Don’t find excuses for missing your dental appointment

If you can’t remember when the last time was you sat in the dentist’s chair for a check-up or cleaning, it’s time to reconsider your priorities and see your dentist as soon as possible. In general, it is recommended to arrange dental visits at least twice a year. However, different people have different dental needs and the frequency of visiting the dentist depends on many factors such as the state of their teeth and their risk of cavities and gum disease.

Dental Clinic in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, your trusted dental clinic in W1, we are committed to providing great preventive dental care, constantly encouraging our patients to improve their oral health habits. Brushing and flossing are pretty standard practices for good oral health, yet they are not enough on their own.

Moreover, at our dental clinic in W1, we will examine your teeth and gums thoroughly, looking for signs of infection that are not visible with the naked eye. Oral diseases such as cavities and gum disease don’t always showcase symptoms during their early stage of development and only your dentist can tell if your teeth and gums are under attack.

Why is oral prevention so important?

Did you know that oral health infections are closely related to overall health problems? For instance, diabetic patients are more likely to develop gum disease that needs to be closely monitored.

Moreover, painful symptoms are worrying because chances are that they have already caused a significant amount of damage to your teeth.

Last but not least, preventive oral health practices and regular check-ups can save you loads of time and money in the long run.

Gum disease – an unseen enemy

Gum disease is an inflammatory condition of the gums that develops in different stages. Early-stage gum disease (gingivitis) doesn’t ache and does not exhibit significant symptoms. As a matter of fact, most people are likely to miss it. If it turns into periodontitis (advanced gum disease), immediate intervention is really important.

Gum disease is a leading cause of tooth loss among adults, but luckily it’s totally preventable. At our dental clinic in W1, we will keep an eye out for any symptoms every time you come in for your dental check-up.

Do you need help with your sensitive teeth?

If you suffer from sensitive teeth, you know from all the products on the shelves and adverts on TV that you are not alone. In fact, about 30% of UK adults suffer from some degree of tooth sensitivity. Perhaps you think you have to live with your tooth sensitivity because it’s really not that bad. But you don’t. At least, at Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, we don’t think you do.

Dental Clinic in W1At your dental clinic in W1, we want to be able to help you resolve the problem of sensitive teeth, so you’re free to eat and drink whatever you want without fear of discomfort.

What’s causing your sensitive teeth?

The main reason that your teeth have become sensitive is that something is exposing the dentin layer below your tooth enamel. The dentin layer contains tubes filled with fluid. The current thinking is that when exposure to heat or cold causes the fluid to move in the tubes, the nerves in the tooth root are affected, and you experience sudden flashes of pain.

Things that could be causing dentin exposure include:

Erosion of your tooth enamel. When your tooth enamel is worn away, the dentin is nearer the surface of your tooth and more easily affected by temperature. This could be caused by decay, brushing too strongly, or night time tooth grinding. At the dental clinic in W1, we can check for areas where the enamel is thin or worn through.

Receding gums. When your gums recede, the tooth root becomes exposed. There is no enamel covering the tooth root, so your dentin is exposed to the air and sensitivity becomes an issue. Receding gums can be caused by gum disease or too much brushing. We can find out the cause and offer advice and treatments to deal with receding gums.

Cracks and chips. You may have sustained some other damage to the surface of your teeth that is exposing the dentin. Such damage can sometimes be covered over with veneers or cosmetic bonding.

If your sensitive teeth are stopping you from enjoying life to the full, make an appointment at Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1 and let’s see if we can put an end to tooth sensitivity.

Creating good habits for a lifetime

As a new parent, you will know that it is important to instil good habits in your children, but did you know that they will be taking in your every move, and trying to replicate it, from the moment they are born? This means that you can start preparing them to have good teeth for life from a very young age by bringing them to the dental clinic in W1.

Dental Clinic in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we believe that the earlier you start getting your little ones used to the dental clinic in W1, the easier it will be to get them to create good oral hygiene habits. To that end, we suggest that you bring your infants along to your own appointments. It may not seem like they are taking anything in, but those tiny people are sponges and nothing gets past them. If you show them that having a check-up is a positive experience from the word go, they’ll see it as such when the time comes for them to have their own check-ups.


