Alternative treatments with your dentist in W1

A modern day dentist in W1 not only works on the health and appearance of your teeth and gums, but also on the general impression of your entire smile. We know that it’s important for you to feel great about your smile, because we know a smile can light up your whole face. With a smile you can be proud of, you can feel confident with how your whole facial appearance looks.


While training to be dental health care professionals, we’ve studied facial anatomy and bone structure. With all of our experience you can be assured that your dentist in W1 is fully qualified to offer facial aesthetic procedures that can plump, fill, and smooth away wrinkles.

We have a vast range of different non-invasive treatments that can have you looking and feeling great. Sooner or later, we all come to realise that our self confidence is key to success, and by taking steps to improve how we feel about ourselves, we are making positive changes that will impact how others look at us, and how they treat us.

So do yourself a favour and come in and see us to discuss the range of effective and non-invasive treatment plans that we can offer you. Knowing that our knowledge and capabilities are extensive due to our training and experience, you can rest assured that your dentist in W1 can provide you with the results you are looking for. Our treatments will give you results that are natural looking, comfortable, and have you feeling more confident in your own skin.

What are some of the treatments available?

A chemical peel is a solution that is applied to your skin which removes the outer dermis layers to reveal fresh, new skin. It removes old and damaged skin and stimulates regeneration of skin cells which results in a smoother, fresher appearance.

We also have other skin rejuvenation procedures which require no needles and can be done throughout the year safely to keep your skin looking and feeling great.

Bio-revitalisation and biostimulation can be done with or without needles and are useful for all skin types. If your skin is feeling the effects of your lifestyle or the natural aging process and you find that it no longer produces collagen or elastin as it could before, then this process could be for you.

What are your other treatments?

We also can offer fillers which are expertly placed for a natural look to plump up areas of your face. This can add a bright youthfulness to your smile. We can smooth away lines in a various number of ways and even offer soft surgery for stretch marks, age spots, skin lesions and anything else that has you feeling less confident about yourself.

Soft surgery does not include cutting or stitches, Instead, a topic anaesthetic is applied and a series of minute dots on the skin are made to trigger a contraction of your skin which can create a lifting and rejuvenating effect on certain areas.

Come in and speak with us about what we can offer in terms of facial and body rejuvenation to compliment your oral health care. Enjoy being comfortable with your smile and yourself by taking important steps to looking after yourself, today.

Results with your dentist in Harley Street

It takes a team to ensure that your smile is strong and healthy and you are the most important member! Make sure that you are doing everything you can to keep your smile healthy and strong by speaking with a dentist in Harley Street today.

Dentist in Harley Street

We urge you to schedule an appointment with a member of our team twice a year so that we can closely monitor any changes that may be happening to the condition of your teeth and gums. By using innovative technology and advanced tools, we can identify even the slightest signs of decay or disease so that we can quickly act to reduce the chances of complicated procedures.

If you are committed to having a healthy smile that you can enjoy for life, then your dentist in Harley Street is excited to have you on board. Our dental clinic is warm, inviting and comfortable, meaning that if you experience some degree of anxiety surrounding your visit, we will do everything we can to help you feel relaxed.

It is important to have a waiting area that does not allow you to feel uncertain or nervous. Rather, this area should be relaxed and comfortable, rather like waiting in the reception area of any other office. We ensure that every staff member has a friendly disposition, whilst remaining professional. We believe this gives you confidence in our abilities whilst letting you feel invited and part of the family.

If you do feel nervous about an impending appointment, let us know so that we are prepared to work with you. There are many aspects that contribute to ensuring your smile is healthy and you being comfortable is one of them. Unless you feel relaxed and able to discuss your dental concerns and desires, we will not know exactly how to help you.

So by being able to have an open and candid conversation with your dentist in Harley Street, you can tell us about your medical and dental history, your lifestyle habits and your oral health goals. Coupling this with an intra-oral and extraoral examination which may benefit from a series of X-rays and scans, we can determine the level of your oral health and pinpoint areas of potential concern that we should focus on.

How quickly can we get everything sorted?

The initial consultation will take a little longer as we have no intention of rushing through getting to know you. You also need to fully understand your dental condition so that you can make informed choices about what your next options are to be.

It depends on you how quickly you want to proceed with further treatment if you need to, but generally we advise that we get onto restorative treatments as quickly as possible. We do not want you to hesitate due to financial concerns, this is why we can offer a range of different finance plans that can allow you to get the treatment that you need right away and without additional cost to you. Speak with us about these options so that we can arrange a plan that suits you.

