Straighten your smile in six to twelve months with Invisalign

Many people neglect to have their teeth professionally straightened due to the length of time that it takes to achieve a straight smile. Traditional treatments can take longer than two years in some cases, but at Harley Street Dental Clinic we have alternative treatments available that can have your smile appearing straighter in as little as six months. Invisalign Harley Street provides you with a completely different way of straightening teeth when compared to traditional appliances and treatments. For a start, it is capable of producing results a lot faster, with treatment time normally taking between six to twelve months depending on your personal circumstances. The appliance itself is completely removable too, meaning you do not need to navigate around fixed metallic brackets when you are brushing your teeth or worry about food getting stuck whilst you’re tucking into your favourite meal.


A custom-made treatment just for you

Choosing to get Invisalign Harley Street means that you will be receiving a treatment that is as unique as you are. Your aligners are all custom made to fit snugly over your own teeth, and you will have multiple sets to wear as each set will slightly move your teeth closer to their final position. The aligners themselves are created from an initial 3D scan that is taken of your teeth. More images are produced from your original scan to show exactly how your teeth will move over time. Made from clear plastic, your aligners will be barely noticeable when you are wearing them, with people often not even spotting that you are undergoing treatment until you point it out to them. Whilst they are completely removable it is vital that you wear your aligners for a minimum of twenty-two hours of the day to ensure that your treatment will work as it is supposed to. Not wearing your aligners properly could result in a longer treatment time or even the need to completely start over.

Swap your aligners for retainers

Once you have had Invisalign Harley Street and worn your very last set of aligners you will need to make an appointment to see your dental practitioner so they can have retainers made for you. Retainers are used to make sure that your teeth stay in their new positions and do not start to drift back to their old ones. They are similar to your aligners in that they are made of a thin, clear plastic, are entirely removable and fit comfortably over your own teeth. However, a majority of people will only need to wear their retainer at night time after seven days of constant wear. How long you will need to continue to wear your retainer at night for will depend on your individual circumstances. Some people will only need to wear it for a matter of months whilst others will need to continue to use their retainer for years after their treatment has ended. Your dental practitioner will give you clear instructions regarding how you need to wear your retainer and it is important that you follow them if you want your smile to remain straightened and avoid needing additional treatment in the future.

Invisible braces with Invisalign W1

How about discreetly straightening your teeth with one of the treatments that we have available these days, that ensure you can enjoy a healthier looking smile without anyone knowing you’re in the middle of a teeth-straightening procedure?


Invisalign W1 is a popular option for both adults and teenagers who are looking for a convenient and relatively invisible treatment plan. This device is known for ticking most of the boxes that we find our patients have when it comes to expectations and wishes for a teeth-straightening procedure. And this is perhaps why it is fast becoming the leading choice for both dentists and patients who are looking for a solution to solve mild to moderate dental misalignments.

This treatment can be performed relatively remotely as well, with initial scans proving to be the backbone of the plan, with subsequent aligners that are used to straighten teeth over time being digitally designed in response to the misalignment that you suffer from.

We are able to support and monitor your progress, either in person or remotely, although ideally we would like to meet you every few months to really understand your progress and to speak with you about how you are feeling about the programme. It is important that you feel relaxed and comfortable to raise any concerns or questions that you might have, so that we can continue to offer you an enjoyable teeth-straightening journey from start to finish.

How long will it take from start to finish?

This all depends on the severity of your misalignment and we will happily discuss with you your personal situation and the length of time we expect you to be wearing your aligner. For most people, Invisalign W1 will take somewhere between 18 months to 2 years, although a single year for more mild treatments is generally enough.

However, it is imperative that you understand the necessary addition of a retainer that needs to be worn after the Invisalign W1 treatment itself, to preserve your smile and ensure that your commitment to the treatment was not in vain.

More importantly for adults whose bodies are more resistant to change but still critical for all aligner wearers, by wearing a retainer, you are reminding your teeth to relax into their new found position. Ligaments are likely to snap back into their previous positioning if they are not held in place and this can result in your teeth simply moving back into their original position after several months.

Retainers do not need to be worn all the time. For some people, every night is recommended and for others, maybe once or twice a week, again at night. By understanding and committing to this additional factor of treatment, you can ensure that your new smile remains with you forever and that you can enjoy the benefits that come with having that straighter, healthier smile that you have been working hard to achieve.

We would love to help you find your true smile, or if you’re ready to straighten your teeth, get in touch with us today.

Want to learn more Invisalign aligners? 5 FAQS answered by our team at Harley Street

When it comes to straightening your teeth as an adult, you will be happy to know there are a few options available.


