Feel safe with the dentist in W1

Being scared of the dentist is pretty normal. Most of us, including us dentists here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, feel a certain amount of trepidation about lying back in the big chair with our mouths open. It’s just about as vulnerable as anyone can get.

Dentist in W1But there is a section of society, around 13% of people in the UK and around the globe, whose natural nerves about visiting the dentist have tipped into dental phobia. This is a recognised condition. Feeling a bit nervous becomes something more extreme. People can start to shake, sweat and feel panic-stricken, maybe even have full-blown panic attacks. Some people do not even have to come to the dentist to feel like this, just thinking about going can set them off.

A trained dentist in W1

Back in the day, extreme fear of the dentist was dismissed as silly and people were expected to get over themselves. Nowadays, we dentists are trained to help people with such extreme nerves. Even the clinic here at Harley Street Dental Clinic has been designed and decorated to help you feel welcome, calm and relaxed as soon as you step through the door.

Let’s talk about it

We know it helps if you get to know your dentist before treatment, so if you need it, we can make time for an in-depth chat before you come into the surgery. You can ask all the questions you need to, to help you feel more relaxed.

Stop signals

If you feel you are starting to feel overwhelmed during treatment, we can respond to a pre-arranged stop signal at any time and give you a breather until you are ready to carry on. Treatment may take longer.

Think about something else

It’s amazing how much easier it is to undergo treatment if you focus on something else while we work on you. Here, you can listen to music or an audiobook or even watch a movie (maybe not Marathon Man though).


For some treatments, you may need sedation. We have inhalation and intravenous sedation. You’ll need someone to get you home after the latter.

Don’t be scared. We will take very good care of you at this dentist in W1.

Are you new to London?

You have just got off the plane, unpacked all your boxes, and officially moved into your new flat in London. While you are overwhelmed, excited and nervous, there is still so much left to do. You have to set up your internet, discover the neighborhood, figure out your route to work on the tube, and find a new dentist in Harley Street.

Dentist in Harley StreetIn the past 5 years, almost 200,000 people moved to London each year, and if you are one of the new residents of London looking for a dentist to maintain their oral health, then we know there are a lot of choices to pick your new dental care providers. While there are so many residents in London, there are also so many options in each district in this fast-paced city. And while each dentist offers a unique style, different environment and a variety of services, the choice can be overwhelming.

How to choose a new dentist?

If you are a seeking a dentist in Harley Street, then our team, at Harley Street Dental Clinic, will eagerly welcome you to the neighborhood and our dental community, all while providing you with excellent dental care and offering a list of procedures ranging from general dentistry to cosmetic dentistry. Many people tend to visit the same dentist their whole lives, and we understand the relationship between a dentist and a patient is a delicate one to form and maintain. We pride ourselves on helping generations of families at our dentist in Harley Street, and we look forward to forming that comfortable relationship here with you.

What can Harley Street Dental Clinic offer me?

Our aim will always be preventive dentistry, so we strongly recommend our patients have routine visits to our dental clinic. While thorough oral hygiene practices at home are important, we may be able to detect signs of decay far earlier than you could even notice them. But if you are seeking solutions to already existing oral issues such as missing teeth, tooth decay, stained teeth, or overcrowded teeth, then our team has the experience and technology to provide you with the quickest and most pain free experience at our dentist in Harley Street.

Teeth deserve care

Visiting the dentist in W1 is an essential part of your oral healthcare routine. As experienced dental professionals, we can assess the condition of your teeth and gums and help you to make informed decisions to improve your dental health. At home, you can keep your teeth clean with regular brushing and other hygiene treatments. Unlike your dentist, however, you can’t spot the subtle signs of decay and disease in their very early stages.

Dentist in W1Our aim is to give you a healthy dental future. We offer the full range of dental treatments and services, and our payment plans give you the chance to manage the costs of your oral health improvements. You don’t have to be troubled by something before you book an appointment with us. We can examine your dental condition and provide tailored advice on how to improve your future oral health.

