or overlapping can prevent other teeth from emerging, causing your child discomfort.

Braces can help space out crowded teeth more evenly, creating room for unemerged teeth to grow and ensuring that all of the new teeth are correctly aligned.

Think braces are just for children? 4 ways our orthodontist in Harley Street can help adults

Whenever someone mentions the word ‘brace’ many people instantly create an image of a small child in their head, smiling with a large, orthodontic brace – adorable!


However, while it is more common for children to require a trip to have their braces tightened, many people wrongly assume that the world of orthodontics can only help children achieve a straighter and better functioning set of teeth.

This is simply not true! The world of adult orthodontics is more popular than ever. With the creation of braces such as Invisalign and the Inman Aligner, more adults are approaching members of our team in Harley Street to get a straighter and healthier smile.

Our orthodontist in Harley Street is equipped to help anyone get a straighter smile! If you are aged 8 or 58, if your teeth and gums are in good condition and you are deemed suitable, our orthodontics team can help you get that coveted straighter smile in no time at all.

But what can our orthodontist in Harley Street actually do to help you get that straighter, healthier smile you would like as an adult? Read on to find out.

Picking a brace

It is true that most children wear the same type of brace, the traditional metal or orthodontic brace.

However, as an adult looking for straighter teeth, you have a wider range of options available, each targeted towards correcting a slightly different issue. Depending on your individual clinical situation, our orthodontist in Harley Street will select the correct brace for your teeth, targeting the treatment specifically to your dental requirements.

Custom made

All braces are custom made to some extent, but when you come to our orthodontic team in Harley Street, they will create both a custom-fitted brace and an individually targeted dental plan.

This will aim to reduce your time wearing the brace and to minimise any associated discomfort you may feel throughout treatment.


While wearing any of the adult braces we offer at Harley Street, you will be required to attend both regular dental check-ups and orthodontic appointments.

During these assessments, our orthodontic team may need to take X-rays to examine the progress of your brace, and to make adjustments if required, to help move your teeth correctly and promptly. This can only be performed by an orthodontist, so it is vital you attend these check-ups, or you may be saddled with your brace for longer than you anticipated!

Treat associated conditions

As an adult who requires a brace, chances are you have experienced some of the conditions associated with misaligned teeth.

We are talking about more than a slightly crooked smile in photos; when you visit our orthodontic team for treatment, they can assess the damage caused by misaligned teeth, such as enamel wear, uneven surfaces, and problems caused by nocturnal grinding.

If you are undertaking treatment with a removable brace, our team may decide to create a custom-fitted mouthguard for you, to prevent any further damage to the surfaces of your teeth.

Could orthodontics improve your smile and boost your confidence?

When you look in the mirror in the morning and see your teeth in your reflection, it should make you want to smile. If this is not happening then it is time for you to see if orthodontics in Harley Street could help you. Crooked, uneven or overlapping teeth can cause people to have low self-esteem and prevent them from feeling able to smile with confidence. This can seep into their social life sometimes and impact them negatively when it comes to being involved in things such as group photographs.

orthodontics-harley-streetInstead of being unhappy with your crooked teeth book a consultation appointment with one of our dental professionals at Harley Street Dental Clinic and find out what we could do to improve your smile.

Crooked teeth can damage your health as well as your confidence

When people have crooked or overlapping teeth they often do not realise how it could be affecting their health as well. Even if you brush religiously twice a day and use mouthwash, if your teeth overlap there is a chance that there are a few spots that you just will not be able to reach. Plaque can build up here, and if you do not have your teeth straightened this could lead to more complicated problems later on, such as tooth decay or loss, and you could also experience things such as gingivitis.

Orthodontics in Harley Street can help you resolve these issues and prevent you from having to undergo more complex dental procedures later on in life. Your dental practitioner will do whatever they can to prevent further problems from arising, as prevention is just as important to us as providing resolutions.

What options are available to you?

When you decide to find out more about what orthodontics in Harley Street has to offer, you will discover a range of treatments at your fingertips. Our treatments are both discreet and convenient so can fit around your lifestyle and leave you feeling elevated instead of self-conscious throughout your treatment.