If you have a more complex case of orthodontic misalignment, our team will usually recommend the standard orthodontic or metal brace. However, if your problems are more straightforward, such as gaps, overcrowding or overbites, then you may be suitable to try one of our clear or invisible braces.

As the names suggest, these braces and aligners are clear or invisible, making them more discreet and suitable for professionals and teenagers who may be self-conscious about their appearance. And if you come to Harley Street Dental Clinic, we can choose the brace or aligner for you.

At Harley Street Dental, we have helped numerous adults and teenagers get the straighter smiles they deserve using clear and invisible braces, such as Invisalign Harley Street. We will assess the complexity of your misalignment and will always aim to provide you with the most subtle brace that we have. Overseeing your care and guiding you every step of the way, your orthodontic treatment with us will help you to look and feel confident at all times.

Eager to educate yourself about Invisalign Harley Street? Here, our team answers your top 5 FAQS about this aligner for your information.

Is the aligner uncomfortable?

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a totally comfortable orthodontic treatment and, while Invisalign Harley Street is more comfortable than other aligners, you may notice a feeling of pressure when you change the aligners.

If you are worried about the level of discomfort you have when wearing your aligner, contact our team for an assessment.

How long will I need to wear it for?

Each day you will need to wear the brace for 22 hours to get the full effects.

In relation to treatment time itself, this can vary and could be anywhere from 3-9 months on average. If you have been deemed suitable for this invisible brace, our team will be able to predict how long you will need to wear it for during your initial consultation.

What happens if I lose an aligner?

If you lose one of your aligners, you will need to see our team promptly for a replacement aligner to be ordered.

Do not skip to the next aligner as this may alter the direction that your teeth move in!

How often will I need to see your dentist?

With invisible braces, you will need to see our team about every 6-8 weeks.

This aligner in particular also has a downloadable app, so you can send our team photos of your smile; this will allow us to assess whether you need to see us promptly, or if we can delay your visit to our surgery.

Will I need a retainer afterwards?

With all braces and aligners, you will need to wear a retainer afterwards.

This is to prevent your teeth from moving back into their former positions, undoing the work of the brace.

Think Invisalign is purely cosmetic? 5 health benefits of using this aligner

In the era of cosmetic dental care, it is easy to forget that the majority of these procedures also offer health benefits.


Of course, anyone who has had a cosmetic dental procedure will feel a boost in their confidence but were you aware that there are physical health benefits to be had? For instance, while porcelain veneers whiten your smile and straighten out minor misalignments, they also offer protection against sensitivity, meaning that post-fitting, you can eat as much ice cream as you want without a twinge!

And they are not the only cosmetic dental option that is versatile in its rewards!

When you come to our team for Invisalign W1, you are investing in more than a straighter smile. This invisible brace can prevent headaches, jaw pain and can even assist in better digestion! Along with offering a faster treatment time on your misaligned smile and being too discreet to notice, this brace can help you in more ways than you have probably thought of.

But what are some of the most overlooked health benefits of using Invisalign W1?

Easier digestion

How exactly does an invisible brace help digestion?

Well, your teeth are designed to bite into and chew food and if they are misaligned, they cannot do this correctly. In turn, this leads to issues with eating and digesting and can cause other problems such as acid reflux and heartburn.

When you use Invisalign W1, it straightens your teeth and allows them to function better when it comes to biting and grinding.

No more headaches or migraines

If you have misaligned teeth, there is a higher chance that you will grind them in the night as you sleep.

Also known as nocturnal bruxism, this can cause you to awaken each morning with headaches due to the tired muscles in your neck and jaw. As this brace realigns your molars, bruxing and grinding are reduced and this should mean you will have fewer headaches.

Reduced risk of cardiovascular issues

When your teeth are misaligned, they are harder to clean correctly.

As a result, plaque can accumulate and cause issues in both your mouth and your body. Wearing any brace allows these hidden areas of plaque to be exposed and removed, resulting in a lowered chance of developing cardiovascular issues. Wearing this brace also lowers your chance of having a stroke, a heart attack and from developing diabetes too, simply by straightening your teeth.

Better nutrition

A crooked smile makes it harder to bite into tougher foods, due to debris getting stuck and causing discomfort.

And so, wearing an invisible aligner like Invisalign, you can remove it to eat and it also allows for a more precise bite after the treatment, which can help you eat a wider variety of foods, such as fruits, vegetables and nuts. All very healthy and a great way to vary your diet!

Improved speech

And finally, having straighter teeth will impact positively on your speech and pronunciation, allowing you to speak in a clearer and more concise fashion. This can also improve confidence.

