Bone loss and dental implants in Harley Street – can it happen?

Tooth loss is a very stressful experience and unfortunately it can affect people at any stage in life. Missing teeth create unattractive gaps in your smile and even lead to bone loss and further tooth loss. Luckily, modern dental technology has evolved in recent years and tooth replacement options such as dental implants are not only attractive but functional as well.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, we share your concern for a beautiful and functional smile and for this reason we recommend dental implants in Harley Street. Unlike more conventional tooth replacement methods such as bridges and dentures, dental implants interact with the jawbone in an organic way and promote the growth of new bone tissue. However, is it possible to have dental implants with extensive tooth loss?

Why does bone loss matter?

Tooth loss and successive jawbone deterioration, reduces the available bone and compromises the security of your healthy teeth. This is because teeth require constant stimulation to function properly and this stimulation is caused by biting and chewing.

When tooth roots are not present anymore, the proper stimulation ceases to exist and the jawbone gradually deteriorates. Gradually, healthy teeth will start moving into the gaps created by the missing teeth and further tooth loss can occur.

If you have dental implants in Harley Street, these small titanium posts will function just like tooth roots, encouraging further stimulation between the root and the crown of the tooth and preventing additional jawbone loss.

Dental implants and extensive jawbone damage

Patients with bone loss can still obtain dental implants, even if their jawbone has weakened considerably. Bone grafting is a common procedure, but in recent years, alternative implant techniques have also be developed to make up for bone loss (such as All-on-4 and immediate loading implants). Your implant dentist will take a good look at your mouth, take x-rays of your jawbone and determine which implant procedure is ideal for your individual situation.

We are here to help you

Undergoing implant surgery with bone loss can be complicated, therefore relying on the right dentist to perform this procedure, is really important. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have been installing dental implants for many years.

Dental implants in Harley Street: the basics

If you are looking at gaps in your mouth and wondering how to get them fixed, then you need to know about dental implants in Harley Street.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetHere at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have fitted thousands of dental implants and will guide you through the various stages we know so well. We know that when you understand why dental implants in Harley Street take time, you’ll be thrilled with the end result. We treat each patient with the utmost care and patience, and the time invested is absolutely worth it.


The first step is an in-depth consultation. We will answer any questions you have about the process and will be happy to allay any fears you have about it. We will take a detailed look at your teeth, gums and jawbone, using x-rays and scans. These are needed to plan the treatment, and to know where to put the implants. They are also needed to make sure that your jawbone is healthy enough for the implant surgery and will sustain the implants when you start using them in the same way as you would your natural teeth.

Preparatory work

If your jawbone looks like it needs some help, we may suggest you have a bone graft or a sinus lift. This means adding in new bone material that then requires some weeks to integrate with your jawbone.

Implant surgery

The surgery itself doesn’t take all that long. It is carried out under local anaesthetic and you can also have sedation if you are feeling nervous.

Healing time

You will need to allow 2-6 months for your dental implants to integrate with your jawbone. During this time, the bone will grow new tissue, fusing with the implants. This is what holds them in place so that you can chew properly again. How long it takes depends on your age and state of health. During this time, you need to stick to soft foods.

After that, you can eat whatever you want again, and no one will know these are not your real teeth.

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Long-term stability with dental implants in Harley Street

What do you want from your replacement teeth? Do you want teeth that look like your original teeth? Do you want teeth that don’t take too much time and hassle to keep clean? Do you want teeth that can bite and chew through any food you fancy eating? If you have answered yes to all of the above (and who wouldn’t?), then you need to investigate getting dental implants in Harley Street.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetDental implants in Harley Street are the latest generation of tooth replacement options. They revolutionised the world of false teeth when they first appeared in dental clinics more than 30 years ago. Dentists could see the versatility they offered, and came up with ways of making them more affordable and available to people.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have been fitting people with dental implants for many years. We never cease to be delighted with how these little gems of dental engineering can transform lives, giving people back their spontaneity and freedom of diet.

