Replenishing and replacing your broken smile with dental implants Harley Street

Covering up the smile


Masks, although a pain in many ways, for those with a broken or damaged smile have been the perfect item. No unwanted glances towards the gap in your smile, no ‘helpful’ comments regarding tooth replacement options and no hiding away due to low self-esteem. A mask can only deflect and divert the problem for a short time though. Therefore, regaining your confidence concerning your smile and filling in the gaps is the best long-term solution for you and this is where dental implants Harley Street come in. Small titanium screws that act as an artificial root for the new tooth or teeth, enabling you to restore your smile for the long term rather than quick fix options that do not last.

The impact of tooth loss

A smile, whilst it may seem simple, can alter the way we see ourselves and how others see us. A hard chiselled jaw can appear softer, the frown lines can smooth out and the eyes soften, and you can put another person at ease with a smile. We are able to express our emotions through the movement of the mouth and therefore hiding it away due to insecurities can not only impact our self-esteem, but can also hinder how the outside world sees us.

On top of the emotional impact of tooth loss, is the physical impact. Whilst the gap may or may not be obvious, any form of tooth loss can, over time, cause further health problems. It may be that further tooth loss occurs due to a breakdown of the jawbone which has been left unstimulated over time. This can lead to a weakening of the teeth surrounding the gap and in time, alter the facial definition of the individual.

Whether a tooth or multiple teeth have been lost, visiting our dentist is of extreme importance to ensure you maintain your overall oral health.

Protect your smile with dental implants Harley Street

One of the more popular, long-term solutions to tooth loss is to use dental implants Harley Street. These small screws are made of titanium and when inserted into the jawbone, create a sturdy, artificial root for the tooth replacement. The nature of these titanium screws, once inserted into the bone, helps stimulate bone regrowth and therefore regenerates it around the implant securing it into place. This in turn protects facial definition and the surrounding teeth. 

Can anyone have dental implants Harley Street?

In many cases, having implants secured within the mouth is the most suitable tooth replacement option, however this is not always possible. For this reason, each patient has to first attend a consultation with our dental team where a discussion and physical examination of the teeth, mouth and gums will take place. The combination of the physical examination, digital scans and X-rays helps our dental team to ascertain whether this is the procedure for you. It may be that the bone depth of your jaw is insufficient, or it may be that the overall health of the mouth is not at a high enough standard which would negatively impact the implant and reduce the longevity of the process. No matter what, all this would be discussed within the consultation and a variety of solutions will be made available to you by us.

Dental implants Harley Street: filling the gaps in your life

Missing teeth can be unsightly; they can be upsetting, they can make your speech less clear and they can lead to you having a sunken face, which can age you. Missing teeth can also expose any remaining healthy teeth and gums to bacteria, which can lead to further complications. Basically, missing teeth can cast a shadow over numerous areas of life. At Harley Dental Street Clinic, we understand that the thought of replacing missing teeth can be off-putting to some people when faced with the prospect of traditional methods such as dentures. Thankfully, dentistry has moved on from the days of loose fitting dentures and the moments of embarrassment which can accompany them. With dental implants Harley Street, we can offer an effective, reliable and comfortable solution to replacing missing teeth that is functional and aesthetically pleasing.


What are dental implants Harley Street?

If you don’t want your replacement teeth going anywhere when you talk and eat, then what better way to prevent that than attaching them to your jawbone? With dental implants, we fix titanium screws to your jawbone and these bond with your bone and surrounding tissues. Once bonded, we can then attach replacement tooth options of crowns, bridges or dentures, depending on how many teeth you need to replace. The result is that none of these replacement teeth will be going anywhere as they are secure.

Why should I choose dental implants?

While this treatment may not suit everybody’s individual needs, if it is recommended that you consider dental implants Harley Street, then there are a lot of reasons why you should. The replacement teeth will be made to complement any remaining natural teeth that you have. They will be made uniform and similar in shade, so you don’t have to worry about anyone thinking that you don’t have your natural teeth. What’s more, we can also assure you that your implants are easy to care for: simply brush and floss as normal, twice daily, and come and see us for your routine dental check-ups. If you do this, you could find that your implants last you a lifetime!

