Taking care of your child’s teeth with paediatric dentistry Harley Street

As a parent, you will constantly want the best for your child in every way possible; this is a perfectly normal way for any good parent to be. One of the areas of your child’s well-being you will always have concerns about is their health, as none of us wants the most precious people in our lives to grow up in an unhealthy way. This is why you make sure to register them with a doctor as soon as possible after they are born.


As your child grows, their health needs change as they start to develop their first set of teeth; this then leads to another set of concerns about the oral health and hygiene standards of your child. This will normally lead you to teach your child about the importance of cleaning their teeth twice a day, once in the morning before going to school and once at night before bed, so their teeth can remain healthy and strong.

However, we all know that there will be times in a child’s life when it may be best to seek the help and guidance of a professional in order to ensure the health of their teeth: this will lead you to register them with a dental practice. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we offer a range of services in paediatric dentistry Harley Street that will help to treat any dental issues your child may have and aim to prevent any others from developing.

Getting children to engage

As a practice that offers paediatric dentistry Harley Street, we recognise that it may be a challenge for you to get your child to become engaged with good oral hygiene practices and with the dentist. But there are ideas that you can use to make your child more likely to do the right thing to look after their teeth.

We know that many children find the dental practice to be a strange place that may frighten them at first, so we would suggest that you allow your child to see that you are happy to allow a dentist to examine your teeth and gums. As children learn from their parents and often want to copy what their parents do, your child may begin to feel a lot more relaxed during their dental checkup.

The main idea that your child needs to understand is that a dentist is a friendly person who just wants to help others to take care of their teeth and gums. Once they understand this, your child may then become more willing to engage with any dental treatment.

Your child should feel at ease

When you visit our dental practice with your child, we will do everything we can to help them feel at ease. Our staff will be warm and friendly and show patience with your child, allowing them to find a way to feel comfortable before sitting in the dental chair.

If you are for a dental practice that cares about paediatric dentistry Harley Street, then we invite you to contact our receptionist to learn more about the services we offer to help protect your child’s teeth.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we treat children aged 12 months and above.

Can I restore my teeth to their natural colour?

One cosmetic treatment that has become popular for people from all walks of life is the ability to replenish their smile via teeth whitening Harley Street.

With daily life playing havoc on our teeth, mouth and gums it is no wonder that the naturally white smile begins to diminish and dull over time. From coffee stains, to red wine stains to the general wear and tear of life, having the shade of your teeth show these signs of ageing or lifestyle habits can impact an individual’s self-esteem.

Luckily for every individual on the planet, teeth whitening Harley Street is an affordable, comfortable solution that provides amazing results.

How does Zoom whitening work?

Zoom whitening is just one of the methods offered to re-creating your dazzling smile. This particular teeth whitening Harley Street treatment is carried out in house.

As with all treatments and procedures the starting point is a consultation. This process enables your dental team to decide whether or not this is the best treatment for you. After all, for those with bridges, crowns and veneers, the better option would be to replace them before sitting in the chair and undergoing the whitening process.

If this treatment is the one for you, then the following appointment will be a thoroughly deep clean of the teeth, mouth and gums. This is carried out by your dental hygienist and is the same process as when you have your routine appointments. Once any plaque, tartar or any other debris has been eliminated from the mouth, the whitening can begin.

Now whilst we want to whiten the teeth, we also want to protect the gums from burning which is why a barrier gel is applied to the areas surrounding the teeth. This is of extreme importance as it ensures that the bleaching gel is focused entirely on the teeth rather than damaging the surrounding gums. Once the protective barrier is in place, the bleaching gel is applied carefully to the visible surface area of each tooth. It is then time to sit back and relax whilst a specialist light is focused on the teeth which activates the teeth whitening Harley Street.

Once time is up, the bleaching agent is carefully removed from your teeth and your dental team provides another thorough clean. Your brightened smile can then be visibly noticed and all within a 45-minute appointment.

How much lighter can my smile become?

