The lowdown on composite bonding Harley Street

What is it?


When first looking into the idea of reshaping, re-colouring or altering the appearance of your tooth or teeth, you may uncover something called composite bonding Harley Street. This particular redesigning of the tooth is an extremely popular method as it uses a resin which is moulded and blended to the natural tooth. No need for major surgery or treatments that take time to adjust the imperfections you may see within your smile. This simple yet effective treatment enables dentists around the world to help patients adjust their minor imperfections without a hefty treatment or procedure to get there.

Can this be done in one appointment?

With instant results being all the rage within society, it is no surprise that patients seek this when looking at altering and perfecting their smile. Whilst this is not always possible, when it comes to composite bonding Harley Street, it is, in most cases, an instant result. The teeth do not need to be prepared in advance and the majority of cases can have a rejuvenated smile within around 90 minutes without the need for any healing time. The important part is to remember that every patient is different and therefore your timings may differ slightly, but this will always be discussed between you and our dental team.

A replacement for braces?

Whilst composite bonding Harley Street can be used on a slightly crooked smile, this quick fix only masks the problem and is not a long-term solution. It would also only be suited to those who have minor misalignment issues as more extensive problems would require orthodontic treatment to realign the teeth.

This quick fix will suit some patients, but not others as with any treatment or procedure and therefore it is important to discuss this with us at Harley Street Dental Clinic before setting your sights on a particular pathway for improving your teeth. Using our knowledge and expertise to achieve the results you want is putting your smile first. 

Shaping the resin

Although advances in technology have taken the world by storm and a lot of jobs have a digitised solution, when it comes to moulding and shaping the resin to your tooth, it is carried out by hand. Our dentist will have expert knowledge and skills to chisel, shape and mould each tooth ensuring that it blends perfectly to the rest of your natural smile.

A short-term fix?

The idea of a short-term fix depends on what you believe the meaning to be. Our natural teeth will always be the preferred long-term solution, but life throws in a series of twists and turns which impact our teeth, mouth and gums. The natural tooth may be damaged or altered in appearance or placement and therefore using a non-surgical method to re-create the tooth can feel like a long-term solution when it lasts for only 5 or so years.

The main thing to remember is that no treatment or procedure is long-term if your oral hygiene regime  is not of a high standard. By taking care of your teeth, mouth and gums, whether through composite bonding Harley Street, dental implants or some other mouth altering treatment, the solution will reach its full potential enabling you to prepare for the next step.