Your questions on bruxism answered by a dentist in Harley Street

Teeth grinding, or bruxism as it is otherwise known, is the clenching and grinding of teeth that is often involuntary and can be done when a person is asleep. However, there are other instances where people do it when they are awake as well. Stressful situations are usually the culprit. It is actually surprisingly common, and roughly half the population will grind their teeth every now and then.


Aside from stress and anxiety which bruxism is known for being a result of, there are many reasons why a person may grind their teeth. It can be due to a misaligned bite, where the teeth are not sitting correctly against each other when an individual closes their mouth. For this reason, it is important to check in with your dentist in Harley Street so that we can examine your teeth and have your bite assessed.

Upon inspection of the quality of your teeth, there are some telltale signs that can clearly indicate to us that you may be grinding your teeth. Remember you may not have any idea that you grind your teeth when you sleep so it may come as a surprise to you when we ask about it during a consultation.

If we identify indicators that may suggest bruxism is a condition of yours, we will look further into the reasons behind why you may be doing this, and work on a preventive treatment that can help stop it before further damage is done.

Why is bruxism a problem?

It’s not just because we think grinding your teeth is an annoying habit that should be stopped. It can actually damage teeth by wearing down the enamel to the point of exposing the teeth to decay. This can eventually be the cause of tooth loss.

In severe situations, people have even been known to crack their teeth, and it is not uncommon for persistent head, or jaw, pain to be present with those who grind their teeth repetitively. If you think you may grind your teeth, we understand that you could be desperate to find relief from the pressure and pain that it may be causing you.

Come in to visit your dentist in Harley Street to see if we are able to provide you with a device alongside other solutions that can ease your suffering if you think you unconsciously clench your jaw, or grind your teeth at night.

We will firstly attempt to discover if there is a reason behind this action. We work through physical and psychological possibilities to do this. Physical factors include evaluating your bite, and if this does not prove a significant factor twe can move onto other possible reasons behind the action.

How can I prevent grinding my teeth?

As mentioned before, stress is one of the leading reasons why you may be clenching your jaw, or grinding your teeth. One of the first tips that we offer our patients is to simply be aware. If you are grinding your teeth during the day, try to identify a trigger.

Should you grind your teeth unconsciously at night, then your dentist in Harley Street may be able to offer a sleeping device which can reduce the effects.

Who is your preferred dentist in W1

Our aim is to provide you with a thorough and all round oral health care service that leaves you with a smile that is able to stand the test of time. We all work hard to make sure that you are confident and pleased with your teeth and gums, that your questions regarding your oral health are addressed completely, and that you are given affordable options so that you feel free to make the right decision for your health.


For some of our patients, we do this with a standard check-up and a scale and polish to keep that pesky buildup of plaque and tartar at bay. We use specialized tools at a dentist in W1 so that this plaque and tartar can be removed efficiently. During every consultation, we take full advantage of the equipment we have available, so you can rest assured knowing that early stages of dental decay can be correctly identified and accurately treated.

Other patients of ours may have been avoiding us for months, or even years, and as a result there may be some significant damage to the structural integrity of some teeth that has gone unnoticed. In these cases, we may need to perform restorative treatment so that you can maintain a good level of oral health.

What other steps are you taking to ensure my health isn’t compromised?

Your dentist in W1 will use innovative digital scanners to create highly detailed images of your teeth and jaw. These machines allow us to reduce the impact that X-rays can have on your body, however slight they may be. We understand that you are concerned about radiation exposure and you have every right to discuss any concerns you may have regarding your health.

As a pregnant patient, make sure you come in to see us frequently as hormonal changes can be disastrous for your oral health. We go to great measures to ensure the safety of your unborn baby regarding radiation exposure.

Morning sickness can also significantly erode enamel, leaving your teeth wide open to sensitivity and decay. Many expectant mothers find that they develop pregnancy tumors in the second trimester as well. These are usually found on the gums. While these are non-threatening, the identification and subsequent understanding of them can come as a huge relief.

Your smile, and knowing that it is strong and healthy, is important to us. We know that your mouth is a window to your overall health and wellbeing, and they are connected in ways that even we are yet to fully understand.

Trusting in the importance of frequently checking in with your dentist in W1 is the first step in developing a positive relationship with us. We like to think of ourselves as one big family and would love for you to join us. By learning any problems early on, we are more able to maintain a high level of oral health for you to enjoy.