Depending on the severity of the stains, it may be that you are looking for quite a few shades lighter than your current smile. Zoom whitening is able to get your teeth 16 shades lighter in just 14 days. Whilst this may sound like a lot, it may be that this still does not reach the shade you are after. If this is the case then additional top-up treatments will be discussed with your dental team.

Will this last my lifetime?

Whilst a dazzling white smile for eternity with no further discolouration would be amazing, in reality it is not possible. However, the results of Zoom teeth whitening Harley Street can last up to a year providing you avoid the bad habits such as smoking, vaping or reduce the caffeine and wine drinking. Luckily, there are top-up gels available to assist, so ask your dental team about them so as to keep your smile dazzling for longer.

How Invisalign has changed adult orthodontics

Orthodontics may bring up images of teenagers in braces who are going through an awkward adolescent period, but in a modern clinic, it just isn’t like that. Let’s see how Invisalign Harley Street has changed the adult orthodontist landscape. Contact us at Harley Street Dental if you would like more information.


The adult perspective

Orthodontic care for adult patients has been stymied for several reasons. There is a perception that teeth become less mobile as you grow older; there is a degree of truth to this, and newly erupting permanent teeth are more flexible than those that have matured. But this is a matter of years after getting those permanent teeth. The difference between teenage orthodontic and adult orthodontic treatment is minimal if any, but this idea has been reinforced by the NHS funding brackets that permit orthodontic treatment for children but not adults.

The second reason is the impact on your appearance and the tethering of orthodontic care to braces, which are often seen as the only orthodontic option; this is a significant impediment to treatment, particularly if the treatment is cosmetic. It is like asking people to significantly reduce their appearance for a long-term benefit. It is a barrier to entry that stops many patients from accessing the care they could so easily benefit from.

Treatment steps

Screening is an important aspect at the beginning of every treatment. You can easily book a screening at Harley Street Dental on our website.  It allows us to fully assess your suitability and what your outcomes might be. This is particularly in-depth when it comes to clear aligners since after the fundamentals – checking for cavity damage and any other risk factors – an oral scan can be taken. In real-time, you will be able to see the movements your teeth will go through during the course of the treatment, allowing you to be fully aware of every step before committing to proceeding with the care regime.

Invisalign Harley Street is quite different to braces. In the checkup schedule and daily life, they are nowhere near as rigid as braces. These aligners only really require intervention in the event that something is going wrong, and checkups are there to check for this and have the flexibility to fit around your schedule. Sometimes, the checkups can even be performed online.

The most important aspect of a checkup is ensuring that the aligner order is maintained and the movement of the teeth is in sync; assuming the aligner is used appropriately, errors with this are unlikely. Occasionally, finishing (additional adjustment aligners that are used at the end of the treatment) is required to correct the last few millimetres.

Living with clear aligners

Invisalign Harley Street is also significantly different to traditional braces and how they affect your everyday life. Their maintenance and cleaning are just as different as their appearance when it comes to this orthodontic tool.

Unlike traditional braces, it is possible to remove aligners before eating; this is highly recommended as it minimises the opportunity for them to be damaged by hard foods. It also means they do not affect your food choices. Aligners also require a little more than a quick rinse in lukewarm water before replacing them to keep them fresh and clean.

Keeping up appearances with lip fillers Harley Street

As our bodies go through the ageing process, our once youthful plumpness can begin to deplete as the hyaluronic acid within our skin lessens. Fine lines, wrinkles and a new thinness to the lips can develop over time and although you may still feel young, for some the appearance begins to suggest otherwise. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we understand that although our bodies age, this does not mean we are necessarily ready for the appearance changes which will begin to occur. This is where dermal fillers can save the day.


Having lip fillers Harley Street is one easy step to restoring your youthful appearance as it is a simple boost of the hyaluronic acids within the lips. In order to get the process started you can contact our team online, in person or over the phone and get an appointment booked in for your free consultation. During this appointment we can ensure that any questions you may have are answered and the processes are explained in full so as to leave little to the imagination.

