How to get started with a new dental clinic

There are many reasons a patient may want to switch from their current dental practitioner to a new one. Some of these reasons include changing location, the need to find a practice that offers more convenient hours, or one that practises a wider range of dental procedures and treatments. Other reasons could be concern over the quality of dental care they receive from their current practitioner. Whatever the reason is for finding a new dental practitioner, dental health is a priority, which is why a patient should feel comfortable and confident with their chosen dentist.


How should a patient choose a new dental practice? The first step would be to narrow down the list of potential dental practices according to a preferred list of must-haves that will help patients choose the best dental clinic in W1

One of the critical goals is to make certain that the new dentist can meet the patient’s needs by offering a range of treatments in a professional and compassionate manner. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we strive to not only meet but exceed our patients’ expectations. To do this we believe in fostering positive patient-dentist relationships. We believe this is an essential part of offering the highest standards in best dental care.

Must-have for choosing a new dental clinic in W1

Patients intent on finding a new dental practice are offered a few helpful guidelines here to ensure that this transition is a smooth and painless process. Depending on your needs, the list of criteria a dental clinic in W1 may have to meet could include the following points.

  • How does the convenience of location, treatment hours and processes accommodate your lifestyle?
  • Can the dental practice address all your dental care needs (including corrective and preventive treatments) for yourself and family members? For example would you require paediatric dental care for young children?
  • Are there various payment plans offered should the need arise?

How to choose the right dental clinic

  • Essential questions to ask

Experience, training and ongoing professional development should not be overlooked. A discerning patient will take the time to inquire about the qualifications of the dentist overseeing their dental health.

  • Specialised treatments

Are there any specialised dental treatments offered? It is always more convenient for a patient to find a dental practice that can provide a wide service offering. This way there is no need for time delays in getting treatment records and other patient information from one service provider to another or of dental records getting lost en route.

  • Other general considerations

Once the most important concerns are addressed there are other factors to consider that may influence a patient’s decision. If a patient has a dental phobia, it is important to find out what procedures the clinic has in place – do they offer sedation dentistry for instance?  Do they have a particular policy on missed dental appointments? Is there more than one dental practitioner based at the clinic that would be able to cover for your dentist in case of an emergency?

Are you a patient looking for a new dental clinic? Find quality dental care at Harley Street Dental Clinic. Why not arrange a new patient consultation today? You will find our dental team are always happy to answer any questions you may have.