Once you have your implants fitted, a further bonus is that you are protecting any remaining teeth you have. Furthermore, you are also adding structure back into your face, so you could find that your general appearance is more youthful, which isn’t a bad reason to plump for implants! What’s more, if you have experienced issues with speech, this could also be alleviated with a complete smile. In addition, you will be able to eat and drink whatever you want and your implants shouldn’t loosen.

How do I get implants?

If you are considering implants, why not book in for an initial consultation with us here at Harley Dental Street Clinic? We will be able to examine your mouth thoroughly and discuss your concerns, as well as the treatments we can offer. Together, we can decide upon the best treatment plan for your specific needs. If you choose to go ahead with dental implants, we can fill the gaps in your smile to make you feel complete!

Dental implants; how they can help with speech

Have you considered the role that your teeth play in your general speech? Have you thought about having the gap left by a missing tooth filled to enable clearer speech habits?


At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we can help conceal gaps and improve your speech using dental implants Harley Street. Secure, realistic prosthetics that are the closest thing you will get to restoring your natural teeth.

In this short article, we look at how missing teeth can impact your speech and how having dental implants Harley Street fitted can help.

Missing teeth and speech

We all remember being young and losing one of our front baby teeth; this created the adorable whistle effect when we spoke, which is linked to children in that age range.

However, if you are an adult and have a missing tooth at the front, this once cute sounding noise can become a hindrance, and it may make it difficult to speak without feeling self-conscious.

Dental implants Harley Street are placed into the jaw and, over around 3 to 6 months, they fuse to the bone, acting as a stable root to have a prosthetic tooth (crown) attached, a fitted bridge or secured denture.

This not only allows you to close the gap(s) that have been creating this issue with your speech, but with the added security of the implant holding the prosthetic in place, you don’t have to worry about your tongue moving incorrectly, which can also create clearer speech patterns in the long term.

Gaps in teeth

Aside from having a missing tooth, you may have gaps in between your teeth that you want to fix with oral implants if braces are not an option.

Much like a missing tooth, these gaps can create odd sounds when talking and pronouncing ‘th’ sounds, especially if they are at the front of your mouth.

If you and our team have decided to have an implant-supported bridge fitted at the front of your mouth, then this will offer all of the advantages mentioned above, but with a subtler effect when you say words that have an ‘s’ in them.

Speaking with oral implants

It is easy to highlight how oral implants will benefit your speech and vocal patterns, but it is worth noting that after the prosthetics are fitted, they will take some getting used to.

When you first have your implants fitted, our team will ask you to speak to ensure that the implants are aiding in your pronunciation, and not hindering it; if there is an issue, we may need to move the location of the implant, but this is a very uncommon occurrence.

A simple way to speed up adapting to oral implants is to do facial exercises whilst looking into a mirror each day; our team will be able to offer you guidance on this and it will help your facial muscles adapt to the new positions of your teeth, along with your tongue.

Remember, based on the size of the prosthetic, how many implants you received and your body’s healing time, it can take up to 3 weeks to get used to speaking with oral implants, so patience is key!

Aftercare for dental implants; a rough guide

Recently had oral implants fitted? Need some guidance on managing them at home?


At Harley Street Dental, we have overseen the fitting of hundreds of dental implants Harley Street and can help you navigate every stage of the oral implant fitting process with ease.

Here, we offer some pointers on the aftercare surrounding dental implants Harley Street.


For the first few days after you have had your dental implants Harley Street fitted, you will want to avoid spicy food, salty food or hard foods.

And so, it may be wise to invest in softer, healthier foods such as boiled vegetables and soups.

Try to stay hydrated too, as this will speed up the healing process.