Avoiding surgery to enhance your appearance

When we strive to alter our appearance it can be easy to assume that we will need some form of surgery, but in many cases this is not necessary. Lip fillers Harley Street are just one of these cases. This procedure, which you will barely feel due to a numbing of the area, is created using a simple needle injected into specific points. Injecting the natural hyaluronic acid back into the body to create a freshened appearance is a quick way to create a more youthful look instantly. Minutes to complete for an instant result. 

Topping up or removing the filler

Once you have had your first filler, if you like the outcome you may want to continue with the new appearance. If this is how you feel, all you need to do is continue to attend further appointments around every 6 months on an ongoing basis in order to continue to top up the filler.

On the other end of the scale, should you not like the new image, in a matter of months the treatment will wear off and your original appearance will be back to normal. No need for extensive methods to remove the treatment, a simple wait can help reduce the results without any further action.

Not just for lips

Our lips are not the only aspect to our appearance that we may want to alter and it is therefore useful to know that at our clinic dermal fillers are available to enhance a variety of aspects of the body. This does not mean that once you have your lips enhanced you can just go straight into other filler procedures, as we would always book in a consultation appointment to begin with. The good thing about having lip fillers Harley Street first is that you will already understand how the process works and therefore should you have more questions, detailed or not, our team will be able to address these with you.

Orthodontic care by stealth – clear braces W1

Young or old, rich or poor, the impact of wearing a brace weighs heavily on the mind of any patient considering orthodontic care in their adult years. Let’s talk about how we’ve transcended the problem with our clear braces W1.


Grown up orthodontic care

Orthodontic care is no longer wedded to teenage and adolescent patients as it once was and more adults are looking to correct minor misalignments later in life. This puts a lot of pressure onto clinics to adapt and meet the needs of this new group, a challenge that we have happily risen to with clear braces W1 at Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Breaking the cosmetic taboo

There has long been a taboo associated with cosmetic procedures, having been seen as superfluous, vain, unnecessary or somehow less than other medical procedures. Caring about your appearance and feeling good because you physically look good is somehow seen as shallow.

We’re beginning to see these ideas change, to crack and fade. The truth is that confidence and a higher quality of life, whether it comes from an aesthetic treatment or the relief of a medical condition, is still highly enriching and is well worth the time and effort, this is something that we firmly believe at our practice.

Maintaining a lifestyle balance

The challenge that many adult patients struggle with is mixing the demands of their lifestyle, career and interpersonal relationships with the disruption that treatment brings. One solution that patients have adopted is taking medical holidays for treatments to occur outside of their normal social circles.

This does not work well for orthodontic care, as the treatment is long term, somewhere between 4 to 12 months depending on how significant the misalignment is. This is what makes low-impact orthodontic care so valuable to our working, professional patients, allowing it to simply fly under the radar and allow treatment with minimal disruption.

Low impact orthodontic options

Lingual braces

These are streamlined versions of traditional braces, attached to the backs or the inside of the teeth making them practically invisible to all intents and purposes.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are translucent plastic forms. They gradually realign the teeth by applying consistent pressure over the entire surface of the tooth; because they are so close fitting and crystal-clear, they can go unnoticed even during the most intimate conversations.

Ceramic translucent braces

Ceramic braces sometimes called glass braces, invisible braces or clear braces W1 are glass polymer composite braces. They share many of the structural properties of traditional metal braces but they’re see-through!

Minimal brace systems

Minimal braces systems use very high strength metals to have the same mechanical properties as a traditional brace whilst being as minimalistic as possible. There are two wires made using titanium nickel or tungsten composites and their brackets are narrower.

Dental cost and financing options

We don’t think that your cash flow should limit your access to the highest quality of dental care. We offer 0% finance  and low interest options allowing you to distribute the cost of your care over the long haul, which is up to 5 years.

By eliminating upfront costs, people are more engaged in the treatments most appropriate for them, rather than trying to cut corners or economise on their care by selling themselves short.