Invisalign is a popular and modern way to straighten your teeth. With this treatment you will have a 3D scan taken of your mouth and the images this produces will be used to create a series of custom-made aligners. Made out of plastic and comfortable to wear over the top of your own teeth, this treatment is practically invisible to other people. The aligners are removable too which makes it convenient for you to take them out to eat and brush your teeth, meaning you do not need to worry about eating in public, as no food will be getting stuck in your appliance. You need to make sure that you are wearing your aligners for at least twenty-two hours of the day to ensure treatment works effectively.

If you do not mind the idea of having a fixed brace but want it to be out of sight, then lingual braces may be an option for you. These function in a similar way to traditional braces but attach to the insides of your teeth instead of the outer surfaces. The brackets are still metallic and connected with a metal wire, but they are hidden from view so nobody will even know that they are there.

Our orthodontist has several options for you

Gone are the days where traditional braces were your only option. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a range of different appliances available that are capable of straightening your teeth and fitting around your needs. Your orthodontist in Harley Street will do whatever they can to make sure that you get the right treatment and that you do not leave our practice until you are smiling.

orthodontist-harley-streetYour braces could be hidden

Lots of our patients have delayed getting treatment before arriving at our practice because they were not aware of the alternative braces that are available. They have been worrying about obvious metal braces getting in the way of their everyday life and not being able to smile with confidence whilst they are undergoing treatment. Your orthodontist in Harley Street wants to make sure that you can have both straight teeth and confidence whilst going through treatment.

Hidden braces, or lingual braces, are concealed from plain sight as they are attached to the inside surfaces of your teeth rather than the outer ones. They work in a similar way to traditional braces in the way that they attach to the teeth with metallic brackets that are connected to each other with a thin wire, but nobody will be able to spot them unless you decide to point them out.

Another subtle type of brace is the fixed ceramic or clear brace. These braces are incredibly similar to traditional braces and attach on the outer surfaces of the teeth in the same way, but the brackets are tooth coloured or clear and therefore much less visible. The wire that is used to connect these brackets is also tooth coloured, making the appliance a lot harder to notice.

A removable appliance can fit around your lifestyle

Invisalign aligners are easily removable and only need to be worn for twenty-two hours of the day. Your orthodontist in Harley Street can answer any questions you may have about this treatment at your consultation appointment, but it is incredibly straightforward. After you have had your initial appointment you will have a 3D scan performed on your mouth, showing the current positions that your teeth are in, as well as their future positions. The scan will produce images showing what position your teeth will be in after wearing each set of aligners. This is how your custom-made aligners will be created to fit your teeth, and once you receive them you will see how snugly they fit over your teeth.

The aligners are completely clear so offer more discretion than some other treatment options, and they will be barely noticeable to other people. Keeping on top of your oral hygiene is important as you do not want any plaque to build up underneath or around your appliance. It is suggested that you brush your teeth after eating and drinking before putting your aligners back in, as well as first thing in the morning and at night.

How many sets of aligners you have and how long your treatment will take overall will depend on your individual situation, but average treatment times are usually between six to twelve months.

Looking for an orthodontist ? Then drop into Harley Street Dental Clinic and see what we can do for you

Harley Street Dental Clinic is a five star private dental practice who simply love creating fabulous smiles. It is what we do best. From the moment you enter our luxurious dental practice in a renovated Georgian town house on Harley Street in London our friendly staff will make you feel at home and you will know you are somewhere special. Our multi-skilled and highly trained team of dentists, along with a superb support team, are dedicated to providing a high level of dental excellence entwined with exemplary patient care, in fact we like to think of our patients as part of our family.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetWhy an orthodontist?

Many of us are not born with perfect teeth. Teeth, like us, come in all shapes and sizes, but that doesn’t mean we can’t do anything about it. Sometimes teeth just need a little adjustment and encouragement to form part of that fabulous smile. What you need is an orthodontist in Harley Street. Our specialist team of orthodontists in Harley Street are highly trained to deliver perfect results, no matter what the current condition of your teeth. We offer a full range of orthodontist in Harley Street help, from the standard metal braces we are all familiar with, along with more discreet options. Lingual braces for example are the same as the braces you will be familiar with, except that they are attached to the backs of the teeth and so are less noticeable. We offer clear braces as an option that will not interfere with your confidence whilst wearing them, as they are very discreet. Advances in technology allow us to also offer Invisalign, a truly revolutionary leap in orthodontics. When worn properly the results are quite simply amazing and as the name implies they are virtually invisible. So whether you have crooked teeth or even too many teeth, you will find that we can achieve amazing results and that orthodontics can provide a great solution in helping you create that fabulous smile.