At Harley Street Dental Clinic in W1, we can start taking a look at your children’s teeth as soon as there are any to look at. Meanwhile at home, you can start brushing their teeth with your finger and a bit of children’s toothpaste before moving onto a baby’s toothbrush.

You can make toothbrush time into all sorts of fun games so that it’s more fun to stand at the bathroom sink and clean.

Tooth decay

Children’s tooth enamel is softer than that of adults, which is why they suffer more from decay. Of course, sugary snacks and drinks also play a big part.

There are a couple of treatments that can also help protect children’s teeth against decay. We can soak them in trays of fluoride gel, which hardens up the enamel against decay. We can also paint the back teeth with sealants to stop decay-causing bacteria getting at the teeth.

The hygienist can also help by teaching them great brushing skills in a fun and engaging way.

Between us, we can turn your child into a toothbrushing ninja, set for a lifetime of great teeth.

Why do people seek dental care?

Studies have shown that only a small percentage of the population sees the dentist on a regular basis. Most people will visit the dentist if it’s absolutely necessary and in some cases this may lead to extensive and expensive dental treatments.

Dental Clinic in W1But why do so many people avoid visiting the dentist? The answer is not simple. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, your trusted dental clinic in W1, we appreciate that many of our patients are busy but sacrificing your oral health is not the ideal solution. With a little bit of readiness for action and a sense of prevention, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

Our experienced dentists will examine your teeth and gums carefully, remove plaque, polish your teeth and inform you of all the treatments available in our dental clinic in W1.

Prevention is better than cure

Ideally, people should visit the dentist at least twice a year to ensure that their teeth and gums are clean and healthy. Some people, in particular, are more susceptible to visiting the dentist frequently because they have had bad experiences with dental problems in the past which result in complicated and expensive treatments. If more people were conscious of their oral health and were aware of the benefits of preventive dentistry, then frequent dental visits would be the rule rather than the exception.

Witnessing the consequences of an oral problem

Some people will visit our dental clinic in W1 only after they realise that their condition requires dental care and treatment. Symptoms such as pain or interference with daily life are important enough to motivate an individual to seek dental help. In most cases, dental treatment can help alleviate pain and control a dental condition, no matter how late a patient decides to visit our dental clinic in W1. However, early intervention will usually save you time and money in the long run.

Benefits of regular dental care

In order for a patient to take action and start caring about their oral health, they need to know about the benefits of diligent oral care. Our experienced dental team at Harley Street Dental Clinic will show you a wide range of effective ways to take good care of your teeth and gums.

Don’t let it happen in the first place

If you could, wouldn’t you like to end your days with all your teeth intact and still biting and chewing away? As dental research advances, this is becoming increasingly possible at the dental clinic in W1. We dentists have a modern mantra that is ‘teeth for life’, whereby, instead of taking all your teeth out and fitting you with dentures, as was popular in the mid-20th century, we now do all we can to allow you to have strong, healthy teeth for as long as possible.

Dental clinic in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we have a range of treatments that come under the umbrella of preventive dentistry. Some are for kids, some are for older people. Let’s take a look at what’s on offer at this dental clinic in W1 now:

Keep it clean

The root cause of many dental woes is bacterial plaque. This builds up on your teeth between brushing, building up quicker when you eat or drink sugary things. Dental hygiene is mostly done at home, but it is also important to have regular deep cleans at the dental clinic in W1. The hygienist removes any build-up of plaque that you haven’t been able to reach.

Keeping gums healthy

Having healthy gums is vital for keeping your teeth. Gum disease is caused by plaque and if it has gone beyond its early stages, we will need to treat it so that it doesn’t begin to erode your tooth roots and jawbone.

Breath of a dragon?

If you have bad breath, it is important not to ignore it but to find out what’s causing it. Try upping your dental hygiene routine, but if that doesn’t work, bring your bad breath to us and we will try to find out what’s causing it. It could be trapped food going rotten or a symptom of an illness.

Sore jaw?

If you are waking up with a headache or an ache in your face or jaw, then you could be well grinding your teeth in your sleep. If grinding goes on for some time, the teeth start to crumble and fall away. We can help prevent this by making you a bite guard to wear while you sleep.