The lowdown on composite bonding Harley Street

What is it?


When first looking into the idea of reshaping, re-colouring or altering the appearance of your tooth or teeth, you may uncover something called composite bonding Harley Street. This particular redesigning of the tooth is an extremely popular method as it uses a resin which is moulded and blended to the natural tooth. No need for major surgery or treatments that take time to adjust the imperfections you may see within your smile. This simple yet effective treatment enables dentists around the world to help patients adjust their minor imperfections without a hefty treatment or procedure to get there.

Can this be done in one appointment?

With instant results being all the rage within society, it is no surprise that patients seek this when looking at altering and perfecting their smile. Whilst this is not always possible, when it comes to composite bonding Harley Street, it is, in most cases, an instant result. The teeth do not need to be prepared in advance and the majority of cases can have a rejuvenated smile within around 90 minutes without the need for any healing time. The important part is to remember that every patient is different and therefore your timings may differ slightly, but this will always be discussed between you and our dental team.

A replacement for braces?

Whilst composite bonding Harley Street can be used on a slightly crooked smile, this quick fix only masks the problem and is not a long-term solution. It would also only be suited to those who have minor misalignment issues as more extensive problems would require orthodontic treatment to realign the teeth.

This quick fix will suit some patients, but not others as with any treatment or procedure and therefore it is important to discuss this with us at Harley Street Dental Clinic before setting your sights on a particular pathway for improving your teeth. Using our knowledge and expertise to achieve the results you want is putting your smile first. 

Shaping the resin

Although advances in technology have taken the world by storm and a lot of jobs have a digitised solution, when it comes to moulding and shaping the resin to your tooth, it is carried out by hand. Our dentist will have expert knowledge and skills to chisel, shape and mould each tooth ensuring that it blends perfectly to the rest of your natural smile.

A short-term fix?

The idea of a short-term fix depends on what you believe the meaning to be. Our natural teeth will always be the preferred long-term solution, but life throws in a series of twists and turns which impact our teeth, mouth and gums. The natural tooth may be damaged or altered in appearance or placement and therefore using a non-surgical method to re-create the tooth can feel like a long-term solution when it lasts for only 5 or so years.

The main thing to remember is that no treatment or procedure is long-term if your oral hygiene regime  is not of a high standard. By taking care of your teeth, mouth and gums, whether through composite bonding Harley Street, dental implants or some other mouth altering treatment, the solution will reach its full potential enabling you to prepare for the next step.

Invisalign – the pros and cons of treatment

The great thing about our dentists is that they are here to guide you towards the appropriate treatment – not to sell you a product or service, as we know all treatments have their pros and cons despite their growing popularity. So, let’s take a level-headed look at Invisalign W1.



The effectiveness of clear aligners as a group has been questioned, but we at Harley Street Dental Clinic have found that to be an overgeneralisation, with there being a significant quantity of aligners that are misused, usually through home treatment kits and online dentistry. This branded aligner has never permitted their products to be used outside of a fully-qualified dental practice and only operates out of licensed surgeries. This gives both the oversight of a dentist maximising treatment effectiveness, as well as the support of the manufacturer to the local surgery.

In this context, clear aligners have been shown to be effective at correcting mild to moderate misalignment in good time and with fewer unpleasant side effects.


Historically, orthodontic treatment has not placed comfort as the highest priority. That has changed and even the traditional metal brace has had to adapt to patients’ expectations, with comfort being a factor. Invisalign W1 takes this to new heights. Traditional orthodontic braces  need to be adjusted or tightened; this is usually done with six weeks intervals, but it could be done more often, producing the inconvenience of travelling to the clinic and limited surgery time with increased treatment costs. Clear aligners are used for 2 weeks before moving on to the next aligner in the series. This is the equivalent of having a brace corrected, with smaller and more regular corrections which are far more tolerable, making aligners more comfortable. Most patients report a consistent pressure on their teeth which soon becomes normalised, leading to them forgetting whether they are wearing their aligner or not.

