The importance of regular dental visits

Oral health is really important because of its several knock-on effects on our overall health. Studies have shown that bacteria from the mouth can cause infection and inflammation in other parts of the body as well as encourage diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Common oral health issues such as plaque build-up, cavities and gum disease often occur because of poor oral hygiene. However, even diligent brushers and flossers have to visit the dentist regularly, since only a dentist can clean your teeth thoroughly and effectively.

Dental Check Ups in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we understand that you probably have a busy schedule and find it difficult to fit another appointment in your frantic day. Nevertheless, it is important to find some time and schedule a visit with your dentist in W1.

Regular dental check-ups with the dentist will offer a valuable insight into the condition of your teeth, mouth, and gums. Therefore, problems like cavities and plaque can be diagnosed early or even prevented. Tooth decay can be stopped or managed if it is diagnosed at an early stage. Treating problems not only helps your teeth remain healthy for longer, but also lowers your overall dental costs in the long-term. For expectant mothers, treating dental issues early is also important because oral disease can be transferred from mother to baby through saliva.

However, prevention is not the only reason to visit your dentist in W1. We will also perform a thorough cleaning in order to remove plaque and tartar build-up, which can lead to gum disease. We use the newest technology tools and devices to remove tartar and plaque fast and effectively. If gum disease has already developed, your dentist will help keep it at bay and reverse it if possible. However, bear in mind that gum disease can be diagnosed quite early, therefore visiting your dentist in W1 for regular check-ups is imperative.

Ignoring dental problems, however harmless they may seem, allows them time to expand and cause more problems in the long-run. If you haven’t visited the dentist for quite some time, consider scheduling an appointment as soon as possible. Apart from gum disease and tooth decay, your dentist will also screen your mouth and teeth for more serious conditions such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

Are you afraid of visiting the dentist?

Do you worry about going to your dentist? does it make you mildly anxious, or does it play on your mind for weeks on end before you build up the courage to make an appointment? Studies show that 75% of us have at least a little concern about visiting their dentist. However there are extreme cases;some people are so afraid to visit the dentist they only ever eat soft food so they don’t damage any teeth on anything that’s hard, and other people will suffer for years with toothache or poor oral health, which in turn may negatively affect their appearance.

dental-nervous-patientsOvercome your fears with a Harley Street dentist

Harley Street Dental Clinic believe that everyone should receive proper oral health care without their fears getting in the way, that’s why the Harley Street dentist offers patients a number of solutions to help them overcome their fears. The dentists are more than happy to discuss each treatment in depth with the patient, to help ease their anxieties. They will also arrange a signal for the patient, so that they can flag up if they ever need a break during any procedure. In addition, patients are more than happy to listen to music, audio books, or to watch a film during treatment to help them relax. If none of the methods listed previously are appealing to the patient, the Harley Street dentist offers two different types of sedation: Relative analgesia (RA) sedation involves using gas and air to aid relaxation, the patient will still be conscious, but will be comfortable and unaware of the treatment. Intravenous sedation is also available with a consultant anaesthetist for patients who require this option, however they will need someone to take them home after the treatment and look after them until the next morning.

If you are afraid of visiting the dentist, please contact the Harley Street dentist to discuss your worries and concerns. Don’t continue to suffer or allow the fear to negatively affect your life any longer, as the clinic is more than likely to have a solution to enable you to receive the treatment and care that you need.