Save your smile with dental implants

A lot of people believe that once their teeth have fallen out they will never be able to replace them again. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic we know how self-conscious it can leave people feeling when they have gaps in their smile or no teeth at all to smile with. That’s why we offer dental implants Harley Street, which is a way to completely restore your teeth and keep you smiling for a long time. Unlike dentures they are permanently attached and cannot be removed, making them a lot more similar to your original teeth. They are secured into your mouth by using small titanium screws that have been implanted into your jaw, which means that your jawbone will stay stimulated even after tooth loss. It also means that they cannot come loose, even if you eat the chewiest food or accidentally knock them. If you have been trying to find out about how you can restore your missing teeth, then we advise that you book a consultation appointment with us at Harley Street Dental Clinic today, to find out all the ways we can help with your smile.


There is always a solution

Many people believe that getting dental implants Harley Street is only for those people who require dentures or are missing all of their teeth. Whilst this treatment can definitely be used to replace an entire mouthful of teeth, it can also be used to replace a few teeth or even just one tooth that is missing. One of the titanium screws that is inserted into your jawbone is capable of supporting more than one artificial tooth, so you will not necessarily need one screw for every tooth that you are replacing. When restoring a single tooth you will have a crown attached to the screw, and if you are having multiple teeth replaced you are likely to have a bridge attached instead. A whole set of teeth can be supported by between four and twelve screws, depending on your individual circumstances, but this is something that will be discussed at your consultation appointment. All of the appliances that are attached to the screws are made of porcelain and will feel, look and behave exactly like your original teeth.

Looking after your smile

Once you have had your dental implants Harley Street, it is important that you take care of them properly if you wish for them to last you as long as they potentially can. When you have your last appointment with our dental practitioner they will tell you how to clean your teeth properly and suggest which products would be most ideal for you personally. If you take care of your new teeth properly you may find that they can last longer than ten years in some circumstances. Not cleaning them properly will result in damage taking place where you will need to replace your crown, bridge or denture, or in some more severe cases you may need to have your screw replaced too. Plaque can still build up and harden on your artificial teeth as it did on your original ones, so having regular check-ups at our dental practice is a good idea, in order that we can ascertain everything in your mouth is exactly as it should be.