Does Invisalign give you a lisp? Your top 5 FAQS about this brace answered

Unless you have been living on a different planet, chances are that you have heard about adult orthodontics.


A far cry from the traditional metal braces of yesteryear, adult aligners are now more discrete and easier to fit around a busy lifestyle, helping you to get the straighter teeth you have always wanted without the fuss of regular braces.

Of course, if you are looking for a way to straighten your misaligned teeth as an adult, this can sound like a dream come true! And while it is tempting to contact our team at Harley Street about invisible aligners immediately, you will probably have some questions about the process.

And that is where we can help! Our team has helped numerous patients obtain a straighter smile using braces like Invisalign in Harley Street, and can answer any queries you may have about this world-famous invisible brace. Overseeing every step of the process, we can guarantee that you will be left with a healthier smile that you won’t be able to stop showing off!

But back to the questions; here are some of the most commonly asked queries that our team receives about Invisalign in Harley Street.

Will I develop a lisp?

Having a new object in your mouth is likely to cause a lisp in those early days but in the long-run, Invisalign in Harley Street can actually prevent speech and pronunciation issues. As your teeth become correctly aligned, your tongue will adjust to the movement which will improve your vocal patterns, making your speech clearer.

Can I remove it whenever I want?

Technically, you can remove this brace whenever you want but if you want it to work, you will need to keep it in your mouth for the majority of the day.

Our team recommends removing it when you are eating or drinking and when you are brushing your teeth but apart from that, it is wise to refrain from removing it. On average, you will need to keep it in your mouth for 22 hours each day.

How long will I wear it for?

This will depend on the severity of the underlying issue being treated but many of our patients who use this brace obtain a straighter smile in around 6 months.

Of course, this will once again depend on your discipline when keeping the brace in your mouth.

Does it hurt?

Invisible braces do not utilise force to move teeth in the same way as regular braces do, but they can still cause some discomfort.

As this brace is based around changeable retainers, you can expect there to be a sensation of pressure for a couple of days after you have changed between aligners. If you experience significant discomfort, talk to our team about potential underlying causes.

Will it rub against my inner cheeks?

Invisible braces can and will often rub against your tongue and inner cheeks, but our team can provide you with dental wax which will soften the hard edges and prevent discomfort.

Wondering if Invisalign is for you? 5 advantages of this brace by Harley Street Dental

When you have misaligned teeth, it can make everyday situations more difficult.


You may shy away from social engagements and cover your mouth with your hand when talking, making things like selfies or group photos out of your realm of comfort.

If you refused to wear braces when you were younger and are now regretting it, don’t worry! You can still get straighter teeth as an adult and due to advances in modern orthodontic care, you probably won’t need to wear a metal brace.

Known as invisible and clear braces, there is now an entire set of appliances which offer a discreet way for you to straighten your smile.

And at Harley Street Dental, we are proud to be able to offer our suitable patients invisible and clear braces. We can even offer the world-famous Invisalign in Harley Street, so your new smile will not only be obtained discreetly, but it will be comfortable and effective too. Fantastic!

But what are some of the advantages of wearing Invisalign in Harley Street as an adult? Read on to find out!

Better oral health

It is often a concern that wearing a brace will cause secondary issues with oral hygiene; after all, traditional metal braces can cause a myriad of bacteria to accumulate, hence the recommendation to attend hygienist appointments.

With Invisalign in Harley Street, you can remove the brace completely, which allows you to clean your teeth as you usually do, and prevents any plaque build-up which in turn, prevents decay. Great!


And of course, while removing a brace to clean your teeth has its advantages, you can also remove this aligner when you are eating or drinking; you can even take it out to give a talk at work.

Just ensure that you wear it for the required 22 hours each day which will help you to achieve the desired results in the period which our team has set.


Another advantage of invisible braces is that they are, well, invisible!

Made from a clear plastic which slots comfortably over your teeth, they will not draw unwanted stares from strangers and will help you to feel more confident while your smile is straightened.


Interestingly, this particular brand of invisible brace also has an app which you can use to alert our team as to the progress that is being made, which will help us to keep track while you remain at home.

Adding to the convenience, there are few appointments needed for our team to check on the progress of the braces and as the brace doesn’t require tightening, there is no discomfort after you attend our surgery. Great stuff!

Enhanced control

Many patients worry that because this brace is removable, it offers minimal control over your teeth movement.

Thanks to computer software, this brace offers more precise movements and does so in a comfortable way. If you are worried that your current aligner isn’t moving your teeth as we predicted, contact our team for a follow-up assessment.

Does Invisalign straighten your jawline? 5 FAQs answered by our team at Harley Street Dental

The thought of undertaking braces is tough at any stage in life.