Friendliness and excellence, a great combination

When it comes to teeth, no one wants treatment that is second best. When you set out to find a new dental clinic in W1, top of your list of priorities will be a wide range of treatments delivered with friendliness by highly experienced dentists.

Dental Clinic in W1At Harley Street Dental Clinic, you will find high quality dentistry in the heart of London’s exclusive private medical district.

When you arrive

When you visit our dental clinic in W1, you will find you are having dental treatments in a historic Georgian house that has been lovingly renovated to be comfortable, modern and beautiful. Our founding dentist, Dr Stanley Kay, oversaw the renovations, aiming to give you calm and relaxing surroundings for your treatments. If you can relax and feel at home, it makes a big difference to how you experience your dental treatment.

When you come through the door of our dental clinic in W1, the first thing you will be met by is a warm and friendly welcome from our efficient reception team. If you don’t already have an appointment, they will make sure that you get one with the most appropriatelyskilled dentist, or treatment co-ordinator. If you do, they will make sure you have everything you need while you wait for your dentist.

While you wait

In our modern waiting area, you can help yourself to a a cup of tea or coffee, read a magazine or watch a TV programme. If you are here during prayer time, we also have a special area dedicated to interfaith prayer.

Your treatments

We are proud of the fact that at this large dental clinic in W1, we can offer you every kind of dentistry that you may need. This is no need to ever go anywhere else for extra treatment. Whether you have children, want cosmetic dentistry, need restorations, or surgery, we have a large team of dentists trained in all aspects of dentistry waiting to help you.

If you are not sure what you need, don’t worry, the dentist assigned to you will put together a treatment plan for your agreement.

If you’d like to come in and find out more, we’d love to meet you.

A patient-centric dental clinic in W1

Our philosophy at Harley Street Dental Clinic is to put you first, making sure that we not only listen to your needs but deliver on them too. As a motivated team of dedicated dental professionals, we invest in technologies, developments and materials to ensure you receive good quality care.

Dental Clinic in W1In partnership with you

As your dental clinic in W1, we aim to create a partnership with you. It’s important that we fully understand your needs, including whether you feel nervous coming to see us. In doing so, we can provide you with clear, easy to understand information on your oral health and any treatments you may be needing. By keeping accurate, up-to-date records, we also create continuity of care, so our approach is personalised to you.

Our team

We offer treatments from hygiene appointments through to more extensive restorative treatments, such as dental implants. Our extensive team, many with special interests and qualifications in particular areas of dentistry, ensure they keep abreast of any new development or techniques in their areas of interest.

This breadth of knowledge, understanding and experience means that you can receive any dental treatment you will need with one clinic. This is supportive for all our patients, especially anyone who experiences fear and anxiety visiting the dentist. Since it will be the same familiar surgery that understands your needs, you will never need to explain, we will already know how to respond to you, so we can plan your treatment journey together, looking at what steps will be taken to manage your anxiety.

You’ll be able to watch or listen to entertainment if this will help, we can develop hand signals with you, so, if you require a break, you can let us know. There are also several sedation choices from gas and air (RA sedation) through to intravenous options. These will be discussed with you and decided upon, depending on the level of your nerves balanced with the type of treatment you will be having.

Visiting your dental clinic in W1 should be a pleasure, one in which you know you will be taken care of. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we strive to ensure just that.

Why we don’t love sugar here at this dental clinic in W1

If we could have our wish for 2019, it would be that all our patients would eat less sugar. Sugar is the main driver for so many ills, and in the mouth, it is the fuel for plaque, the bacteria that leads to gum disease and tooth decay.

You might think it would be the other way around and we’d be handing out free chocolate eggs in the run-up to the spring festivities, but here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, our mantra is ‘teeth for life’.

Dental Clinic in W1Sugar and plaque and the dental clinic in W1

Sugar is in almost everything we eat in 21st century Britain. Just take a look at the ingredients list on ready-made foods, or even low-fat foods. If you see anything that ends in -ose, it’s a sugar. Even so-called healthy sweeteners such as honey, maple syrup and coconut nectar are sugar. Put them in your mouth and the plaque bacteria will have a field day with them.