Services at the W1 dentist

As a W1 dentist, we take care of all sorts of existing dental problems. Dental decay might have damaged one of your molars, or you might have chipped one of your front teeth in a sporting injury. We can provide tooth-coloured fillings that restore dental function without spoiling your appearance. Veneers can be applied to the front of your teeth, restoring their proper outlines and maintaining the visual harmony of your smile.

Many of our patients come to the W1 dentist to replace lost teeth. Our high-quality solutions are long-lasting and natural looking. We offer custom-made dentures and crowns, as well as dental implants that integrate with your jawbone. You could regain the stability of your natural teeth and take pleasure in chewing your favourite foods without worrying that the replacements might come loose.

Cosmetic solutions

Modern cosmetic procedures are available at the dentist in W1. We can make a significant change to your appearance in many effective ways. If you suffer from dental discolouration, teeth whitening will give you a bright smile once again. In the longer-term, dental realignment will turn a crooked smile into a more visually pleasant one. We use contemporary braces and aligners that are designed with your comfort in mind. They stay hidden while they carry out their transformative work.

Caring for your children’s teeth is really important

Healthy teeth are important for children and adults alike. Healthy teeth help your children’s adult teeth grow properly, while enabling them to eat and speak without problems. Introducing your children to great oral healthcare from an early age, is the best thing you can do for their overall health.

Dentist in Harley StreetHowever, not every parent knows what to do in order to keep their children’s teeth healthy and free from plaque. Don’t feel overwhelmed – at Harley Street Dental Clinic we are here to teach you all the best ways to take care of your children’s teeth. But above all, you should trust our dentist in Harley Street, who will diagnose any problems with your children’s teeth early on.

Dental hygiene is not boring

We appreciate that dental hygiene can be monotonous. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. With a little bit of imagination, you can teach your children to brush their teeth without them being bored. For starters, help them choose a colourful toothbrush and the toothpaste they like. If they choose their own tools they are more likely to look forward to using them every day.

Your dentist in Harley Street will show you how to brush and floss your children’s teeth properly and once they are old enough to try themselves help them by guiding them and showing them videos or reading dental health books and magazines with them.

Last but not least, it’s really important to reward your children for trying, but don’t give them sugary treats. Instead, praise their brushing and flossing skills and offer them healthy fruit and vegetables.

The role of the dentist in Harley Street

Dental care at home is a great start for introducing your children to the world of dental hygiene, but it’s not enough. Your children should visit the dentist as soon as they have their first teeth, since cavities and gum disease can develop any time. Cavities, in particular, are very common in young children and only your dentist in Harley Street can help prevent them.

The earlier, the better

Visiting the dentist in Harley Street from an early age is a great investment in your child’s oral health. Book your appointment today.

Enhancing oral health

Your teeth and gums are an important part of your body. You need to keep them in good condition so that uncomfortable problems don’t develop. Going to a dentist in W1 is a crucial aspect of looking after your oral health. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have plenty of contemporary treatments that will keep your teeth and gums in great condition.

Dentist in W1When to visit the W1 dentist

We can always do something to enhance your oral health and hygiene. Going to the dentist in W1 isn’t only what you do when you’ve noticed a worrying change in your dental condition. Come to us for a routine examination and we’ll be able to steer you towards a healthier dental future. Our hygiene advice is tailored to your specific needs, and we keep our knowledge up to date by following the latest industry innovations.

If things do go wrong, we can fix them for you in a variety of ways. We provide cosmetic treatments that will boost your visual appeal. Many of our patients enjoy having their teeth whitened. You can choose the shade of white you’d like to see in your smile, and we’ll create that shade for you in a comfortable and straightforward process. We know how minor changes can have major effects on your self-confidence.

Transforming your dental experience

You might be seeking a W1 dentist because you’re looking for a long-term change. Realigning your teeth can be a major step forward into improved oral health and hygiene. Our modern braces and aligners are produced with your comfort in mind. They use transparent and tooth-coloured materials to maintain a very low visibility. This means you’ll avoid the social scrutiny that can often make the thought of wearing braces seem daunting.

Perhaps you have lost some teeth and are now wondering how to replace them. Our methods include precision-crafted dentures and bridges that look natural and feel comfortable. We also offer dental implants, which integrate with your bone structure to provide long-lasting stability and convenience. Going to the dentist in W1 gives you access to many different ways of enhancing the appearance and condition of your teeth.