What we can do for you

Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic you will find that we are a whole lot more than your run of the mill dentist. Our team of highly trained dental experts love what they do and and truly enjoy practising at one of London’s premier five star dental practices. As dental technology and equipment is endlessly evolving, we ensure that our skills are also evolving to stay at the very forefront of dental excellence. We employ a range of state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring patient comfort and providing truly amazing patient outcomes, time after time. We have a range of specialists on hand from general and preventive dentistry, to restorative and cosmetic dentistry. All treatments are performed in-house at our luxurious and spotlessly hygienic suites in central London. We offer convenient appointment times including out of hours and for our international patients we work hard to accommodate your schedule. We have a range of payment options including interest free finance, to allow you to spread the cost of treatment with easy monthly payments and allow instant access to treatment. If you’re looking for a truly unique dental experience, why not get in touch with Harley Street Dental Clinic today.

Have you been told you need a brace or aligner? Different types of orthodontics in Harley Street you may be suited for

Regardless of your age, nobody likes being told by their dentist that they need braces. While it is one of the most common procedures undertaken at a dental surgery, having braces fitted is also somewhat unpopular, due to how some types of brace alter the wearer’s appearance in the short term.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetModern dental technology has evolved to keep up with today’s image proud individuals, and now, when you have any orthodontics in Harley Street, you are able to choose from a wider range of braces or aligner than ever before!

In this article, we list the top 4 most commonly used types of orthodontics in Harley Street, so you can discuss which may be the best option for you with a member of our team.

Traditional braces

The most commonly used orthodontics in Harley Street is the traditional brace, which sits on the front of the teeth and uses a system of pulling, or ‘tightening’ to straighten your teeth.

This brace, although very visible to any onlooker, can deliver jaw dropping results and can straighten severely misaligned teeth in under 24 months.

Lingual braces

Similar to the traditional braces, lingual braces are also made primarily of metal and can also be used to straighten more complex misalignments, using a system of tightening and gently pulling.

However, this brace is placed on the back of the teeth and gently moves teeth forward as opposed to moving them backwards. For obvious reasons, this brace has a more pleasing cosmetic appeal, as it is more discreet than any of the traditional braces.

Clear braces

And now, we come onto the more cosmetic versions of traditional aligners.

Clear braces are increasing in popularity throughout dental practices, as they can correct issues such as gaps, crooked teeth, crowded teeth and overbites. While traditional braces can also achieve this, clear braces are visibly more discreet, despite them being fitted to the front of the teeth.

The brackets used to attach this style of brace are usually clear or matched to the tooth and the wires are usually thinner than those used in traditional braces; the appearance of this brace is minimal in comparison. At Harley Street, we proudly use the Incognito clear brace with our clients if their treatment is suited to it.

Invisible braces

Minimal in appearance but great for correcting mild to moderate misalignments, invisible braces are taking the dental world by storm.

Made from a clear, flexible plastic, these braces fit over the teeth snugly and use a system of gentle pushing to move the teeth into their new position; these aligners are often removable too,  and are better suited to use with adults. Our most popular invisible brace at Harley Street is the famous Invisalign aligner.

Whether you need a moderate realignment of your teeth, or require something a bit hardier, our team at Harley Street can help you today!

Worried about showing off your teeth in photographs? Regardless of your age, our orthodontists in Harley Street can help you!

In society today, everyone seems to have perfectly straight, ice white teeth. While this is a testament to modem dental techniques, if you have a less than perfect smile, we know how  it can severely impact on your confidence.

Orthodontist in Harley StreetThere is a somewhat old-fashioned idea that once you reach a certain age, you will not be able to have any dental realignment performed using braces, and if you do, it will not be as effective as it would have been earlier in life.

While there is a benefit to having braces fitted at a younger age, our orthodontists in Harley Street can help you get the smile you have always dreamed of at any stage in your life. Interested to find out how they can help? Read on!

Traditional braces

Our team of orthodontists in Harley Street can help straighten your smile using a more traditional or more contemporary brace system.