Pain relief

While we cannot state how uncomfortable having oral implants fitted will be, we have often heard it compared to a dental extraction by patients.

And as such, you will want to invest in some over-the-counter pain relief if you have concerns about discomfort. We recommend using paracetamol, but avoid others such as aspirin and ibuprofen; the area is going to be bruised and sore, and these medications can cause the blood to thin and the bruising to worsen.

If you are concerned about the level of discomfort you are experiencing, then call our team for advice.


As odd as it may sound, after you have had oral implants fitted, you should refrain from brushing the implant site with a brush.

This is due to gum inflammation; brushing can irritate and may even promote movement of the implant, which we will need to avoid for the first few weeks as it fuses.

Instead, opt for using salt water to keep the site clean. Simply wash the site with the solution to keep it free from food and debris until our team advises you to go back to using a toothbrush.

It is also worth avoiding mouthwashes, as these can be rather astringent and cause further swelling to an already sensitive area.


As always, after you have had surgery or any other procedure, there will be check-ups. And even if you feel that it isn’t worth your while to attend them, we must recommend that you do.

Follow up appointments allow us to assess if the implants are settling correctly, spot signs of infection, rejection and of course, allow us to answer any questions that you may have about the process overall.

If you do not attend these check-ups, we will have no way of knowing if your implants are fusing correctly, and you may end up losing them altogether.

Infections and other complications

It is exceedingly unlikely that you will develop an infection from having oral implants fitted,

but there are some signs to keep an eye out for relating to this. If the area is swelling, becoming blue or red, if it is becoming more uncomfortable and if you feel unwell, flushed or are being sick, then you need to book an emergency appointment with our team. There is also a risk that the implant may be loose or may fall out; this will be evident when you brush your tongue against it. If it moves or you feel an unusual sensation, then once again, call our team for a check-up.

Myths about dental implants debunked

Have you heard that oral implants fall out?


When you come to us for dental implants Harley Street, our team can advise you on your suitability for oral implants, advise you on how best to take care of them and will straighten out any myths or mistruths that you have read online.

Here, we take a look at some of the most prevalent myths that surround dental implants Harley Street, so you can learn the truth about his procedure. Enjoy!

Myth 1 – oral implants don’t last long

With the correct aftercare and oral hygiene, dental implants Harley Street can easily last up to and over 15 years.

That means seeing our team biannually for checkups, brushing twice a day and staying on top of issues such as gum disease.

Myth 2 – you can get implants abroad for cheaper

Technically, this isn’t a myth, but we have included it in this list for a reason.

In short, the reason oral implants are offered to patients for cheaper abroad is linked to the tools and experience that is put into them. At Harley Street, we always use the latest technology and equipment to ensure that your implants are fitted properly and that they will last. If you find oral implants abroad for a lower price, chances are that their longevity is not going to be as good, so it is best avoided altogether.

Myth 3 – implants are uncomfortable

Some people assume that having oral implants fitted is going to be uncomfortable.

Rest assured that when our team at Harley Street Dental fits them, you will be completely numbed and won’t feel any discomfort.

However, once you are at home, any discomfort (which should feel no worse than a dental extraction) should be manageable with over-the-counter pain relievers, such as paracetamol. If you have issues coping with the level of discomfort that accompanies your oral implant fitting, please contact our team.

Myth 4 – implants are for older people

There is an idea that people who have oral implants tend to be older, and may be looking for a way to replace the use of dentures.

And whilst it is true that oral implants have made an impact on that particular dental demographic, many younger people have also noticed the advantages of this restorative procedure.

So, as long as you are over the age of 18 and have good oral and physical health, you will probably be a suitable candidate for oral implants.

Myth 5 – anyone can have implants

We wish this were true, but sadly, it isn’t!

The most common type of oral implant used in dentistry today is the endosteal implant.

And, as such, some requirements need to be met for you to be fitted with this implant. For instance, you need to have good overall oral health and a good amount of healthy jawbone, which our team will determine by using an x-ray to get a better look at your jaw.

