Upholding the historical reputation

Harley Street in London has a longstanding history as being one of the city’s most respected areas for receiving top-quality medical or dental work. Here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, for over thirty years we’ve been committed to providing the residents of the surrounding area and beyond with a standard of excellence and professionalism within cosmetic dentistry that is befitting of our historic location. We believe that each patient is unique, and that as such no two treatments are the exact same. Rather than adopting the one-size-fits-all approach that is favoured by a great many practices across the city, we offer a more bespoke, tailored dental service which is altered to fit the specific needs and requirements of each individual patient. Treatment from us here at Harley Street Dental Clinic only begins after lengthy informal, friendly consultations have taken place – which cover the basics of the procedures available, and why they are best suited to the patient’s needs. Patients here have the ability to choose which practitioner they feel the most comfortable with and would like to receive treatment from – and only once they feel comfortable does the process begin.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetHidden wonders

Some cosmetic dental treatments we offer which are widely popular are our range of orthodontics, invisalign, clear braces and invisible braces in Harley Street. Dental aligners such as Invisalign and invisible braces. These are a cosmetic alternative to conventional orthodontic methods – such as typical fused metal ‘train-track’ braces, which are often largely uncomfortable and negatively affect the outward appearance of their users. Invisalign a revolutionary, non-invasive alternative to traditional orthodontics, which replaces the need for fused metal brackets with a removable plastic retainer. This custom made retainer, constructed from a patented SmartTrack plastic – chosen for its uniquely durable, yet malleable nature – utilises built in pressure points to gradually align the patient’s teeth to their correct specifications. Prior to beginning Invisalign treatment, our team of dental practitioners take patients through each stage of the process and detail what they can expect the results to be. The length of treatment with Invisalign depends on the severity of each case, but typically lasts around twelve months. When it is worn, the plastic removable retainer is practically invisible – which affords users the ability to undertake essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention from peers or colleagues. Another benefit of the Invisalign process over conventional orthodontics is that – unlike fused braces – the retainer is removable, and as such treatment can be carried out at a time that is convenient to the patient, such as when sleeping or at home.

Discreetly supportive

Another form of discreet orthodontics we offer here at Harley Street Dental Clinic, is the installation of clear and invisible braces. Similar to conventional metal braces, clear braces are fused to the front of a patient’s teeth and consist of wires and sockets. The primary difference however, is that clear braces are constructed from a clear plastic alloy, which makes clear braces far less visible or easy to detect. As such, patients can find their self-esteem and confidence boosted while undergoing treatment as they can do so without attracting any unwanted attention. Incognito braces are another, similar form of discreet cosmetic orthodontics available here at Harley Street Dental Clinic. These are constructed from metal brackets and fused to the patient’s teeth. However they differ from other methods of orthodontic alignment as they are fixed to the back of a patient’s teeth and are obscured from view from the front. Treatment of this nature can be massively beneficial in boosting the self-confidence and esteem of those seeking  discreetly to achieve a straighter smile.

Can Invisalign in Harley Street provide a pleasant teeth correcting experience?

A healthier brighter smile is within every patient’s reach, thanks to a diverse range of teeth correcting treatments and procedures that we offer at our Harley Street Dental Clinic. In the past when metallic braces were the only option to straighten teeth, many older patients were put off by the distracting look these basic braces offered. Wearing these dental instruments could also be painful and uncomfortable for some patients, and the length of time it takes for the treatment to work only adds to the discouraging nature of such teeth straightening solutions. With the introduction of clear plastic trays in the arsenal of teeth correcting treatments and solutions, patients now have an alternative that addresses the discomforts of basic metal braces. For effective treatment in Invisalign in Harley Street, we have the experience in helping our patients obtain results they are happy to smile about.

Invisalign in Harley StreetWhy does the teeth straightening process take so long?

Correcting teeth alignment issues takes a long time as dentists have to be careful not to place excessive pressure on teeth and risk causing further complications or damage that may be irreversible.  Treatment varies from patient to patient depending on their situation and can last from a year up to two.

How do Invisalign aligners help address discomfort?

