Worried about your next trip to the dentist? 5 ways Harley Street Dental can ease your anxieties

It is rarely a fun time when you receive a text message reminding you that your biannual dental check-up is due, especially if you are a nervous or phobic patient.


Unfortunately, across the globe, many patients who are scared of attending dental check-ups have been found to have had a traumatic experience with a dental practitioner in their childhood, which often means poorer oral health throughout their adult life. As prevention is the cornerstone of maintaining high levels of dental hygiene, consistent absences from dental surgeries mean many nervous patients will experience dental pain or other preventable issues.

Luckily, there is a way you can keep your oral health in check without having heart palpitations. Many dental teams, including our team at Harley Street Dental, are trained to help the more nervous patients whom we see on a daily basis, meaning we take the fear out of dentistry.

When you are a nervous patient who visits our dentist in Harley Street, you will be treated with compassion, respect and the highest level of care. We will allow you to set the pace of treatment, provided it is not an emergency and will help you to regain your confidence by getting rid of any pain and helping you get your oral health back on track. Perfect!

How has our dentist in Harley Street helped so many formerly nervous patients turn their phobias around? Read on and find out!


One of the primary reasons nervous patients do not attend dental check-ups is due to fear of judgement. Or, they have concerns about not being listened to.

Our dentist in Harley Street Dental will be happy to talk through any fears you may have and will be able to create a communication system with you, so when they are working on your teeth, you will be able to signal if you need a break.

If you want to know each stage of treatment, or don’t, we can customise our response to make you feel more comfortable. Brilliant!


Does music calm you down?

Bring in your phone or another musical device so that you can listen to an audiobook or some music that you like while we go through the procedure! As music has been found to release feel-good chemicals in the brain, this will help you to build a positive association with dental check-ups and feeling positive.


Need something a bit stronger?

Nitrous oxide (also known as laughing gas) can be offered to you by our team or if necessary we also have intravenous (IV) sedation to help you relax while you are in our care. If you need IV sedation, we must insist that you have an age-appropriate family member or friend to escort you home afterwards and you must not operate heavy machinery for 24 hours post sedation.


We are also able to arrange for you to have full anaesthesia when you come to us for treatment, so you will be completely unconscious. Once again, for your safety, you must bring a familiar age-appropriate person along to take you home once the treatment is completed.

Who are Harley Street Dental?

We are a leading practice who works with our patients to support their smile in the friendliest and most efficient way possible. As a dentist in Harley Street our main aim is to have our practice be a warm and welcoming place that our patients feel comfortable coming to, no matter what the reason is for their visit. Our whole practice includes a strong team, who have the understanding that each patient is as unique as their smile is.


We all work hard to meet and exceed the expectations of our patients and will work with you to achieve the goals you have surrounding yours and your family’s smiles. You can be assured that the highest standards are kept when you come in for your desired treatments. You can also be assured that you will always be met with a specialist who is high in their own field to ensure that you always receive the highest standard of care. This article will run you through what treatments you could benefit from as well as why we think you should come to our practice.

What treatments do you offer?

As a dentist in Harley Street we can offer you an array of different treatments which can be used to make your smile as strong and as healthy as possible. You could benefit from some of the services that we offer within cosmetic dentistry, and this can help you to sculpt your smile in the way that you have always wished that it looked. If you have missing teeth this is something that we can help you with, as this can be treated with specialist treatments such as dental implants.

We, of course, offer general treatments to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. We are a big advocate of preventive dentistry to ensure that your teeth are being cared for the best way possible. Invisalign is something that you could use to straighten your teeth alongside orthodontics. We can offer specialised treatments in children’s dentistry, to ensure that your child’s teeth see the best start. Facial aesthetics are available alongside specialist help and referrals.

Why should I come to your practice?

We will take the time to get to know you at our dentist in Harley Street so we can best meet your needs and desires. We will answer any questions that you have and will strive to make you as comfortable as possible. You will be made to feel comfortable as soon as you enter our practice by our helpful receptionist team. And this comfort will be carried through your entire stay at our practice. Our modern reception area has been designed with you in mind so you can make yourself at home before your appointment.

Here you can have access to tea and coffee while you watch television in order to make yourself as relaxed as possible. A prayer room is also available to ensure that everyone’s needs are met whilst they are in our practice. You will always be matched to the most appropriate dentist for your current issue with your smile, teeth and gums. If you think that you could benefit from this treatment then you should consider getting in touch with us for a consultation.

Have you been to a dentist in Harley Street lately?

When was the last time that you went to your local dentist in Harley Street? Many of us tend to forget during our busy lives and when your smile feels strong and healthy, it can be easy to put aside.