Some foods, such as dried fruits, even hold the sugar against your teeth when little bits get left behind after swallowing. This creates a kind of running buffet for the plaque bacteria there. This is why when parents give their children raisins and sultanas as a snack instead of sweets, they are not really doing them any favours at all. Any child who eats dried fruits as a snack should rinse well with plain water afterwards.

Sugar feeds plaque, which then goes into full-on reproduction mode, building up those furry layers you can feel on your teeth as the day goes by. As well as not feeling great inside your mouth, plaque gives off corrosive acids that attack your tooth enamel and your gums.

Back to that mantra of ours

We want you to have your teeth for as long as possible, even though there is more business mileage for us in people with bad teeth. As dentists, we need to make a living, it’s true, but we’d rather make it out of finding ways for you to hang onto your teeth. So turn up for your check-ups and deep cleans at your dental clinic in W1, and cut down on sugar in the meantime.

All you need from a dental clinic in W1 under one roof

Welcome to London. Big, isn’t it? Capital cities tend to be huge, but some are easier to find your way round than others. London is an ancient city so we don’t go big on the handy grid layouts that other newer cities have. We are all traffic jams and strange names. We do have a great tube system and fab buses, but if you are going to try and get around, it’s not unusual to have to set aside a good hour or more if you want to get from one side of the city to the other.

Dental Clinic in W1So, if you are here and you need dental treatment, it makes sense to find a centrally located dental clinic in W1, and one that’s got every branch of dentistry within its 4 walls so that you don’t have to be referred elsewhere if you need focussed treatment.

Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, locations don’t come better. Our dental clinic in W1 is in a restored Georgian town house on the street in London most famous for excellence in private medicine and dentistry.

Not only that but we are a large dental practice. So, when you come to us, you don’t ever need to go anywhere else as well for treatment.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, you will find dentists with a special focus on everything. We have dentists covering

  • misalignments of the teeth and jaws
  • gum disease
  • children’s dentistry
  • nervous patients
  • dental implants
  • cosmetic dentistry
  • root canal therapy
  • general dentistry
  • dental surgery.

Seamless treatment

In all, we have 12 dentists, as well as 3 consultant surgeons. When you come to us for check-ups and treatment, you won’t get lost in the system though. We make sure that we treat everyone with in-depth personal care by assigning one dentist to oversee an entire course of treatment, even if you have to see several other dentists to get your work done.

We also speak several languages here, so you will always know what’s being said and will fully understand the ins and outs of the treatment you need.

Why not give us a try? We’d love to have you here.

A dentist with a difference

Why visit our dental clinic in W1? After all, you are spoilt for choice in this area. Situated, as we are, in the heart of London’s private medical district, there is a plethora of dental practices all around us.

Dental Clinic in W1Any dentist in Harley Street will be highly skilled and qualified and offer a range of treatments. What we believe distinguishes us here at Harley Street Dental Clinic is our approach to our patients. The reason why we do what we do is you. Patients are at the heart of our dental clinic in W1 and our practice decisions are taken with a view to creating an easy experience for you.

First of all, we take the time to listen to your concerns and what you want from treatment. We want to know what your desired outcome is so we can match it as closely as possible. And if we can’t, we will tell you why and offer other options at the outset. This way, you can make an informed choice as to how to proceed with treatment.

Our dental clinic in W1 offers a bespoke service to our patients. Because everyone is unique and has their own set of wishes, needs and dental conditions, we design each treatment plan with you in mind, not the thousand other patients with a similar problem to you. Because for us, our relationship with you is a partnership, our dentists don’t tell you what you need, they ask and work with you to find a solution that you will be happy with, bringing their considerable expertise to the situation.

We know that many patients experience anxiety at the dental clinic in W1. And even for those that don’t, we want our practice to be as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Our reception staff are warm and welcoming, and our waiting area has comfy sofas and a flat-screen TV to help you feel at ease before your treatment.

We also use techniques such as conscious sedation and in-chair entertainment to help you relax during your treatment.

Call into our surgery today and see for yourself why we are a dental clinic in W1 with a difference.