Why so happy?

Dental implants are the only method of tooth replacement that mimics nature by replacing the root of the tooth. Fixed bridgework and dentures only replace the crowns, and this can cause problems for some people.

Dental implants replace the roots with little posts or screws made of titanium. This is a bit of a miracle metal as it’s one material that the body treats as part of itself rather than an invader it must get rid of. When dental implants are put into specially created channels in the jawbone, the body grows new bone tissue all over them. This is what holds the dental implants firmly in place, giving people back their chewing power.

One dental implant can hold up to 3 teeth on a bridge, so there’s no need to have one implant per lost tooth, which can save a lot of money. Plus, cleaning them is simply a matter of a rigorous oral health routine to remove plaque. If you are careful to keep your implants clean, you can expect them to last for at least 15 years, and probably for decades.

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Rooted replacement teeth

The big problem for makers of artificial teeth is how to get them to stay still. Dentures adhere to the gums, bridges are fixed to neighbouring teeth. Neither is an ideal solution. What teeth need are roots. Just like trees, they need to be anchored into the bone beneath if they are to withstand the powerful forces created by chewing.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetBut finding root material is not easy. The human immune system is there to protect us from invaders this includes artificial tooth roots. However, all that changed back in the 1950s, when a Swedish scientist discovered that the body treats titanium in a super-friendly way, and titanium tooth roots were invented.

Today, dental implants in Harley Street have become most people’s first choice if they have to replace teeth. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we regularly transform people’s lives by giving them back their full chewing power and teeth that look as natural as the ones they lost.

Getting dental implants in Harley Street

The process starts off with an in-depth consultation, where we look at your teeth and also at your jawbone, which needs to be in good condition if it’s going to support metal screws used for chewing. If your jawbone has deteriorated, it’s possible to improve it with bone grafts and sinus lifts, or we can use very long implants that anchor into your cheekbones.

We draw up a detailed treatment plan, with costings and a time schedule, so that you know how the treatment is going to pan out. You will also be encouraged to ask as many questions as you like. It’s important to feel comfortable about getting dental implants in Harley Street.

The procedure

We insert dental implants using a local anaesthetic. This is plenty to numb the jawbone, which has few nerves in it. It can’t make you less anxious though, so we offer oral or intravenous sedation to nervous patients.

After the treatment, you will need to wait up to 6 months for your implants to integrate with your jawbone before you will be up to full chewing power.

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New teeth, new life

Getting older can feel like one thing after another going wrong with the body with no prospect of getting it to work as well as it used to. You’ve got glasses on your nose for reading, plastic in your ear for hearing, no hair on your head and now your teeth are coming to the end of their life too. What with the hearing aid, the glasses and now the dentures, soon there won’t be any room on your bedside table for the lamp and a glass of water.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetWell, at Harley Street Dental Clinic in Harley Street, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way as far as your teeth are concerned. Sure, you may be finding that some, or even all of your beloved food processors are coming to the end of their life, but you can replace them with something equally as good if you have dental implants fitted.

What’s so great about dental implants?

Dental implants are different from dentures because when you have them fitted, they don’t come out again. Dental implants are inserted into the jawbone where they fuse with the bone, replacing the roots of your teeth. These little titanium posts then have new crowns made of dental porcelain attached on top.

People say that dental implants are expensive, and they certainly cost more than dentures, it’s true. But for every dental implant you have put in, you can have 3 crowns on a bridge. So, if you need to have an entire arch of teeth replaced, you can do it on relatively few implants. There is a way to get an entire arch fitted on just 4 implants, which really brings the cost down.

Also, you can expect your dental implants to last for at least 15 years, very possibly for decades. All you have to do is take good care of them with diligent brushing and flossing to remove any plaque. Your dental implants can’t decay, but if you let plaque cause gum disease, they can become loose and fall out.