And finally, you need to have good overall general health; many conditions can prevent oral implants from fusing correctly. Furthermore, if you have an autoimmune condition, then the medications you take may prevent your implants from fusing. Similarly, if you have an illness such as osteoporosis, then it can be more difficult for implants to not only fuse but also stay in place for the desired time. If you have any concerns that a health condition could impact you having oral implants fitted, please talk to our team.

Save your smile with dental implants

A lot of people believe that once their teeth have fallen out they will never be able to replace them again. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic we know how self-conscious it can leave people feeling when they have gaps in their smile or no teeth at all to smile with. That’s why we offer dental implants Harley Street, which is a way to completely restore your teeth and keep you smiling for a long time. Unlike dentures they are permanently attached and cannot be removed, making them a lot more similar to your original teeth. They are secured into your mouth by using small titanium screws that have been implanted into your jaw, which means that your jawbone will stay stimulated even after tooth loss. It also means that they cannot come loose, even if you eat the chewiest food or accidentally knock them. If you have been trying to find out about how you can restore your missing teeth, then we advise that you book a consultation appointment with us at Harley Street Dental Clinic today, to find out all the ways we can help with your smile.


There is always a solution

Many people believe that getting dental implants Harley Street is only for those people who require dentures or are missing all of their teeth. Whilst this treatment can definitely be used to replace an entire mouthful of teeth, it can also be used to replace a few teeth or even just one tooth that is missing. One of the titanium screws that is inserted into your jawbone is capable of supporting more than one artificial tooth, so you will not necessarily need one screw for every tooth that you are replacing. When restoring a single tooth you will have a crown attached to the screw, and if you are having multiple teeth replaced you are likely to have a bridge attached instead. A whole set of teeth can be supported by between four and twelve screws, depending on your individual circumstances, but this is something that will be discussed at your consultation appointment. All of the appliances that are attached to the screws are made of porcelain and will feel, look and behave exactly like your original teeth.

Looking after your smile

Once you have had your dental implants Harley Street, it is important that you take care of them properly if you wish for them to last you as long as they potentially can. When you have your last appointment with our dental practitioner they will tell you how to clean your teeth properly and suggest which products would be most ideal for you personally. If you take care of your new teeth properly you may find that they can last longer than ten years in some circumstances. Not cleaning them properly will result in damage taking place where you will need to replace your crown, bridge or denture, or in some more severe cases you may need to have your screw replaced too. Plaque can still build up and harden on your artificial teeth as it did on your original ones, so having regular check-ups at our dental practice is a good idea, in order that we can ascertain everything in your mouth is exactly as it should be.

When something goes wrong with your dental implants

When you have lost one or several of your adult teeth, you will have undoubtedly looked online for ways to conceal the gaps and restore your bite function.


Also, you will have probably heard about oral implants. Fixed to your jaw, these small screw-like objects fuse with the jawbone over 6 months, acting as a solid anchor for the prosthetic tooth or teeth that we will place on top of it.

When you come to Harley Street Dental Clinic looking to resolve missing teeth, we will always aim to provide you with dental implants Harley Street. From the initial x-rays through to the aftercare, we do it all to ensure that any questions you may have are answered, allowing you to make the right choices for your dental health.

But there are occasions when things can go awry. So, when you are back home after your dental implants Harley Street have been fitted, you will need to know how to identify these issues. Here, we list some of the signs that you need to see our team urgently regarding your implants.

Constant discomfort

Yes, you’ve just had dental implants Harley Street fitted so, you’re going to be in a bit of discomfort for at least a week!

If your discomfort continues despite the use of over-the-counter pain relievers, then you need to contact our team for an emergency appointment. This also applies if, after you have just had the prosthetics fitted, you experience difficulties or soreness when you bite into or chew food.


Bleeding is to be expected following the fitting of your implants.