The key to answering this question lies in their purposeful design. The treatment comprises of transparent aligner trays that are individually made for a particular patient so that they sit comfortably over teeth. As the design does not feature wires and brackets like those of traditional braces, the discomfort factor is eliminated. Instead of wires and brackets, the aligners feature clear, thin flexible plastic material to align teeth effectively. Patients find the virtually invisible aligners not only comfortable to wear, but once a patient is used to the strange sensation of wearing them, they can quite easily forget that the aligners are actually there. The best way to find out if you are a suitable candidate is to schedule a consultation for Invisalign in Harley Street.

  • Eating is no longer a difficulty

Another huge advantage of these invisible aligner trays is that they can be removed without any fuss before eating. Patients are also not restricted to particular types of food as long as they continue to practice good dental health habits, which is also made easier with these particular teeth correcting clear aligners. Brushing teeth and flossing between teeth can be tricky with regular braces.

  • Eliminate the stigma and embarrassment

One of the biggest deterrents to wearing braces is the fact that they are so noticeable to others which makes patients feel very self-conscious. The invisible nature of these dental instruments means that patients can discreetly wear them at work and enjoy a social life without having to worry about what others might think.

Straightening teeth is often a long-term process for patients to deal with and the more comfortable and pleasant this process is, the more we find a patient becomes invested in his or her dental health. This is why the design of the invisible plastic aligners has been breaking ground since its introduction to the dental industry.

Patient comfort is very important to us at our Harley Street Dental clinic which is why our range of services, treatments and procedures centre on this goal. If you’ve been avoiding straightening your bite because you don’t like the thought of wearing braces, schedule a consultation with one of our dentists who will be happy to discuss with you all available alternative options.

Frequently asked questions about clear braces in Harley Street answered

The popularity of using subtle looking braces to straighten crooked teeth and resolve bite issues can be largely put down to how inconspicuous they are. Dental braces that feature clear brackets or tooth coloured wires in their design can form part of an effective treatment plan to provide patients with straighter teeth and a healthier mouth. We look at some of the most commonly asked questions and concerns put to us by our patients at Harley Street Dental Clinic. These range from how they work, and the materials used in their manufacture, to how to maintain them. Should you have any additional questions about clear braces in Harley Street please do not hesitate to contact us.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetWhat you should know when considering braces using the wires and bracket system

  • How do clear fixed braces straighten teeth?

This type of brace is similar to the conventional fixed metal braces, where brackets are secured to teeth using a wire system to connect them, with the main difference being that they are less noticeable. This may seem to many patients like a very traditional way of straightening teeth, but it remains one of the best systems to correct all kinds of misalignment issues, even in severe misalignment cases where other more recently discovered treatments may not be as successful.

Our dental practitioners will carefully position the brackets which work to manipulate teeth into the desired position. Over the course of the treatment duration, the wires will need to be adjusted (tightened) gradually for the process to work.

  • How long do wire and bracket braces take to work?

On average, the duration of treatment can be anywhere from 18 to 24 months depending on an individual patient’s misalignment issues and the brand of dental braces chosen.

  • Which materials are used to make this type of brace?

Clear dental braces may feature a clear ceramic material in its design or a plastic composite material. Some brands prefer the metal wire as in traditional metal braces, while other brands opt for a white archwire. The latter option is less noticeable but this influences the cost factor of clear braces in Harley Street.

  • How do I take care of my clear dental braces?

One of the top concerns of many patients is how to maintain or protect their dental braces. Clear fixed braces do require more special attention than other types of discreet looking braces. For one thing, patients have to be careful about what they eat. For another, patients have to be scrupulous in cleaning their braces, which can get a bit tricky.

Due to the nature of its design, which includes the use of brackets and wires, extra time and effort are required to take care of them. Ensuring the nooks and crannies and those notoriously hard to reach areas are thoroughly cleaned and free of food particles. Our dental practitioner will show you the preferred methods and cleaning techniques to clean braces and teeth.

In helping to maintain fixed dental braces, especially with the clear ceramic brands, we encourage our patients to avoid any types of food that may pose a challenge in eating and cause damage to the braces. These types of foods range from hard and acidic foods to sticky and chewy foods.