You may think that in order to get a straighter smile you will need to undertake a metal brace. Luckily, this is not true.

There have been innumerable advances in the area of orthodontics and, as the desire to make braces less visible has been at the top of many patients priority lists, there are now clear and invisible braces which you may be able to choose from.

As the names suggest, these braces are designed to be visually discreet, but that does not mean that they are less functional when it comes to moving your teeth; they simply use a different system!

At Harley Street, we are proud to be able to offer our patients many different types of clear and invisible braces. One of our most popular braces, Invisalign in Harley Street, can help you get the straighter smile you want in as little as 6 months, without attracting unwanted stares from strangers. Perfect!

Want to learn a bit more about Invisalign in Harley Street to determine if it is the correct brace for you? Here, our team answers your top 5 FAQs. Enjoy!

Does it straighten your jaw?

In a word, no, Invisalign in Harley Street does not straighten your jaw.

If you need to have your jaw realigned, our team may need to perform surgery to achieve this or, if the misalignment is less significant, we may decide to use traditional orthodontic braces.

Will it cause a lisp?

After you have had the brace fitted, there may be some initial issues surrounding speech.

However, this is usually resolvable within a few days and is due to your tongue adapting to the presence of the brace in your mouth.

If your speech issues persist, our team can offer you a set of vocal exercises to perform or we may attempt to refit the brace.

Is it uncomfortable?

There is, unfortunately, no such thing as a comfortable orthodontic procedure.

And, while this invisible brace is comfortable enough to be worn while you sleep when a new aligner is fitted, you may feel something akin to discomfort and pressure for a couple of days. This is normal and is part of the realignment process.

Can it correct an overbite?

Depending on the severity, yes it can.

However, you will need to attend a consultation with our team in Harley Street to assess whether or not your unique clinical issue is suitable for treatment with this invisible brace.

If you aren’t, don’t fret as there are many other discrete braces that you may be suited for.

How long will I need to wear it for?

This will depend on the severity of the issue being treated and whether or not you follow the instructions that our team provides you with. On average, this brace takes 6 months but this will depend if you follow our dental teams’ advice. Simple!

Been told you need a brace? 5 advantages of Invisalign for teenagers by Harley Street

Being a teenager can be hard.

And it can seem to be a whole lot harder after a trip to the dentist when you are told you could benefit from wearing a brace! Instantly, visions of metal brackets and wires will appear in your head and all of the social awkwardness that can be created.


Luckily, there is now a way for suitable teenagers to have their smiles straightened without wearing traditional, orthodontic braces.

When you come to Harley Street Dental Clinic, we will always aim to keep your popularity in vogue by checking your suitability for Invisalign Harley Street. As the name suggests, this brace is invisible and is custom-fitted to slot over the top of your teeth. No metal, no wires and no unwanted stares, this brace could be the saving grace that you are looking for!

But what are some of the other benefits of wearing Invisalign Harley Street as a teenager?

Better oral health

While you should visit a hygienist once a year, there is no need to do so more often while wearing Invisalign Harley Street.

This brace is removable and so, you can take it out to clean your teeth, ensuring that your pearly whites stay, well, pearly white! Long term, this brace reduces the risk of cavities and gum disease when used properly.


As we said earlier, this brace is removable and while this offers an advantage for cleaning your teeth, it allows other benefits too.

You can take the brace out when you are giving a presentation at school or college, and remove it when you are playing sports. Just be sure to wear it for the minimum time required each day to reap the benefits of this brace.

Accelerated treatment

OK, so while we could talk about how adults need a quick-acting brace due to their lifestyles, we know that teenagers don’t want to sit around waiting either!

This invisible brace can work in as little as 3 months but has an average time of 6-9 months to straighten teeth. Of course, this will depend on the severity of the underlying misalignment being treated and whether or not you have worn it for the appropriate amount of time each day.

Our team in Harley Street will be able to offer you a more accurate breakdown of how long this brace will take to straighten your teeth.


As parents we all remember that one child in school who wore a traditional brace and complained about it being uncomfortable.

As this brace uses a pushing motion as opposed to a pulling one, it is more comfortable to wear in daily life and requires no tightening; it is even comfortable enough to sleep in. So it could be easier to persuade your offspring to use.

Excellent results and integration

And finally, this brace offers fantastic results, with over a 96% success rate after 5 years. It is also easy to fit into your day to day life, taking the literal pain out of orthodontic treatments. If you want to know more, contact our team at Harley Street today!

Is hygiene as important when wearing Invisalign braces?

When it comes to basic dental care, hygiene is important.