You may be a little hesitant to visit the dental practice because you are ashamed, embarrassed or just a little fearful, making the all important trip even harder.

We are a non-judgemental and understanding team, knowing that once you put it off once, it just becomes easier and easier to do so. Life does get in the way, but we don’t want to have to see you only during an emergency appointment.

By maintaining the health of your smile with frequent visits to a dentist in Harley Street, you can ensure that you do not need to come in for emergency care because your mouth is causing you discomfort.

A bi-yearly appointment is all it takes for us to examine your smile, using innovative and up-to-date tools and techniques. We pride ourselves in providing our patients with the best resources and materials, taking full advantage of what we have invested in, so that you get the most value for your time and money.

During routine examinations, you will find that we use intensive lighting and magnification so that we can accurately and quickly identify even the slightest signs of decay or disease and can promptly react to give your smile the best possible chance.

If you do not come in to see us frequently, then we are not able to take full advantage of this and therefore the outcome may not be as profitable for you. We don’t only mean for your wallet, but for your overall health and wellbeing as well.

It’s simple. Arrange a time twice a year to come in to see your caring, friendly and respectful dentist in Harley Street so that you are more able to enjoy and maintain a stronger, healthier smile for the rest of your life.

The whole family is invited

We cater for every generation. Whether you have a young child or are a senior citizen, there is something that we can do together to ensure that you are getting the most out of your smile.

A lot of children’s dental care is focused on preventive dentistry, meaning that we educate you and your child on the importance of brushing teeth and how to do so properly. We can also offer some solutions that can prevent cavities in those hard to reach places of young teeth.

For adults, there is a range of preventive, restorative and cosmetic solutions available so that you can enjoy your smile for longer. These fields of dentistry generally overlap so you can enjoy a restorative treatment that makes sure your smile is always looking its best.

For the older generations, your natural teeth need to be cared for and preserved. If you have lost them and we are working with dentures or dental implants, we want to make sure that these are the best they can be and you are enjoying full functionality of your smile so you can live each day to its fullest.

Choosing a dentist in Harley Street with decades of experience

If you’re looking for a professional team who can cater to the oral health needs of individuals across generations, then look no further than your local, popular and experienced dentist in Harley Street.


With decades of experience behind us and confidently upholding a reputable name, our dentist in Harley Street can offer expert care, education and guidance for caregivers of babies, toddlers, children, adults and those in their senior years.

We respect that your oral health care changes as you age and we offer appropriate advice and support throughout these times. We ensure that certain periods in your life, such as puberty and pregnancy are dealt with accordingly and that the health of your teeth and gums do not suffer from these immense and drastic changes that naturally occur during these times.

Tell me more about these changes that happen

Hormonal changes in your body during puberty, pregnancy and menopause can have detrimental effects on your oral health. Providing you find a dentist in Harley Street who takes a holistic view to your oral health care, these aspects of your health that are often overlooked, will be well taken care of.

Addressing concerns at their root cause will ensure that problems are resolved, rather than just masked or patched up time and time again. We know that during pregnancy, for example, teeth become more susceptible to damage and decay for a number of reasons.

Many women experience morning sickness during their first trimester which can mean that they are subject to nausea and vomiting for several weeks. Although normal, the impact on your teeth is anything but and we make sure that extra attention is taken to see that the enamel on your teeth is not eroded significantly from the additional acid that they are exposed to.

Extreme changes in hormones in conjunction with this can lead to some real issues with your teeth during and after pregnancy. By speaking with a professional as soon as you find out that you are pregnant can minimise these risks.

Any other time that hormonal changes in the body are significant, such as puberty or menopause, can also increase the risk of the damage to your teeth and gums. We do urge all of our patients to maintain a regular schedule in which to visit us so that we can monitor such subtle changes in your mouth and react accordingly and swiftly.

What can we do to help?

Preventive care is perhaps one of the single biggest treatments that we offer our patients when faced with natural changes in their lives that can have a detrimental effect on the health of their teeth. By understanding how you can best care for your teeth on a daily basis at home and by following up on your progress frequently, you are able to give your smile the best chance possible at remaining strong and healthy for life.

We look forward to working with you and allowing you to enjoy the changes that life brings, knowing that the health of your smile will not suffer unnecessarily.

Are you feeling nervous about your visit to our dentist in Harley Street?

Dental anxiety is extremely common within the field of dental care, and can unfortunately be experienced by patients of all ages, not just children! If you are an individual who experiences anxiety within a dental environment then you may be inclined to postpone your visit to our dentist in Harley Street. Despite many patients wishing to avoid their scheduled biannual check-up altogether, a dental appointment can have enormous benefits in regards to keeping your mouth clean, healthy, and looking attractive.