Even if you consider yourself more mature, our orthodontists in Harley Street can  usually use an orthodontic brace if you have a severe misalignment, depending on the condition of your teeth and jaw. Although this may seem like a step backwards in confidence building, orthodontic braces are usually a first step treatment; once our dental team are satisfied that your teeth have been straightened to the desired level with an orthodontic brace, they will usually move you onto another aligner, which will be more discreet and even removable.

Our orthodontic braces at Harley Street comprise of the traditional, metal braces placed on the front of your teeth and the lingual brace, which is placed on the back.

Contemporary aligners

Of course, if you have a mild to moderate malocclusion or misalignment, then our team will provide you with a more discreet type of aligner.

The most popular cosmetic aligners at our Harley Street practice include the Invisalign aligner and the Incognito brace; both have a minimal visual appearance and an accelerated treatment time.

The Invisalign aligner is removable, fits over your teeth and uses gentle pressure to relocate your teeth; it is better suited to adults and adapts easily around your lifestyle.

Our Incognito brace provides an effective corrective treatment, while having a discreet appearance and being more comfortable.

Surgery options

In the unlikely event that our braces alone cannot straighten your teeth, you may require surgery in order to move your jaws to a more aligned position, alongside any brace or aligner treatment.

We can provide this to you under the same roof and have members of our orthodontic team specially trained in this type of surgery. If you do not wish to undertake this option, we will adapt your treatment plan to better fit your aesthetic requirements.

You deserve to have that straight smile you have always wanted and our team at Harley Street will help you make it a reality!

Call us today for more information.

Been referred to visit the orthodontist? 5 things you didn’t know about orthodontists in Harley Street

Television shows today have helped break down some of the confusion surrounding different medical professionals. As we are taken through closed doors into the workings of A&E departments, GP surgeries and nurse practices, more people are becoming informed as to what these different medical workers do in their day to day jobs.

Orthodontists in Harley StreetHowever, there is yet to be a ‘Dentist Behind Closed Doors’ or indeed a ‘24 Hours with an Orthodontist’. While most people are vaguely aware of what procedures a general dentist can perform, very few are aware of the variety of duties that an orthodontist can carry out.

If you have been referred to an orthodontist in Harley Street, it is worth noting that there is more to these dental professionals than meets the eye and they are worth investigating.

What is an orthodontist? What do they do?

So, if you have ever had a friend or family member who has had braces, you will have heard about trips to the orthodontist for the tightening and removal of braces. It is assumed by most members of the public that all orthodontists, including orthodontists in Harley Street, are only able to perform brace related treatments.

It is true that this is one of their primary roles, but with this specialist training there are also some other procedures and skills that are useful to the average dental patient.

Snoring and sleep apnoea

Granted, if you or your partner snore, your first trip is probably to a doctor and not a dentist. However, orthodontists can help you with issues around snoring or indeed sleep apnoea.

Snoring is usually caused by a partial closure of the airway during sleep; as our bodies enter sleep, our throat muscles relax and in certain people this can cause the upper throat to vibrate, causing that dreaded sound at 1am. Sleep apnoea also involves the throat muscles relaxing but can cause pauses in breathing and in some cases, can be fatal.

Our orthodontists can create a device called a ‘mandibular advancement splint’ for both snoring and mild apnoea; this mouthguard pulls the jaw forward and keeps the airway open. For more severe cases of sleep apnoea, different apparatus may be required.

Paediatric dentistry

Children have braces fitted more often than adults, so orthodontists are experts in working with children and are aware of common dental issues in this age group.

If you are looking for a dentist who is an expert in working with nervous or worried children, consider booking an appointment with an orthodontist. They can perform all of the check-ups that a general dentist can and will probably have a more child friendly surgery room too.

Facial surgery

Orthodontists can perform surgery to correct the jaw, neck, face and mouth, provided there is an underlying pathology or serious injury.

If you have been in a car accident for instance, an orthodontist may be involved in reconstructing your jaw and cheekbones.

Has your dentist mentioned lingual braces? What you need to know about this orthodontic option

Braces are a great way to help straighten your teeth; they are efficient, safe and have been found to have a positive impact on other areas of your oral care.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetDespite this, many patients we see at our practice do not want to undertake any form of orthodontics in Harley Street, even though there are many different options available, depending on the conditions our dentists are aiming to treat.