If you are not sure about which type of dental braces to choose: fixed metallic, fixed clear or removable invisible aligners –  one of our dental practitioners will be more than happy to assess your needs and make suitable recommendations. Call our clinic today to schedule a consultation.

Straighter teeth with clear braces in Harley Street

Despite what you may think, braces are not only for children. Adults can also straighten their teeth nowadays and there are more options than ever. Whether you want to have a straighter set of teeth for aesthetic or dental health reasons, your dentist will help you make the right choice, taking into consideration your budget, your time frame, and ultimately your teeth straightening goals.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetIf having clear braces in Harley Street is the way you’d like to straighten your teeth, we have good news. Our experienced dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic offer specially designed clear braces for adults, who wish to straighten their teeth without sacrificing the cosmetic appeal of their smile.

Why make your teeth straighter?

While most patients are interested in a straighter set of teeth, which they can show off when they smile, the benefits of braces extend beyond aesthetics. Crooked, crowded, gappy and protruding teeth are not easy to brush and floss properly. As a result, they are more susceptible to cavities and gum disease. Protruding teeth are also more susceptible to damage, not to mention premature wear and tear. Luckily, we can put an end to all these problems with clear braces in Harley Street.

Some advantages of clear braces

Improved appearance is perhaps the most obvious benefit of clear braces in Harley Street, though it is not the only one.

Fixed or removable clear braces offer results similar to traditional metal braces. Removable braces, in particular, are easy to clean and can be taken out when you eat, drink, brush or floss. This means minimal impact on your lifestyle.

Ultimately, the type of clear braces you choose will depend on the condition of your teeth and your teeth straightening expectations.

Make an informed choice

If you are ready to improve your smile, please schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic. While most people can have clear braces, they are not an ideal option for everyone for reasons we can explain to you in detail in person. If you have questions about clear braces or other discreet teeth straightening treatments available at our clinic, we will gladly talk you through the pros and cons of each treatment.

Health benefits of Invisalign in Harley Street

Invisalign has quite a few advantages over other teeth straightening treatments, the most important of which are invisibility and comfort. However, you may not know that Invisalign is also beneficial for your oral health. It is a common fact that overcrowded, overlapping, gapped and crooked teeth can lead to many oral health problems, included – but not limited to – gum disease and even tooth decay.

Invisalign in Harley StreetInvisalign in Harley Street is not just about achieving a beautiful smile – it also helps correct more serious dental issues and promotes a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention that our highly trained Invisalign dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic always strive to provide the best possible treatment outcome achievable for our patients.

If you are considering Invisalign in Harley Street, you may wish to find out more about the advantages of this treatment:

Strong and healthy gums

Our teeth sit more comfortably in our gums only when they are straight. Crooked and misaligned teeth can be responsible for gum disease, because there is ample room for bacteria and plaque to accumulate and grow. When teeth are overcrowded, gums can become sensitive and swollen, which can lead to infections or even tooth loss. Our experienced Invisalign dentists will examine your teeth thoroughly before proceeding to Invisalign treatment, since active gum disease has to be treated in advance.

Better dental hygiene

Another significant health benefit of Invisalign is the ability to brush and floss your teeth without having to worry about metal wires, brackets or bands. Because Invisalign aligners are removable, no special tools or cleaning devices are required for your oral health care. Regular oral hygiene will help prevent tooth decay, plaque build-up and cavities.

Reinstated chewing function

When your teeth are properly aligned, significant changes can be observed in the way you bite, chew, swallow and talk. Invisalign is very versatile since it allows for a simple treatment while at the same time it addresses a number of structural issues which may hinder tooth function or appearance.

In general, your health and oral hygiene can be significantly improved by Invisalign in Harley Street. For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

All about invisible braces in Harley Street

Invisalign has gained popularity in recent years as an alternative to traditional metal braces. Rather than using wires and brackets to move your teeth into alignment, Invisalign aligners have many tiny pressure points along their inner surfaces, which help nudge your teeth into their correct positions over time.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetAt Harley Street Dental Clinic, invisible braces in Harley Street are used to correct a wide range of dental misalignment problems, including crooked, crowded and gappy teeth. If you’re considering Invisalign to straighten your teeth, we can examine your teeth carefully and help you decide whether this treatment is the right option for you. Unfortunately, this treatment is not for everyone, namely those with teeth that aren’t fully descended or especially severe misalignments.