What to expect from your dentist in W1

It is important to see your dentist in W1 every six months or so to make sure that your teeth and gums are in the best possible health. Even if you think that your smile is cavity free, the obvious signs of pain are not usually present until quite late, when emergency restorative work may need to be done to save your tooth. By this time, the integrity of your tooth is lost and can never truly be restored to full health again.


Restorative procedures can be expensive and we would not like you to experience pain in your mouth. By taking advantage of the latest equipment that we have available, we can detect any early signs of decay and make sure that your teeth are as strong and healthy as they can be.

With high magnification and intense lighting, coupled with high resolution digital scans, your dentist in W1 is able to gain detailed images of your teeth like never before.

High quality preventive care allows us to work with our patients to create a system that prevents us from needing to many restorative treatments and helps us to keep your smile healthy and functional for life.

I don’t like to go to a dental practice unless I absolutely have to

Unfortunately, through horror stories that we have heard from our parents as children, or even horror stories of our own, a lot of us harbour some degree of fear when it comes to dental procedures and check-ups. This can result in patients putting off that all important biannual visit, which can lead to restorative work needing to be done, further perpetuating that anxiety and fear.

Your understanding and caring dentist in W1 is working hard to combat this vicious cycle by educating patients and creating a warm, inviting and professional atmosphere for you at our practice. Should you need to have some kind of restorative work done with us, rest assured that we have sedation options available to help ease you through the journey.

Advances in technology and constant research into practice methods mean that the length of many procedures have drastically reduced, as have the healing times. We use only the best materials which last longer, and are less likely to result in complications.  These ensure that you are more comfortable during and after the treatment procedure.

Who should come and visit us?

Parents should bring along their babies at their earliest possible convenience to ensure that children are relaxed and comfortable with a familiar face at the practice. Research has shown that fear of the dentist is much lower in children who frequently visit one.

Education is important for both children and adults and we make sure that we keep our discussions entertaining, light, and insightful so that everyone can get excited about keeping their teeth clean.

When should I be visiting the dentist in Harley Street?

A lot of us believe that the only time we need to visit our local dental practice is when we think that there could be an issue with our teeth, gums, or mouth in general. We could have a sore tooth that will not go away, bleeding gums, or a buildup of plaque and tartar that is making us self conscious about our teeth when we smile.


We all know it is recommended that we visit a dentist in Harley Street once or twice every year, however, if we are otherwise healthy, is there any real need to go?

The answer is yes. Regular dental check-ups are essential to ensure that you are maintaining a good level of oral hygiene, and that any minor issues do not become a cause for major restorative work in the future.

Healthy, strong teeth will not always remain that way if they are not strictly cared. Thankfully, at the dental practice, early stages of decay or disease are beginning to be identified accurately because of the advances in technology, and of the tools and equipment that your dentist in Harley Street has access to.

People can make sure that they have their teeth professionally cleaned to remove all traces of plaque and tartar, and that their dentist in Harley Street uses modern tools so that early decay can be spotted.

What are these advances in tools and equipment that we speak of?

High magnification and lighting systems have evolved to make preventive care much more effective than it was several years ago. We are also able to take high resolution digital scans of your teeth and this gives us a highly detailed image with which to work.

So when you pop in every six month to have a scale and polish, and a thorough once over to ensure that your smile is as healthy as it can be. You can feel free to ask detailed questions and talk over your concerns, so you know that you are doing what you can to keep your teeth strong, functional, and healthy.

Why else would I come in to visit you?

There is a possibility that you are visiting us for reasons beyond a routine check-up. You may be interested in a professional whitening treatment, to ask about a cosmetic procedure, or because you are in pain.

For any treatment, planning is one of the main factors that determine whether, or not, the outcome will be successful. This is why we will always take the time to go through your entire plan so that we can make adjustments, or to fit in with your timetable, whilst still being in alignment with your desired final result.

Finance options are readily available.  We do not want you to feel constricted by your budget and make decisions about your health based on what you can afford.

Still on the fence about having cosmetic dentistry? 4 ways it can change your life in Harley Street

Curious about cosmetic dentistry?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we know more and more people are approaching our dental team about having their teeth whitened, straightened, bonded and implanted; cosmetic dentistry has become more popular than ever in recent years and as more dental advancements become available to our team, it is going to soar in desirability!


When you decide you want to straighten your teeth, or that you have had enough of that gap, our team at Harley Street Dental Clinic can help. Our specialised cosmetic dentist in W1 can help you achieve a smile that will change your life and will boost your confidence to the highest level!