A lesser known option for orthodontics in Harley Street is that of lingual braces, which are just as powerful for realigning teeth as traditional orthodontic ones. If your dentist has suggested that you would benefit from having lingual braces fitted, as opposed to traditional ones, here is what you need to know.

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces are one of many different types of orthodontics in Harley Street, which can be used to correct more severe dental alignments, such as protrusions, spacing and overcrowding. Visually, lingual braces are comprised of metal brackets which are attached to your teeth, a wire that runs through these brackets is tightened or loosened during the course of your treatment.

Unlike traditional braces that are fitted to the front of the teeth, lingual braces are fitted to the back of teeth, making them less noticeable to passers-by. This has the obvious advantage of discretion but can make them a bit harder to clean and maintain.

Trips to the hygienist

Trips to the hygienist are a must when you have had lingual braces fitted. A member of our hygienist team can advise you on how to look after your braces, can show you the correct brushing techniques and will be happy to clean around your braces regularly, to prevent issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

At home, it may be worth investing in a small dental mirror, which will allow you to check on your cleaning technique yourself, while also enabling you to identify any issues that may occur. Prevention is better than treatment!

Food restrictions

It is a fact that even the strongest metal brace is not indestructible; as both traditional and lingual braces are made from metal, you should apply the same rules of food consumption to both.

Avoid hard candies, toffees, caramels, excess consumption of sugary drinks and drink as much water as you can throughout your day.

Treatment time

A common question we are asked is does the treatment time with lingual braces differ from traditional orthodontic ones? As each case is individual, we cannot provide a straightforward answer. However, we can tell you that many people who undergo treatment with lingual braces can wear them from between one to three years, which is about the same amount of time that many patients wear traditional braces for.

Depending on the severity of your misalignment and how well maintained your braces are will all have an impact on your treatment time.

Contact our team today for more information.

Where can I find orthodontics in Harley Street?

Orthodontists specialise in jaw and bite alignment, helping patients correct the position of their teeth with assorted treatments. If you are looking for a reputable practice for orthodontics in Harley Street, we should be your first port of call.

Orthodontics in Harley StreetDo I need orthodontics in Harley Street?

When a patient presents at their dentist with irregularities, or specific orthodontic needs, they may be referred to our clinic to receive treatment. There are several conditions that can be treated by an orthodontist, including:

  • Underbite – the lower jaw protrudes over the upper jaw
  • Underbite – the upper jaw protrudes too far over the lower jaw
  • Wide gaps between teeth
  • Too many teeth present

If you think you may require orthodontics in Harley Street, get in touch with our friendly team of professionals today to book a consultation.

What treatments can I receive at Harley Street Dental Clinic?

Treatments can vary as the chosen treatment will depend on each individual patient’s requirements. Harley Street Dental Clinic provide a range of treatments such as Invisalign, lingual braces, and even specialist referrals to our consultant oral and maxillofacial surgeons who work alongside our orthodontics team to assist patients whenever necessary.

Orthognathic Treatments

These treatments refer to the instances in which we combine our orthodontic and surgical expertise when patients require more than assistance from our orthodontists. Having such combined resources under one roof allows patients to receive the treatment they require without having to move from one location to the next. This also means that consultation and examination results are available quickly.

Clear braces

Many of our patients are in search of discreet braces that provide quick results. We use Invisalign clear braces that move teeth to their correct position using clear or ‘invisible’ aligners. The bespoke aligners are replaced every two to three weeks to nudge teeth into their eventual final position. Patients may benefit from lingual braces that are also discreet, but are attached to the back of teeth to give patients straight teeth and the smile of their dreams.

Cosmetic treatments

We are pleased to provide cosmetic dental services to patients who want to make the most of their smile. You may have always wanted beautifully white teeth, or perhaps you want to take advantage of the versatility of veneers that can give patients the natural appearance of white, straight teeth. Whatever treatment you require, our team will be delighted to talk you through your options so why not call us now to arrange a cosmetic dentistry consultation?

So simple to book an appointment at Harley Street Dental Clinic

Our online appointment booking service allows you to book a free consultation when it is convenient for you. Patients can either call to speak with one of our team, or simply complete the online form and we will contact you to discuss your requirements. Access excellent orthodontics when you make an appointment today and take the first step to the wonderful smile you have always wanted.