It works as a solid basis to promote good oral health and is often the first thing a cosmetic dentist will check before beginning any cosmetic procedure. In short, it is the basis on which all other dental care is built.

If you are one of the many adults in the UK who is beginning orthodontic treatment with an invisible aligner, you may feel that there are no additional requirements surrounding hygiene. After all, these braces are typically removable, allowing you to take them out for check-ups, eating and for your twice-daily brushing. But when it comes to invisible braces, hygiene is equally as important as it would be with a traditional orthodontic brace.

When you come to Harley Street Dental for treatment with invisible braces, our team will advise you on the best way to keep your dental hygiene at a high standard. Our team has helped thousands of our patients get the straighter smile they have always wanted using Invisalign in Harley Street, so we know how to keep your oral health in top shape throughout any orthodontic treatments.

But how can you ensure your oral health stays in good condition while undertaking Invisalign in Harley Street? Read on for our dentists top tips.

Invest in a mini toothbrush

When you wear this brand of invisible braces, you will need to invest in a mini toothbrush to carry with you to work or when you meet up with friends for a meal.

Why? Because Invisalign in Harley Street presses against your teeth, and if your teeth are not clean, it may push the bacteria and plaque against the enamel, speeding up issues like decay.

Be sure to always brush your teeth with water before putting your brace back in, to ensure good hygiene is maintained.

Clean the aligners every day

Another advantage of having a removable brace is that it is easier to clean.

With this particular aligner, you can either rinse it under a lukewarm tap or invest in a targeted cleaning solution. These will remove bacteria that can lead to decay. Never wash this brace in hot water or use mouthwash to clean them; this can cause discolouration and even warping!


When you receive your aligners from our team in Harley Street, they will come with a storage box.

To keep your aligners clean when out and about, ensure that they are always kept in the supplied storage. Not only will this prevent them from becoming damaged, but it will also protect them from bacteria in the surrounding environment.

Staining prevention

Acid is a big no-no when it comes to dental health and when you are wearing invisible aligners, it is advisable to cut back on acidic products to prevent staining and enamel erosion.

Both stains and erosion can cause further issues related to hygiene, such as plaque and cavities. Make sure you always brush your teeth after that morning cup of coffee or juice!

Not sure whether to have veneers or Invisalign braces? A comparison from Harley Street Dental

When you hide your smile in group photos, it may be time to seek help.

Far from being a cosmetic issue, having a misaligned smile can impact on confidence, mental health and if the misalignments are complex enough, it can even impact on your ability to chew food correctly. Yikes.


There are currently many cosmetic procedures which can alleviate both the functional and cosmetic problems linked to a misaligned smile. However, choosing the right treatment for your specific needs is paramount to long-term confidence and better oral health.

At Harley Street Dental, our team is happy to be able to offer suitable patients these cosmetic treatments. If your smile is off-centre and you need it straightened quickly, you may be a suitable candidate for Invisalign in Harley Street. However, if you are looking for a faster way to close gaps and create better symmetry, we may be able to offer you a different option. Perfect!

In this article, we will compare 2 treatments which may be suited for people with slightly misaligned teeth, small gaps or issues with symmetry; porcelain veneers and Invisalign in Harley Street. Enjoy!

Treatment time

Of the two options, Invisalign in Harley Street will typically require a longer time commitment.

To create veneers, our team will need to scan your teeth and send these images to a laboratory to have the veneers created. While this process can take up to 10 weeks, invisible aligners have an average treatment time of 6 months.

So, of the 2, veneers are faster.


As is the way with orthodontics, any pressure (no matter how minimal) which is applied to your teeth is going to be uncomfortable.

While this is usually manageable with over the counter pain relief, some people find the pressure from invisible braces tougher to manage. With veneers, our team won’t even need to apply a numbing injection to your mouth. We simply remove a fine layer of enamel from each tooth which is having a veneer placed on it, apply dental cement and then fit the veneer.

Current dental hygiene

Both procedures will need your oral health to be in good condition. If you have gingivitis, cavities or other dental issues, our team will need to treat these before beginning either treatment.

However, poor oral health in the long-term is more likely to cause veneers to fail, as the swelling of the gums may cause them to fall off.

Treatment goal

Invisible braces can correct crowding, spacing, over, under or crossbites while also creating a more symmetrical smile.

Veneers are somewhat limited in this regard; they can create a whiter smile that has fewer gaps and better symmetry, but they cannot treat bite issues or overcrowding. Therefore, your long term treatment goal will impact on which procedure is more suitable.


Many patients are surprised to learn that in the long-term, invisible braces are often more affordable.

This will depend on how many veneers you plan to have fitted and how long you wear the invisible braces for.