So, we hear you ask, how exactly can cosmetic dentistry change my life?

Improved oral hygiene

Similar to investing in excessive amounts of hairspray and gel after getting that amazing haircut, when you have any cosmetic procedure on your teeth, you will obviously want to keep your teeth looking their best.

This may prompt you to improve your oral hygiene habits; everything from purchasing a more expensive toothbrush to attending appointments with our hygienist dentist in W1, having cosmetic dental work will get you focussed on keeping your dental hygiene at an exceptionally

high level.

Better diet

While it is common practice in modern society to consume large amounts of coffee, tea, and other acidic beverages, these habits are not always good for our teeth and they are certainly not good for our bodies.

After you have had cosmetic dentistry with our dentist in W1, you will want to prevent any staining or sticking to your newly whitened teeth, or that new dental implant. This will lead to a reduction in sugary and acidic foods, which will be beneficial for your gastrointestinal health.

Less discomfort

When you have teeth that are misaligned, you are at a higher risk of grinding your teeth together at night.

As we fall into slumber, our lower jaws fall back due to the muscles relaxing; if your teeth are not correctly aligned, this can cause your upper and lower jaws to grind against each other. When this happens repeatedly, it can lead to neck pain, headaches, and migraines occurring in the morning, which is the worst way to start your day.

The cosmetic procedures we offer at Harley Street Dental Clinic will help you realign your smile and reduce discomfort caused by bruxism or teeth grinding.

Longer life

It is the first thing people want a new baby to do to them; smile!

This is with good reason. Smiling is a natural way to express happiness and studies have found that when we smile, our brains release endorphins and a feel-good chemical called dopamine. Smiling also reduces stress, which in turn, has been thought to extend life significantly.

If showing your teeth makes you feel anxious, we want to help you boost your confidence and achieve that great smile that you deserve; whether you need dental implants or whitening, our team at Harley Street Dental Clinic can help!

Fearful of the dentist? Five ways to calm your nerves from our team at Harley Street

It goes without saying that the most universally disliked of all medical check-ups is the dental check-up.


Many people have experienced some kind of issue while in the dental chair, which has caused them to feel exceedingly anxious when their check-up reminder comes through their letterbox. While it is human nature to avoid things we dislike, not attending these check-ups can lead to further issues with your teeth, which may become harder to ignore.

Luckily, there is a solution.

Modern dentistry can offer solutions to those who are fearful of dental check-ups and our surgery in London is no exception. Our dentist in Harley Street is proud to be able to offer the most nervous patients a range of distractions, to make their time in the dental chair more comfortable.

But what can you do, as the patient, to help yourself overcome your fear of the dentist in Harley Street? Read on to find out our top suggestions!

Recognise your feelings

This may sound easy but it can be extremely difficult to acknowledge unpleasant emotions like anxiety and fear.

If you need to book an appointment to see our dentist in Harley Street, do not push your fears to the back of your mind and try to forget them; they will inevitably come back. Explain to our receptionist staff that you are feeling anxious and our team will strive to make your dental check-up much more tolerable.

Bring along a loved one

Who doesn’t like a good day out with a friend?

While going for a dental check-up may not be at the top of the list for an exciting day out, bringing a friend or family member along to a dental check-up can really take the edge off.

They can distract you in the waiting room and hold your hand in the dental chair and afterward, they can take you out for coffee! Brilliant!


Many people who are nervous about dental check-ups find it is the sound and smells of the surgery that makes them nervous.

When you come to Harley Street Dental, feel free to bring along a headset with your favourite music, and audiobook or even earplugs if you need to; we won’t judge and fully support such distractions.


If your fear of the dental chair is quite intense, it may be worth discussing your worries with your doctor.

Although it is not a long term solution to solve anxiety, they may be able to offer you some sedative tablets or antihistamines, which will reduce your anxiety before you get to the dental surgery. These can make you feel drowsy, so you may need to bring along that friend with their coffee shop trip afterwards too!

Seek psychological help

If you cannot walk past a dental surgery without breaking into a cold sweat, it is time to seek professional help.

Many psychologists and psychiatrists across the UK can offer you therapy to help desensitise you to the dental chair and can provide you with more targeted relaxation techniques. Good luck!

Want to try out dermal fillers? Come to Harley Street Dental Clinic! No, we aren’t joking!

Going to your dental practice for facial aesthetic surgery? Has the world gone upside down?