Reasons you shouldn’t dread going to the dentist in Harley Street

Some people are so afraid of the dentist that they put off their visits indefinitely. Needless to say that this behaviour is very reckless since it can affect their oral health seriously.

Dentist in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we appreciate that not everyone is looking forward to their bi-annual visits to the dentist in Harley Street. Different people have different reasons to not to like the dentist, but ultimately they may be harming their oral health.

Here a few reasons why you shouldn’t be afraid of the dentist in Harley Street.

It’s our job to help you

You can trust us when we say that we don’t get any special pleasure causing you pain. Instead, we try our best not to harm you and we invest in high-quality tools and techniques to help our patients have an almost pain-free dental experience. If you don’t feel comfortable about a specific treatment, talk to us. We will appreciate your fears and we will do our best to make you feel as comfortable as possible – you can trust us.

Don’t neglect your teeth

Neglecting your teeth for a long period of time will not only affect your oral health, but will have a negative impact on your wallet as well. Certain dental conditions such as tooth decay and gum disease can be easily treated if they are diagnosed at an early stage. All you need to do is visit the dentist in Harley Street every 6 months so that they can remove plaque and tartar from your teeth and gums. Accumulated plaque can cause extensive and expensive problems including tooth loss, but with regular dental visits, you can avoid these issues from the beginning.

Not all dentists are the same

If you are avoiding dentists because of a bad dental experience in the past, it’s time to move on – not all dentists are the same. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we value our patients and we particularly concerned about their wellbeing.

Whether you are visiting us for the first time or you have been a patient of us for many years, don’t let fear get in your way. Give us a chance, by contacting us today.

Can a dentist in W1 help eliminate your snoring?

It is estimated that more than 30% of people in Great Britain snore. Snoring is not necessarily a harmful habit on its own: however, it may be dangerous for your teeth and your overall health.

Dentist in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have dealt with many cases of obstructive sleep apnoea, manifested in the form of snoring. This condition is not simple and it is something to worry about, yet you can rest assured that our dentist in W1 will do their best to help you overcome it.

How does snoring happen?

Snoring is what we call the vibration of the nasal tissues while we sleep. This vibration can cause the loud, rumbling sound. Snoring occurs when your air passageways are temporarily or permanently obstructed and while it may be a sign of obstructive sleep apnoea, other factors may also be the reason behind your snoring (i.e. obesity, alcohol consumption, allergies).

What are the symptoms of sleep apnoea?

If you experience one of the following symptoms on a daily basis, then chances are that your snoring is caused by sleep apnoea:

  • excessive daytime drowsiness
  • morning headaches
  • agitated sleep
  • waking up from choking or gasping for air
  • chest pain during the night
  • high blood pressure
  • loud snoring and messy snoring.

Can sleep apnoea be treated with the help of your dentist in W1?

Your dentist in W1 can help with sleep apnoea by providing an oral appliance. This device will help keep your airways open while you sleep, leading to a more peaceful and restful sleep. This therapy is ideal for patients who suffer from obstructive sleep apnoea over a prolonged period of time, since it can help improve their alertness, emotional stability and overall concentration. Oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnoea are ideal for patients whose airways are very narrow or whose tongue tend to fall back and block their air passage when they sleep. This device efficiently repositions the jaw and the tongue, promoting a consistent airflow while sleeping.

To learn more about how you can treat snoring with the help of your dentist in W1, please contact us today.

Healthier dental experience

Taking good care of your teeth can lead to a higher standard of overall bodily health. Going to the dentist in Harley Street is not just something to do when things go wrong with your teeth and gums. Giving your oral health the regular professional attention it deserves at a friendly dental clinic will prevent the development of uncomfortable problems. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer the full range of dentistry services to a wide range of patients from London and beyond.

Dentist in Harley StreetIn touch with your dental needs

As a well-established Harley Street dentist, we’re used to solving dental difficulties as well as helping people to improve their oral health and hygiene. A good way to help your oral health is to visit us for a regular check-up. We’re able to detect the signs that things are going wrong well before you’d notice them at home. Then we can give you tailored advice on dental hygiene to reduce the chances of suffering damage from tooth decay or gum disease.