Advantages of Invisalign

Invisalign aligners are popular among adults because they are less conspicuous than metal braces. Traditional metal braces aren’t subtle and draw attention to the fact that the wearer is undergoing teeth straightening treatment. Invisalign aligners, on the other hand, are clear, so hardly anybody will spot them on your teeth.

Invisalign aligners are also removable. While they fit comfortably over your teeth and gums, they can be taken out at any time through the day or night, such as to eat, drink, brush or floss.

Invisalign aligners are made of a rigid thermoplastic material that is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t cause irritation in your mouth. You can forget about metal wires pinching your gums and soft tissue.

The rules of Invisalign treatment

Invisalign is only effective when the aligners are diligently worn for at least 20-22 hours a day. Any less than this and your treatment will take longer as your teeth do not undergo the sustained pressure they need to move. During your treatment you must also make sure that you remove your aligners before you eat or drink anything but plain water. This is to prevent them from becoming stained. What’s more, you should clean your aligners and your teeth before placing you aligners back in to ensure your oral hygiene is maintained.

Stick to these rules and invisible braces in Harley Street can give you a brand new smile in, on average, 12 months.

What you need to know before getting invisible braces in Harley Street

Thinking of getting invisible braces? Erroneously dubbed as ‘invisible braces’, Invisalign aligners can straighten your teeth without the need to wear metal brackets and wires. Want to learn more? Ask our experienced cosmetic dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetMost people are familiar with the concept of Invisalign, but don’t know how these ‘invisible braces’ in Harley Street work exactly. Here are some things you should know in advance in order to make an informed decision about this innovative treatment.

Invisalign aligners are not for everyone, but don’t rule yourself out

Often, people plan their Invisalign treatment before they have even talked to their dentist. This is normal, yet you may be overthinking a treatment that’s not suitable for you. Or you may be thinking that this treatment is not for you, when the complete opposite is true. If you are wondering whether you are eligible for Invisalign, it’s time to book a consultation appointment with your dentist. Only they can help you decide whether you can have this treatment or not after examining your teeth and bite carefully.

Invisalign is not as fast as you think

Most people think that Invisalign is faster than regular braces, but that’s not necessarily true. The overall duration of your treatment is a combination of many factors, namely the state of your teeth and the type of problems you want to fix. Whereas some people can benefit from quick treatment, other patients have to wear the aligners for at least 12 months to fully realise results. If you want to have Invisalign because you are convinced that treatment is going to be quicker, you may need to think again.

Invisalign aligners have to be cleaned properly

Just because you are not wearing brackets on your teeth, it doesn’t mean that you should neglect your teeth and gums. Invisalign aligners need to be cleaned frequently through the day, especially after being removed and before being re-inserted in your mouth. If you don’t know how to clean them properly, ask your dentist.

Want to learn more about Invisalign and invisible braces in Harley Street? Contact us today.

Benefits of clear braces in Harley Street

When most people think of braces, the first thing that comes to mind are chunky, unattractive metal brackets and wires. Luckily, for most patients, a mouthful of wire is not the only option anymore thanks to clear braces in Harley Street.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetClear braces at Harley Street Dental Clinic are a newer form of teeth straightening and come in different types. They are either fixed or removable, but have one thing in common – they are very discreet, therefore they are ideal for busy adults and image-conscious adolescents.

What can clear braces in Harley Street correct?

Clear braces in Harley Street are either fixed or removable and can correct a wide range of misalignment issues – from teeth spacing to underbites. Clear aligners such as Invisalign can fix mild to moderate bite and misalignment issues, whereas lingual braces can deal with more complex issues. To see whether you are a good candidate for clear braces in Harley Street, book your consultation appointment today and we will examine your teeth and bite carefully before suggesting a treatment. In some cases, more than one treatment may apply and we will help you decide what’s best for you.