So what’s the solution?

At our dentist in Harley Street we strive to make our patients feel as comfortable as possible when receiving treatment within the walls of our modern, clean, and welcoming dental clinic. If you are feeling nervous prior to a visit to our surgery then we suggest you give our experienced dental team a call in order to discuss your possible options.

Ensuring our patients feel comfortable within the walls of our clinic

At our surgery in Harley Street we understand that many of our nervous patients may feel more comfortable after having been familiarised with our clinic, and the treatment process they will be experiencing. With this in mind therefore, our team is happy to introduce themselves to any nervous patient, to aid in ensuring that they feel relaxed within our surgery.

A tailor made treatment plan to incorporate all of your dental needs

At our clinic in Harley Street we choose to adopt a patient-centred dental approach, this essentially means that we appreciate each of our patients is unique, and therefore we design a custom-made treatment plan for all of them, whilst addressing any queries or concerns they may have.

At our surgery in Harley Street we believe our patients should never have to compromise on the quality of dental care they receive

At our surgery we use a superior standard of dental materials and the latest advancements within dental technology to ensure our patients achieve the best possible dental results, every time. In addition to the high quality dental materials we choose to provide, we also offer our anxious patients an extensive array of numbing, and topical anaesthetic gels to ensure they feel relaxed and pain-free when receiving their chosen treatment.  

What are the benefits of receiving numbing and sedative solutions?

Many patients may feel as if their dental phobia stops them from staying on top of their dental health, which is why our team provides many solutions to work around their anxiety. Finding the right solution can help our patients view our dental environment in a better light, whilst ensuring they never have to compromise on their dental goals.

Considering paying a visit to Harley Street Dental Clinic?

If our experienced team of dental healthcare professionals and our high quality dental materials look like something that could work for your unique dental needs, then you may be wondering how to get in touch with our dental team. Located on our modern and accessible dental website we provide our new patients with our direct contact number, email address, exact geographical location, and even a ‘contact us’ option to ensure even our busiest patients can pay our clinic a visit.

Getting a gum lift

Some people show a little more gum than others when they smile and may feel self-conscious about it, however, this is not something you need to be concerned with for the rest of your life. We at Harley Street Dental Clinic can offer you a gum lift that will transform the look of your smile into something that you feel is more aesthetically pleasing than you have at the moment, we, your dentist in Harley Street are all about giving you the confidence you need to step forward in your life.


What causes a gummy smile?

The cause of longer gums and shorter looking teeth can be determined by your dentist in Harley Street but usually, they are caused by an excess of the soft tissue which grows over the tooth enamel making your teeth appear short and your gums longer. This extra gum tissue can be genetic or caused by certain medications or inflammation in the gum tissue.

Hyperactive lip muscles can also be a cause of showing a lot of gum when you smile; this means that the muscle beneath the nose that contract, when you smile, works a little too much and pulls the top lip too high. This is often a genetic trait but can be easily treated with muscle relaxing injections like Botox, this treatment is not a gum lift but can hide a gummy smile in these particular cases which is why it’s important for your dentist to determine what exactly is causing your problem of showing too much gum when you smile.

Poor dental development that isn’t treated in youth or as an adult can cause the upper arch to jut forward making the gums more apparent when you smile. If this is the case, your dentist will first prescribe an orthodontic treatment which will likely fix the issue before determining whether or not you need a gum lift.

The gum lift

If your problems are in fact caused by an excess of the soft gum tissue over the teeth then your dentist in Harley Street will recommend a gum lift, or gum reshaping, to treat and transform your smile. This treatment can involve one of two procedures:

Laser reshaping – for this rather straightforward and painless treatment we will use a specialised laser to reshape the gums into a more aesthetic position on your teeth to give you a smile you can feel confident about.

Surgery – in the case where your issues are a little more complicated, it may be determined that a laser just won’t be enough to help you restore a beautiful smile and we would recommend that you undergo a surgery where we remove bone and gum tissue to shape your smile into something you will be happy with. 

Either of these treatments will benefit you by improving the appearance of your smile making it look more balanced, these treatments can offer you better dental health in the long run because gingivitis likes to grow beneath gums so if we can make the area for that growth less you will have a healthier smile for longer.