Visual impact

Finally onto the clear part of clear aligners. One of the best aspects of this orthodontic technique is its minimalism; by using the elastic deformation and its resulting pressure to move teeth, clear aligners do not require brackets, archwires, rubber bands or any of the other things that a traditional brace needs. They function just as well in any colour, but by being translucent with clean lines and tightly fitted to the teeth, they are close to invisible.

Maintenance and lifestyle impact

Maintenance of Invisalign W1 is quite different to that of other braces; they are removable from your mouth although it is only recommended to take them out sparingly just to eat and clean teeth. That said, the majority of maintenance and hygiene associated with traditional braces is around eating and the extensive cleaning after eating.  By being able to remove your aligner in order to consume food and then brush before returning it, much of that rigmarole is avoided.

The presence of the aligner does reduce the flow of natural saliva around the teeth, increasing risks of cavity formation and the build-up of plaque. Care should be taken to improve brushing technique and general oral hygiene.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in contact with our surgery and we would be happy to explain more about clear aligners and how they could help you.

Brightening up your smile with teeth whitening in Harley Street

Each day our teeth go through a series of obstacles, from crunching down on biscuits to chewing gum repeatedly and being soaked in liquids each time we drink. Whilst this is of course unavoidable, the types of food and drink we consume can be altered within our diet so as to protect our teeth from stains. Removing red wine, caffeinated drinks such as tea and coffee, and cutting down on sugary consumables can work wonders. For some these steps may be big, for others they may be minor changes.

Whilst the above changes can make a huge difference, if the discolouration has already set in, it may be that you are searching for a way to renew the appearance of your teeth and recreate the white gleam that they once had. This is where teeth whitening Harley Street comes in.


What options are available?

For those who have had a bad experience within a dental practice, visiting the dentist can engender feelings of discomfort, anxieties can arise and an overall sense of fear can take hold. For those people, visiting the dental practice for any form of treatment or procedure may be something they tend to avoid. However, this is no longer necessary. Whilst we cannot change past experiences, we can create new, positive associations with your visits to our dental practice. Our team from receptionist through to the dentist are there to work with you, so as to achieve your dental dreams and whilst the occasional visit is needed, there are options available with many treatments that are primarily home based.

An example of this is the whitening option carried out at home. As with all treatments and procedures, a consultation will need to happen first and it will be during this time that a blueprint for your custom-made dental trays will be created. Once the trays are manufactured, you will be called in for a quick recap and to be presented with them. It is then over to you. These dental trays fit snugly and comfortably to your teeth for just a few hours a day, whether it be daytime or overnight is your choice. With a whitening gel placed inside the trays within around two weeks visible results can be seen.

For those who have no anxieties surrounding visits to the dentist, it may be that they opt for the Zoom teeth whitening Harley Street treatment. This process is carried out within the dental practice and essentially requires the patient to sit in a dental chair whilst a lamp is placed over the area activating the bleaching process. This suits patients who are after a quick re-colouration before a special event or for those who do not want to build gradually with the whitening process.

Or for the people who are unsure about which route to follow, it may be that a combination of the above two processes is carried out. Either way, when looking into treatments and procedures it is important to discuss your concerns, no matter how big or small, with our dental team. By doing this, together you will be able to come up with an option that not only suits your physical needs, but also your emotional needs.

Recreating your smile with Invisalign Harley Street

A leap of faith


When we are in our toddler years, we understand that we are fabulous, adorable and nothing can stop us. As we begin to get older, new insecurities can begin to filter through into our minds causing us to dislike certain aspects of our appearance. It may be the pinkness to our cheeks, the freckle that we feel stands out or the crooked smile that appears throughout each day. Hiding away would of course be the easy option, and with the wearing of masks having become a normal occurrence within society, it is all too easy to conceal these things rather than addressing the root of any insecurity. Whilst this may seem like the easy option, it is far more constructive to contact your dental team and discuss Invisalign Harley Street.