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Protecting your dental implants in Harley Street from peri-implantitis

If you have had dental implants, you already understand how important it is to protect your teeth and your gums as well as the tissues surrounding your dental implants. Nowadays, dental implants are the most viable standard for tooth replacement in dentistry, but they don’t come cheap, therefore protecting them from harmful bacteria and other dangers, can help them last for many years.

Dental implants in Harley Street will remain effective as long as you take good care of them at home and visit your dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic regularly.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetDental implants are resistant to tooth decay because their visible parts are made of synthetic materials (as opposed to the enamel of your natural teeth). However, they are not impervious to gum disease and more specifically, peri-implantitis, a type of gum infection that affects the tissues surrounding your dental implants.

Peri-implantitis is a very serious infection that could even lead to implant loss, but luckily it can be diagnosed and treated successfully at an early stage.

What is peri-implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is an inflammation of the soft tissues around a dental implant. It’s very similar to periodontitis (advanced gum disease) and is equally caused by bacteria surviving off the plaque in your mouth. Effective hygiene can prevent peri-implantitis, but it is not enough. Patients who are at risk of developing this infection should also see their dentist on a regular basis for check-ups and cleanings. If left untreated, peri-implantitis can lead to implant loss and other oral problems.

Is it possible to prevent peri-implantitis?

Peri-implantitis is highly preventable and there are several things you can do to ensure that your dental implants in Harley Street remain healthy. Firstly, it is important to choose an experienced and skilled implant dentist. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we provide high-quality dental implants and our dentists are trained to the latest standards. A knowledgeable dentist will diagnose any signs of peri-implantitis before it become a major problem. Secondly, it is really important to practise meticulous oral care at home. Last but not least, always follow your dentist’s instructions and visit them for regular dental check-ups, even if you seemingly don’t have any problems.

Are dental implants in Harley Street the right treatment for me?

Dental implants are very popular all over the world, since they have redefined our idea of restored teeth. These small titanium posts, which in the end look and feel just like teeth, are ideal for patients who are missing one, several or all of their natural teeth.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, anyone who has suffered tooth loss can normally be a candidate for dental implants in Harley Street. However, there are a few requirements for dental implants and our dentist will decide whether you are a good candidate for this treatment after taking into consideration your dental and overall medical health.

Basics of dental implants

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, placed into the gaps created by missing teeth in the jaw. They are made of titanium, a metal alloy that has the ability to fuse with bone tissue. Following a healing period that has a different duration for each patient, the titanium implants are stabilised into the jawbone and after a while, your dentist can mount the replacement teeth on top of them.

Is there a way to find out if I can have dental implants?

As long as you are over 18 years old, age is not a decisive factor for dental implants in Harley Street. In most cases, dental implants heal with the same predictability for older patients as they do for younger ones. However, patients with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease or other health problems should be evaluated on an individual basis.

Dental implants require minor surgery and since wounds take longer to heal for diabetics, due to high blood sugar, it is advisable to consult your doctor before visiting the dentist for dental implants.

Finally, smokers are not great candidates for dental implants in Harley Street either. It’s been reported in various studies that nicotine, and other harmful substances found in tobacco, can compromise the healing process.

We are here to help you

If you are interested in dental implants in Harley Street, the only way to find out for certain if you are a good candidate is to book a check-up with one of our dentists. In the meantime, we will be happy to answer all of your questions.

What solutions are there for missing teeth?

Many people across the UK struggle with missing teeth, and it can be an emotional issue for many people. It can lead many to avoid smiling and stop chewing, and some can even feel a great deal of pain and discomfort. But if you are one of the many people looking for answers on how to resolve the pain and insecurities of missing teeth, then dental implants in Harley Street may be the solution for you and your smile.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetFinding the right dentist to perform your procedure is a pivotal step. And here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, we know there are a lot of options for dental implants in Harley Street, but our team has extensive experience with dental implants from a single dental implant to full mouth restoration. We even have experience with patients who have suffered bone loss that have been told by other dentists they are not eligible for implants.