But, if it goes on for more than 4 days and is excessive in nature, then our team will need to take a look. Excessive bleeding can signify an infection, which will need to be dealt with as soon as possible.


When you get home following the fitting of an implant, you may notice that your gums look a bit red and swollen. This is normal and should not be a cause for concern until it fails to resolve.

If the gums around your implant site look red, blue, purple or yellow for more than 4 days after the treatment, then you may have an infection and you will require an emergency appointment with our team.

Treated successfully, this will not cause a long term problem with your implants.

Visible wobbling

Even from day 1 of the implant fitting, if your implant is wobbling when you brush over it with your teeth, it will need to be assessed by our team as this should not be happening.

It could signify an issue with your jaw density, you may have applied too much pressure to it too soon or it may have simply come loose.

Either way, come to us and we will aim to restore it for you!

Recurring infections

Recurring infections around oral implants is not a good sign and may require us to remove the implant altogether.

If this is the end scenario, we will aim to fit you with another restorative, like a fitted bridge or a set of dentures.

The role of dental implants in effective tooth replacement therapy

What are dental implants?


Dental implants Harley Street are an efficient form of tooth replacement first introduced in the mid 1960s. The last few decades have seen a surge in popularity concerning cosmetic dentistry, and where previous generations accepted tooth loss as a natural part of life, demands have changed and this method of tooth replacement therapy here at Harley Street Dental Clinic is a popular treatment option amongst patients and dentists alike.

Dental implants Harley Street are small titanium components which have been designed to replace the roots of missing teeth. If you have experienced tooth loss, whether this may be as a result of poor oral hygiene, or you have been in an accident or had injury which has resulted in losing your teeth, speak to us at Harley Street Dental Clinic. You will find out more about how dental implants can help you restore the functioning of your mouth and aesthetics of your teeth, effectively and comfortably. We can help you smile confidently and happily again very soon.

How do dental implants work?

First you will need to book an appointment with one of our dentists who will carry out a full examination of your mouth ,to make sure that the rest of your teeth are clean and that your gums are strong and healthy. To be eligible for dental implants Harley Street you need to have a certain extent of healthy bone where your tooth has fallen out for the implant to be inserted into. To help make sure that this is the case, it is important to visit your dentist as soon as possible following the loss of your tooth, because when tooth loss is left untreated it can result in bone decay and unless you have sufficient healthy bone then the dentist will be unable to carry out this procedure.

When the dentist is happy that dental implants are the right treatment option for you then the titanium implant will be inserted into the bone socket of your missing tooth. The titanium of the implant begins a natural process known as osseointegration. This is where osteoblasts, which are bone producing cells, form new bone cells around the implant, allowing it to be firmly embedded into the alveolar bone of the jaw. This process often takes up to 12 weeks as it is a natural body process, during healing time you can visit your dentist to make sure that it is progressing well. Once your dentist is happy that successful osseointegration has occurred and that the implant has fused properly into your jaw, then they can attach an abutment to the implant which works as a connector to your prosthetic of choice. You may choose to have a crown, multiple crowns if you have lost more than one tooth, or you may choose to have a set of dentures instead according to your requirements and your personal preference.

Speak to us here at Harley Street Dental Clinic today and find out more about how dental implants work and the many advantages that they deliver by becoming a permanent fixture in your mouth.

The impact of tooth loss and how Dental Implants Harley Street can help

The effect on your self-esteem.


In a society where appearances are of the utmost importance to many generations, the impact of a smile can be paramount. A healthy, happy smile can soften the chiselled jaw of a person or can brighten up another person’s day. The health benefits of a simple smile are endless. When a smile is impacted by tooth loss, whether through accidental damage or due to insufficient oral hygiene processes at home, the effect on the individual’s self-esteem can be considerable. This is why it is of extreme importance to visit your dentist as soon as tooth loss occurs.

Ignoring the tooth loss and leaving the gaps.