Differences between clear braces and metal braces

There are quite a few differences between clear and metal braces, although their overall goal and orientation are the same. Metal braces are used to fix complex dental problems including misaligned, rotated, twisted and gapped teeth. Some of these differences you may notice between clear braces and metal braces include:

  • metal braces are attached to the teeth, whereas clear braces can be removable
  • metal brackets and wire are more difficult to clean, whereas Invisalign aligners and removable teeth straightening devices do not require a special oral hygiene regime
  • metal braces can hurt the interior of your mouth
  • clear braces are customised to fit over your teeth, making you feel comfortable at all times
  • removable, clear braces can be removed at any time if you want to eat or drink something.

Want to learn more about our clear braces in Harley Street? Contact us and schedule a consultation appointment with our helpful team.

Line up your teeth with Invisalign in Harley Street

If you are looking for reasons to invest in getting your teeth realigned that go beyond the cosmetic benefits, then you will be glad to know that teeth that are well aligned tend to last longer than wonky teeth. This is because they are easier to keep clean and work better as a team in bearing the strain of the force that chewing creates.

Invisalign in Harley StreetNow that you know there are multiple oral health benefits to investing in straightening, all you have to do is decide which method to go for. How about Invisalign in Harley Street?

Never heard of Invisalign? Don’t worry, it’s not because it’s not well known as a treatment. In fact, more than 6 million people have had their teeth realigned with Invisalign since these clear aligners first came onto the market over 20 years ago. It’s because these aligners are so good at being unnoticeable that you are unlikely to ever see anyone wearing them.

Invisalign in Harley Street go over the teeth like a mouth guard. But that’s where the similarity ends. Invisalign are made of clear, rigid plastic that is so thin its’s just like an extra layer of enamel. Inside each aligner are pressure points that press on the teeth. After about 72 hours of sustained pressure, the jawbone reacts by rebuilding the bone around the tooth to relieve that pressure.

You are given a series of aligners and wear each one in turn until the pressure wears off. This takes around 7-10 days for each set.

What about eating?

One of the reasons why more than 6 million people have chosen Invisalign is that you can take the aligners out to eat and drink. This means you still retain your freedom of choice when it comes to eating, and that you don’t have to spend ages picking food out from between brackets and wires after every meal.

You must wear your aligners for at least 20 hours a day to get your treatment done on time, but this is easy when you know they can’t be seen anyway.

Want to know more? Book yourself in for a consultation with Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Clear braces in Harley Street, what you need to know

If you want to get your teeth straightened, modern dentistry means that you can have treatments that won’t take over your life or your face. Clear braces in Harley Street blend in with your smile so that they can barely be seen. You can carry on with your life without feeling like everyone is staring at your teeth or asking constant questions about your treatment.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetGetting started

If you’re interested in clear braces in Harley Street, the first step is to book a consultation with our resident orthodontics dentist Dr Emma Laing. Emma studied this branch of dentistry for some years after completing her five years of training in general dentistry. She will recommend the most appropriate clear braces in Harley Street for your alignment issues.

Going through the treatment

Once your braces have been fitted, you will likely go through a few days of getting used to wearing them. If you have fixed braces, there is a learning curve around eating and the subsequent cleaning routine afterwards, but you will soon get used to it. You may also need a few days to adjust to speaking with braces in your mouth.

You will need to come back to see Emma every couple of months, so that she can check on your progress and make any necessary adjustments. This is a great time to ask Emma any questions you may have about your treatment.

How long your treatment will take depends mostly on how complex your alignment issues are. It also depends on your age; the younger you are, the quicker the treatment.

After treatment is complete

Once your teeth have reached alignment, and your braces have been removed, you will need to wear a retainer for a certain amount of time. Retainers keep the teeth in their final positions while the ligaments that hold them in their sockets and the newly built bone around them, settle down.

People also often choose to get their teeth whitened or have any little imperfections dealt with so that they feel like they’ve had a complete smile makeover.

Speak to our friendly team about clear braces in Harley Street, and take the first step towards your very own picture-perfect smile.