A dentist for every occasion

Life never seems to go according to our plans. Many people may find this a sad truth; we don’t plan to lose one or several teeth, we don’t plan on needing a root canal somewhere in the near future, nor do we plan on accidentally chipping a tooth, but this is the way of life, these things just happen. We at Harley Street Dental Clinic know that while you may plan for a regular check-up twice a year, when you need a dentist in Harley Street the most, it’s not usually something you plan for, so knowing what we can do for you when you need us is key to not panicking when life gets in the way of your plans.


Services to suit you

We have a long list of services on offer that can help on the occasion of an unplanned trip to the dentist, no matter what it is; if you’ve chipped a tooth or have a pain that isn’t going away, we can help you.

Emergency dentistry – this is the one occurrence that absolutely no one plans for, while you may think about getting dental implants over the course of a few months, you don’t think about what you will do if you end up in an accident of some kind and need a dentist quickly. Our team is available for any emergency like one or more teeth being knocked out, severe pain or bleeding or even a ruptured abscess, whatever the emergency and if it absolutely cannot wait, there is someone to take your call.

Missing teeth – perhaps you’ve ignored a loose tooth for a while and it’s decayed and fallen out, or maybe you’ve had a tooth knocked out or old age has got the better of you. We can create bridges and dentures to restore your smile to its former glory so you can continue with your plans.

Dental implant – this is a permanent and fixed solution for missing teeth whether it’s one tooth or a few in a row, dental implants can last a lifetime and restore your smile and give you the confidence to continue with life as usual without worrying about gaps or dentures falling out.

Facial aesthetics – no one thinks about it until their thirties when one day you wake up and your sleep wrinkles no longer fade over the course of the morning or your laugh lines remain permanently etched into your skin, but ageing happens while we try to get on with our plans whether we like it or not and so you may want to consider a quick dermal filler as a solution to unplanned drooping or loss in volume.

Preventive dentistry – maybe some of you are worried about being taken by surprise and would rather prevent an unplanned trip to the dentist in Harley Street. We offer dental hygiene, gum treatments, can investigate and treat bad breath, treat sensitive teeth, fix jaw problems and should you fall pregnant, we can make sure that your hormone changes are not affecting your oral health.

Your dentist in Harley Street can offer several solutions

If the appearance of your teeth isn’t exactly how you want it to be, there are some options that you can take advantage of, which can have you smiling from ear to ear.


We understand how important it is to have a smile that reflects your true inner beauty. Unfortunately, many people judge casually on appearance and this can have a negative impact on your social, romantic and even business ventures in life. People with unsightly teeth can be seen as less trustworthy, less attractive and even less intelligent.

Needless to say, the way you feel about yourself also impacts on how others will think of you and subsequently treat you. If you don’t feel like you are presenting the best image of yourself and think there is a better way to be, a dentist in Harley Street can provide you with several options to perfect your smile, so that you can begin living your life more confidently.

Let’s walk through some of the options available for cosmetic dentistry that will also improve your oral health and general wellbeing too.

How can I straighten my teeth discreetly and comfortably?

Straight teeth are one of the most desirable outcomes of cosmetic dentistry and thankfully there are many different devices now available that can provide well aligned teeth for you.

By talking with your dentist in Harley Street and understanding what your personal situation is regarding the alignment of your teeth and jaw, you can begin your journey towards a straighter smile with one of several different styles of braces that are now on the market.

Fixed braces are still in popular use, owing to the fact that your dentist in Harley Street is able to have more control over the movement of your teeth. If your teeth are not overly crooked or cramped, you may be able to enjoy a more discreet and hands-off treatment plan such as removable aligners or 6 Month Smiles.

How can I whiten my teeth to enhance my smile?

You have doubtlessly heard about treatments that promise whiter and brighter smiles, with many low-grade treatments available at your local supermarket. If you are looking for good, fast results, then having a treatment in our dental practice will ensure you safely gain excellent outcomes when whitening your teeth.

Is it possible to do both at once?

If you have crooked, stained, or yellowed teeth, you may be interested in an option that allows you to have perfect, straight white teeth in as little as just a couple of appointments.

Veneers are thin shells that are placed over your natural teeth and protect them from further harm. The shells are shaped to resemble the perfect smile that you have always wanted and which frequently graces the mouths of the rich and famous. You too can enjoy the results that this treatment can offer and because they are very durable and long lasting, we are able to confidently suggest that you can use these for around a decade before there is the possibility of needing to replace them, provided that they are cared for correctly.

Let’s talk about dental anxiety

Most of us feel a flutter of nerves before seeing the dentist in Harley Street. However, these feelings don’t last, once we realise that our fears aren’t grounded in reality.


That said, dental anxiety is a real and prevalent problem that many people are afflicted with. Depending on its severity, the issue can ultimately affect your oral health.