Whilst some people may wish to leave the gap where the tooth has been lost, it is important to know that this is not encouraged as the impact further down the line can be considerable to both the surrounding teeth and the facial definition. When a tooth or multiple teeth are lost, no matter the cause, when left the surrounding teeth can begin to slant and shift into the gap. A crooked smile can begin to form, further tooth loss can start to occur due to the jaw bone receding where the tooth or teeth once was. This all may sound extremely drastic, and whilst it does not occur within minutes of the tooth loss, in time this can be the reality of leaving the tooth loss to sort itself out.

How can Dental Implants Harley Street help?

A simple, long term but highly effective method to deal with tooth loss is to have the Dental Implants Harley Street procedure. These small titanium screws are inserted into the jaw bone and encourage the regeneration of the surrounding bone. Whilst this on its own is of high importance, the regeneration surrounding the post also secures the titanium screw into place creating a stable post for the tooth restoration.

Are Dental Implants Harley Street suitable for everyone?

Whilst in most cases the implant procedure is the best way forward, this is not always possible. The individual patient will attend a consultation with their dental team where a discussion will take place along with a thorough examination of the mouth. This along with x-rays, photographs and potentially digital scans will allow your dental team to ensure that the current bone structure is sufficient enough for the procedure. Another aspect that may impact whether or not the implant will be suitable is down to the overall oral hygiene of the mouth. For those with poor oral hygiene, the titanium post would not be a suitable choice for tooth loss and therefore other methods such as removable dentures may be discussed.

As with any treatment or procedure it is of the utmost importance that the patient understands what the process entails from start to finish. All patients are therefore encouraged to seek further information and advice on any mentioned within this article with their local dental team to understand the pros and cons to each method.

Are dental implants the ultimate in tooth restoration?

Dental implants Harley Street have long been a goal in dentistry with more than 100 years put into their research and development. Just before the first world war, the cage implant was tested; this mesh of iridion with a crown affixed upon it was inserted into the gum in order to replace teeth.  Although groundbreaking for the time it was fundamentally unsuccessful.


It wasn’t until work in the 1950s showed how titanium could form a tight bond with bone in a process known as osseointegration that the modern dental implant was truly conceivable. Even then, the act of implanting it was considered the role of a specialist oral surgeon and primarily occurred in hospitals due to the need of a fully operating theatre.

Dental implants Harley Street are no longer performed that way and we regularly carry out implantation in our clinic in Harley Street. The dental implants we use come in two pieces with three distinct components. First the titanium component known as the dental implant that resides completely beneath the gum line, interacts with the jawbone and is essentially a metal screw that acts like an artificial root. Next upon this is a connector and then a prosthetic tooth, which may be temporarily locked onto the end of the titanium implant.

Implantation techniques require only local anaesthetic and although dental implanting is not part of standard dental training, all of our staff who offer it have additional qualifications in implant technology, followed up with significant experience in performing dental implants in the clinic.

How are they fitted?

In the first stage of implanting, the gum is opened and a retaining implant is either placed in a vacant socket, or a new one is drilled if the tooth that is being replaced has been missing for some time and its socket is now closed.

Once the implant is in place, we replace the gum over the implant and either glue or stitch it into place. This allows the soft tissues of the gum to hold the implant still and shield it from being disturbed as it forms close integration with the bone. The time it takes for this integration to occur depends on your rate of bone growth.

After the integration of the implant into the jawbone has been confirmed with an X-ray, a session can be booked to load the implant. During this session, the gum will be reopened and the prosthetic will be fitted via the connector to the end of the implant.  As this is only done once the implant is fully integrated into the jaw, there is no risk of the implant becoming crooked or twisted in its socket; it should be fully usable within a few days of the loading.

Long-term care of dental implants

One of the best features of dental implants Harley Street is that their long term care is entirely comparable to your natural teeth; they only require simple brushing and flossing. With the standard 6-monthly check-up at our clinic, it can become second nature to see your implant as just another tooth and for many of our patients this is one of the greatest benefits of dental implants over removable bridges or dentures.