Many people associate facial aesthetic procedures with high-class spas, hospitals, and specialised clinics. Nowadays, however, you can walk into many dental surgeries around the UK and have minor facial surgeries in the dental chair!

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we are proud to be able to offer our patients facial treatments at our dentist in W1. Our team is trained in how to apply many anti-wrinkle or plumping agents to the face and can ensure that any procedure performed will be to the highest standard.

So, why should you choose our dental surgery for your facial treatments?

Benefits of dental based facial work

Not many people are aware, but all dental practitioners have extensive knowledge of the facial muscles and tissues; this allows them to easily identify where to inject things like dermal fillers or other age-defying chemicals.

Our dentist in W1 can perform the following procedures and many more at our clinic in Harley Street, to leave you looking younger and full of vitality!

Chemical peels

A great way to remove dead skin cells and exfoliate, chemical peels are increasingly popular at Harley Street.

The peels that our dentist in W1 uses work on many levels to transform your skin. They promote faster cell turnover and eliminate the old damaged skin layer, allowing the fresher underlayer of skin to come through naturally, giving you a silky rosy glow.

Our peels also remove any damaged skin and promote the production of elastin and collagen leaving your skin looking plumped, fresh and healthy.

Dermal fillers

If you want to get rid of those stubborn wrinkles around your eyes and mouth, dermal fillers may be an option for you.

An ever-growing procedure in Harley Street, dermal fillers involve minor injections into the facial tissue, to plump the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Other uses of our dermal fillers include plumping of thinning lips, enhancing shallow holes in the skin and improving the overall appearance of scar tissue. Depending on the injection site, dermal fillers may last anywhere between 6 months to 2 years and may take up to 1 month to integrate into the facial tissue, so a bit of patience is required!

There may also be some minor bruising around the injection sites post-procedure; this is normal and if you have any concerns, contact our team as soon as possible.

Derma pen

Similar to dermal fillers, the derma pen works by creating skin-boosting collagen around specific sites on the face.

At Harley Street Dental, we use derma pens to help enhance the appearance of your skin or help eliminate the appearance of lines and wrinkles. If you have acne scarring, our team can apply the derma pen to your scars and they will reduce in appearance. Derma pen treatments are also popular among those who have stretch marks on their hips, breasts, thighs or have enlarged pores around the facial area.

Suffering from sudden toothache? Steps to take before seeing our emergency dentist in Harley Street

Life is not black and white and neither are medical emergencies.

We have all visited a hospital at one time or another and seen the variety of people who visit the emergency department; some are whisked off by the medical staff for immediate treatment, while others have to wait to see a consultant.


While all dental emergencies require urgent attention, it is important to differentiate which require immediate medical attention and what to do if you are required to wait to see a dentist in Harley Street.

We are proud to have an emergency dentist in Harley Street; they are an essential member of our team who is dedicated to getting you out of discomfort sooner. Our team aims to see all emergency patients on the same day that the emergency occurs, helping you get back on track!

However, if you require an emergency appointment in the middle of the night, it is important that you are aware of what to do in order to control any associated discomfort until you see a dentist in Harley Street come morning. We will highlight the steps you need to take in a dental emergency and how to identify when you need urgent medical attention.

Identify the issue

This can be exceedingly tricky or may be very easy.

Regardless, if you are able to manage to pull your lip back to examine the area that is hurting, try to identify the cause; is the tooth decayed? Is it broken? Or is there a large swelling that has suddenly appeared? Is the swelling sore?

All of these will need same-day treatment, but the underlying cause will impact what you need to do to stop the pain.

Clean the area

When your mouth is tender, this can be difficult.

If you are in discomfort, gently rinse your mouth with lukewarm water; if you have lost a filling, a crown or a tooth, this will clean the area of any debris. While waiting for your emergency appointment, it is important to repeat this step after eating or drinking, to keep the area clear.

Gargle with saltwater

When you have an infection or a lost tooth, it is important to gargle saltwater.

Salt is a readily available antiseptic, which will clean the area and keep any infection at bay for the time being. If you have access to clove oil, try putting some onto cotton wool and press it gently to the site of the pain; this will reduce the discomfort and swelling.

Take painkillers

Obviously, if you are in pain, take the strongest painkillers you have. Do not drink alcohol.

If possible, try to take an anti-inflammatory medication to reduce any swelling that may be causing additional pressure to build in the jaw.

Go to hospital

Are you feverish? Are you vomiting or do you have diarrhoea? A combination of all three? If you answered yes to any of these, your dental emergency cannot wait until morning and you need to go to your nearest emergency room.