So what advice can we give you to help you combat these feelings? Read on to find out.

What is dental anxiety?

Dental anxiety is a crippling fear of seeing a dentist in Harley Street that results in avoidance behaviour, where you build up the idea of visiting the dental practitioner in your mind so much that you end up cancelling or not showing up for your appointment.

Dental anxiety can be caused by various factors, the main ones being a bad or traumatic healthcare experience in the past, a symptom of generalised anxiety disorder, or the fear of losing control. A fear of needles, pain, or gagging might also be contributing factors.

What are some of the symptoms I can experience with dental anxiety?

If you experience a racing heartbeat or palpitations, are drenched in sweat, and feel like you could faint, you might be experiencing dental anxiety.

This type of anxiety is severe and shouldn’t be left unchecked.

Who suffers from dental anxiety?

Anyone can be affected by dental anxiety. If you’re reading this, you probably suspect that your reaction to seeing the dentist isn’t healthy and might be seeking out ways to manage these feelings.

Is avoiding the dentist really such a bad thing?

Dental appointments are regularly scheduled because they help us to make an early diagnosis, so that we can treat potential issues in the infancy stages.

By not seeing the dentist in Harley Street as often as you should, minor issues can develop into more serious ones.

What are some of the ways I can manage anxiety?

Your first port of call is to tell us, the dental team at Harley Street Dental Clinic, that you’re anxious. Knowing this, we’ll adapt our approach and only move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you. Some patients are afraid of the unknown, which is why we believe in communicating what we’re doing when we’re doing it, so that you’re always in the know.

There are also some other techniques you can employ, which may help to a certain degree. These include a number of well known relaxation methods.

Distract yourself by listening to music

The shrill sounds of dentistry equipment are enough to put anyone on edge and are a known trigger for people with dental anxiety.

Listening to calming tunes or your favourite tunes could distract you from your nerves.


Deep breathing increases the supply of oxygen to your brain and prompts the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps you to feel infinitely calmer.

Conscious sedation

If alternative methods do nothing to relieve you of anxiety, you should ask our team of dental practitioners about conscious sedation.

After being sedated, you’ll feel relaxed to the point where you might drift off to sleep. You should be aware of the side effects of conscious sedation before its administered, which include possible nausea and drowsiness.

Your dentist in W1 goes above and beyond

Traditional dentistry encompasses many aspects of caring for your smile and is generally thought of as a combination of cosmetic, restorative or preventive care. Previously, care was focused purely on the teeth and gums, however, your dentist in W1 has expanded their vision to look at all of the factors that go into a healthy and beautiful smile.


That is why facial aesthetics are beginning to play a major role in a modernised dental practice, where the skills, experience and training of facial anatomy and structure that a dentist in W1 has achieved can be put to good use for your benefit.

By speaking to a dentist in W1 about the vast range of options that are now available in our dental practice regarding facial aesthetics, you will be amazed at what we can do for you that is non-invasive and effective at removing wrinkles, smoothing out lines and plumping cheeks and lips, to give a more youthful appearance that allows you to feel confident in your own skin.

Why choose facial aesthetics in a dental practice?

Many consultants do not need to undergo vast medical training in order to provide cosmetic treatments for their patients. This can result in a final appearance looking fake and overdone. This is the last thing that anyone wants. We all want a cosmetic procedure to simply enhance our unique and natural look, emphasising our beauty and masking those things that have us feeling a little less confident about ourselves.

Our professionals have had many years of experience in understanding the facial anatomy and structure, so that they have a natural eye for what needs to go where, in order to achieve a certain look. We have experience with many of the chemicals used in dental treatments and we ensure that we are completely trained and confident with using ingredients applied for facial aesthetics.

Our medical approach comes through everything that we do and we treat any surgical procedure, however minor, with complete professionalism. We have the ability to perform intricate and detailed work and have the confidence to be able to complete your smile so that you feel great about your natural self.

What treatments are available?

We suggest you come in and speak with us regarding the kinds of results that you would like to see, so that we can offer the right kind of treatment that will provide results that you want and none that you do not want.

Dermal fillers are commonly used to plump lips or other areas of the face and to smooth out lines. We can also offer skin rejuvenation procedures and other soft surgery treatments that do not require cutting of the skin, but offer dramatic results.

These non-invasive methods to remove acne scarring, stretch marks and other imperfections are a way for you to gently approach cosmetic solutions.

Our treatments are affordable and you can enjoy 0% interest free financing options for 12 months with further plans available. We look forward to meeting with you and offering a vast range of solutions to meet your needs.