Commencing your journey

Opening up to your dental team does not need to be a huge declaration. However, by informing your dental team of what you would like to achieve you will be revealing the options available to you and begin to learn what may or may not be suitable for you.

Once you have taken the first step, a consultation can be booked in so that an in-depth discussion can be conducted over what style of treatment or procedure might best address your needs. After all, there is no point pursuing options that are not suitable. This is why during the consultation a thorough examination of your teeth, mouth and gums, along with digital scans, X-rays and in some cases, moulds will be taken. This thorough appointment enables our team to discover and understand what you want from treatment, and allows you to ask any questions you may have and narrow down the possibilities.

Whilst the digital scans, X-rays and moulds may seem a little far-fetched at this early stage, not only do they enable our dental team to thoroughly assess the misalignment, but should you decide to have the Invisalign Harley Street treatment these processes also aid in the creation of the tailor-made aligners.

The following steps

Shortly after the consultation process, an appointment will be put in place to introduce you to your new best friends. These aligners are to be worn for around 22 hours a day and are only removed during your daily teeth cleaning regime and when you eat food. This is why being talked through the process and understanding your commitment is so important.

Once you have the aligners, it is over to you, but rest assured you will be supported. Every 4 to 6 weeks our dental team will take a look at your progress and help you stick to your plan. As a team we want to assist you to achieve the results you desire.

Transforming a smile has never been easier with a variety of options, a range of payment plans and with modern, knowledgeable dental teams around the world. The main task for you is to take the leap, open up the discussion with our dental team and to put your faith in yourself and in Invisalign Harley Street.

Dermal fillers done right!

Skin plumping and other facial aesthetics treatments might seem a bit unusual for a dentist, but with an excellent mix of medical training and appreciation of aesthetics, you can really get the most out of your treatment with us using dermal fillers W1 at Harley Street Dental Clinic.


Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is the primary ingredient in almost all dermal fillers W1. Sometimes called an active ingredient (that would be a bit of a misnomer as it’s truly active at all) it’s an extremely passive tissue filling. It naturally occurs in almost all mammals and many other creatures, making up 20% of healthy human skin tissue. It’s very hydrophilic, which means it interacts with and is affected by water, and will actually suck up water from the air if crystals of hyaluronic acid are not properly stored. When fully hydrated it is pH neutral and a slightly viscous gel like fluid.

Injection techniques

The difference between good and bad treatment comes down to injection technique. There are a wide range of filler manufacturers, and assuming non-counterfeit goods (a problem among less established vendors) are being used they are all largely the same, some containing numbing agents or further hydrating compounds.

What makes the difference between a ‘botched’ treatment and hitting aesthetic goals is the skill of the practitioner who has to decide which injection techniques to use, where to place them and have the competency and steady hand for carrying out those injections. This is one of those moments when dental skills really come into a league of their own. Our dentists often have to predict the outcome of a set of treatments based on symptoms and not only come to the correct conclusion of the best way forward, but also have the techniques and talents required to carry them out. It transfers over very well to dermal fillers!

Maximising treatment impact

As a naturally occurring protein in the skin tissue, your body has all the mechanisms required to build up and break down dermal fillers W1. There is a natural reduction in the overall quantity of hyaluronic acid as we age. It’s what contributes to wrinkles, a general sagging along with the loss of elastin and its replacement with keratin. The hyaluronic acid added during treatment will eventually be reabsorbed by your body; this becomes apparent within 6 months and is likely to be entirely absorbed in 12 months.

Many of our patients attend top up sessions at that 6 month mark. They are cheaper than previous treatment, are quicker and are the best considered for maintenance. They can often be fitted into a lunch break and around a packed business schedule. After treatment you’ll still be able to operate a vehicle and will not require an escort.

If you would like to find out more information about how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals, please feel free to contact the clinic. We are currently accepting new patients into the surgery and if you are curious about joining please feel free to fill out the online application, or call our reception team.