A cosmetic dentist in Harley Street

We take care of your appearance too, because we know that imperfections in your smile can weigh on your mind. Our range of contemporary aesthetic improvements gives you the chance to achieve the smile you’ve always dreamed of. Our discreet and friendly team work with you to create customised solutions that will enhance your dental aesthetics. You might want a brighter smile, or to restore the proper outlines to teeth that have been chipped.

Alternatively, you might need a dentist in Harley Street to improve your dental alignment. We offer a selection of aligners and braces that are almost invisible to the casual observer.


Even if you look after your teeth as much as possible, accidents can still happen. We offer short-notice appointments for patients who need an emergency dentist in Harley Street. You might have broken a tooth in a sporting incident, or maybe an infection has caused swelling. We have plenty of experience in dealing with these unforeseen problems. We can reduce your discomfort and stabilise your condition, so you can get on with your day-to-day life.

Health problems your dentist in W1 can spot

We all know that the best way to maintain a healthy smile is to visit the dentist regularly. However, sometimes life gets in the way and our priorities change. Under no circumstances though, should we avoid seeing the dentist for more than 6 months, since we may be putting our teeth and gums in serious risk.

Dentist in W1Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer a complete range of preventive dentistry – from routine cleanings to gum disease treatment. Our dentist in W1 will examine your teeth for signs of tooth decay and gum disease and determine the right course of action. While nobody likes to get bad news in the dentist’s chair, your dentist in W1 can tell a lot about your overall health by simply examining your teeth. And this is a good thing.

You have got a cavity

Studies have demonstrated that people who receive frequent dental care have fewer chances to develop a cavity or tooth decay, even if they are not regular brushers and flossers. A dentist in W1 has all the right equipment to remove plaque from between the teeth safely. Spotting cavities at an early stage will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Heart problems

Did you know that there is a connection between oral health and heart disease? As a matter of fact, loose teeth and inflamed gum tissue may be indicative of heart disease. If that’s the case, regular dental check-ups and cleanings will protect your smile and help keep your heart condition at bay.

Eating disorders

Most people suffering from eating disorders will try to hide their problem or make it appear less important than it actually is. However, poor nutrition can lead to many oral health problems, including gum disease. If your dentist in W1 spots any signs of eating disorders in your mouth (i.e. eroded teeth, frail gums) then it is time to address this medical issue with all the seriousness it deserves.

Our commitment to patient care

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we combine the finest dental care with compassion towards our patients. Our team of highly skilled dentists will provide preventive care to patients with all types of dental issues.

There is no reason to dread a visit to the dentist in Harley Street

If the mere idea of going to the dentist fills you with stress and anxiety you are probably suffering from dental phobia. Some people avoid seeing a dentist up to the point where their teeth and gums are actually painful. In fact, it is estimated that more than 70% of Britons experience anxiety when going to the dentist. However, very few of them are actually afraid of the dentist.

Dentist in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we appreciate that many people are afraid of the dentist for their own individual reasons. Whether you had a bad experience as a child or you as simply afraid of pain and discomfort, you are not alone. However, we can assure you that our dentist in Harley Street will do their best to make you feel at ease throughout the procedure. Regular dental visits are really important for maintaining your oral health and here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to visit the dentist.

Dentists want to help

You may be thinking that dentists get special joy from causing you pain and discomfort but, of course, we don’t. Your dentist in Harley Street wants to keep your mouth clean and healthy and will do their best not to harm you while doing so. Luckily, modern dentistry has evolved in recent years and check-ups can be carried out with the help of painless dental tools. It also helps to address these issues with your dentist in Harley Street prior to your appointment.

The longer you wait, the worse it gets

If you don’t visit your dentist regularly for check-ups and cleanings, chances are that plaque will build up and cause cavities and gum disease. The more regularly you visit the dentist in Harley Street, the easier it will be for us to spot these symptoms before they advance into extensive and expensive dental problems.

Don’t let a bad experience define your relationship with the dentist

If you are avoiding the dentist because of a bad experience, we can assure you that not all dentists are the same. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we are committed to making our patients feel safe and comfortable.