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants, in Harley Street, are a popular dental procedure among many people that can drastically change the way you live your life. Are you avoiding some of your favourite foods? Or possibly even avoiding eating any solid foods? Are you avoiding smiling with your teeth in family photos? Do you feel your face has a sunken appearance? Dental implants can solve all this and more for you.

Dental implants are artificial teeth that help support your gums and bone growth; the implants themselves are titanium posts that are placed directly into the jawbone with a minor surgery. Crowns or bridges are placed onto the post, and up to 3 replacement teeth can be placed on a bridge. This is a great way for patient’s missing multiple teeth to regain functionality when it comes to biting and chewing. Dental implants in Harley Street also help promote bone growth, which can help with a sunken appearance, as well as looking like a natural smile.

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Dental implants can help you regain functionality, promote bone growth, and give you a natural looking smile. What is stopping you from booking a consultation with us today to discover all the ways dental implants in Harley Street can drastically change your life.

How to protect your dental implants in Harley Street efficiently

You have probably heard that dental implants can last for a lifetime but that is an exaggeration. If you take good care of your dental implants, chances are that you won’t have to replace them for many years. However, just like real teeth, dental implants are susceptible to infection and accidents.

When you choose to invest in your oral health and have dental implants in Harley Street, the experienced dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic will give you as much information as possible about the aftercare and maintenance of dental implants.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetDon’t neglect to brush and flossing

Dental implants are not susceptible to tooth decay because they are not made of tooth enamel. However, they are prone to infection caused by a specific type of gum disease – peri-implantitis. This infection can be caused by bad oral hygiene and affects the soft tissue and ligaments around the dental implant sites. As the disease progresses, the dental implants may eventually fail, therefore it is really important to brush and floss your teeth daily and book frequent schedules for professional cleanings.

Don’t expose your dental implants to dangerous habits

Just like natural teeth, dental implants in Harley Street are susceptible to accidents and trauma. Minor chips and cracks can be easily fixed, but substantial trauma can even cause implant failure. To ensure that your implants stay healthy and strong, avoid grinding your teeth, always wear a protective mouth guard when you play sports and avoid chewing on ice or eating very hard and chewy foods.

Communicate with your dentist effectively

Good communication with your dentist is important when it comes to the maintenance and wellbeing of your dental implants in Harley Street. If you don’t know how to take good care of your dental implants or you think that there’s something wrong with the way they feel in your mouth, it is imperative to visit your dentist. Ideally, your dentist should check your dental implants twice a year. However, some patients may need to have more frequent dental check-ups because of health problems or other complications.

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Your implant journey in Harley Street

If you have decided to have dental implants in Harley Street, then you are in great hands. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have gathered a team of skilled implant dentists with great experience in the placement and management of dental implants.

Dental Implants in Harley StreetHowever, we appreciate that you may feel clueless about the treatment, especially if you never had dental implants before. Everyone has a unique smile and different dental needs and for this reason, we will do our best to introduce you to the world of dental implants in Harley Street.

Step one – your consultation

Dental implants in Harley Street are a big step and before committing to it, you need to understand if you are a good candidate for this treatment. Choosing a dentist who has the skill and expertise to carry out your implant operation is the most important step for the successful completion of your implant journey.

Your consultation appointment has a dual purpose. On the one hand, we want to learn more about you and your dental health aspirations, while on the other hand, we will complete a full oral health and dental examination to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants in Harley Street. This step is important, especially if you suffer from certain conditions like diabetes or heart disease, both of which can be challenging for the successful completion of dental implants.

Step two – your treatment plan

Once we have as much information about your oral health as possible, we will create a bespoke treatment plan by considering factors such as the overall number of your missing teeth, your lifestyle and other medical considerations. Smoking is another thing we want to address before your implant treatment – due to the nature of the treatment and the impact of nicotine on your body, you are strongly advised to quit smoking well before your implant surgery.

Step three – your surgery

If you are happy with your treatment plan, the next step is your operation. The treatment period will vary in length depending on the type of dental implants you decide to have, but eventually, you will have a beautiful, new smile.