Did you know Invisalign can improve your physical health? 4 ways this aligner can improve your life

Cosmetic dentistry has come a long way in recent years and now there are more benefits than ever to approaching your dentist for cosmetic treatment.


Unlike most cosmetic surgeries or treatments, dental cosmetics can also resolve issues caused by having less than perfectly straight teeth, such as oral grinding or bruxism. This means that when you visit your dentist for cosmetic dental work, you may be killing two birds with one stone!

One of the most popular areas in the world of cosmetic dentistry is that of adult orthodontics. Anyone who has ever had braces as a child is aware of how a brace can correct misalignment problems, making this a perfect solution for adults who have a misaligned smile and who grind their teeth at night.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we can offer a wide range of adult orthodontic options, that will straighten your teeth to give you an amazing looking, and correctly functioning, smile. Everything from traditional aligners to Invisalign in Harley Street, our team will decide which treatment is best suited to your individual dental requirements.

But how can having Invisalign in Harley Street correct physical health issues? Isn’t it just a cosmetic brace?

It will give you better oral health

Any dental professional will tell you that a set of straight teeth are easier to clean.

If you have misaligned, protruding or gaps between your teeth, then it is likely that certain areas are being missed in your daily dental routine.

When you choose Invisalign in Harley Street, these braces will correct any misalignment or protrusions, giving you a set of perfectly straight teeth that are easier to clean and maintain.

It will reduce headaches

Revisiting night-time bruxism and grinding, both of these issues are caused by teeth not sitting together correctly as you sleep, which can cause you to grind your jaws together.

Come morning, it is likely that you will have a sore throat and a very bad headache!

Realigning your teeth will minimise night-time bruxism and reduce associated headaches, shoulder pain, and migraines.

It will help you sleep

Having a misaligned set of teeth can cause poorer sleep, thanks to issues with bruxism or oral grinding.

If you have crooked or misaligned teeth and are having issues with your sleep, it may be time to ask your dentist if you can try an invisible aligner! What’s the worst that could happen?

It will resolve digestive issues

We often forget that our teeth and our mouths are the first part of our digestive system.

Chewing food with teeth that do not fit well can cause larger pieces of food to reach the stomach, resulting in or exacerbating conditions like acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion. Wearing any kind of aligner may result in helping you chew your food more thoroughly, leading to fewer digestive issues.

It will boost your confidence

Invisible braces are discreet, and so, you can undertake a cosmetic orthodontic procedure that will not attract stares from strangers or colleagues – now that’s a confidence booster!

Think Invisalign braces may be for you? Five invisible brace FAQs answered by Harley Street Dental

Adult orthodontics has never been more desirable!

With the rise in popularity of smile makeovers, more and more adults and teenagers are approaching dentists for ways to improve their smiles. Mix this eagerness for a straighter, whiter smile with advances in dental technologies and you have a myriad of options to choose from, each treatment tailored to correct precise dental issues.


Harley Street is no exception! Each day, our dentists consult with multiple clients regarding cosmetic options, and we, as a dental surgery, are proud to be able to offer you a wide range of treatments.

In London, our dental team is at the forefront of adult orthodontics and can offer braces to suit every need and budget. From traditional orthodontics to invisible braces in Harley Street, our dentists are trained to work with the different types of cosmetic aligners on the market to leave you with a Hollywood worthy smile.

In this article, we have answered five of the most commonly asked questions about our invisible braces in Harley Street, specifically Invisalign, to give you a better idea of whether you may benefit from them. Read on!

How do they work?

Unlike traditional metal braces, Invisalign works without using metal wires or tightening.

In traditional orthodontics, teeth are pulled into a new position when the brace is tightened, which can cause discomfort to the brace wearer. With our invisible braces in Harley Street, the mechanism of action involves opposing metal coils, which gently push against each other to move the teeth into a new position.

No pulling, no metal wires, and no discomfort!

How long will I need to wear them each day?

When undertaking treatment with Invisalign, a member of our dental team will discuss with you how long you will need to wear the aligners for each day to reap the most benefit.

Typically, it will range between 16-20 hours each day, meaning you will need to sleep with them in. As they are made from thin plastic and have no protruding pieces of metal, this should not be a problem.

I need a lot of realignment to my teeth – can these braces help?

This will be up to the discretion of our dental team.

While Invisalign can correct the majority of misalignment issues, if you have a more complicated case of protrusions or underbite, for example, you may not be suitable.

Will this brace be uncomfortable?

As mentioned before, Invisalign does not use metal wires to push against your teeth or cause pressure to your jaw, so there should be no discomfort during treatment. If you are worried about the level of discomfort you are in, come and see us straight away.

Isn’t Invisalign expensive?

At Harley Street, we know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

While Invisalign is a fairly expensive treatment, we are able to offer suitable patients a finance plan, to help break down the cost into affordable monthly chunks. Then all you will have to worry about is showing off your glamorous new smile!

Why you should get Invisalign

There are plenty of reasons why you should consider getting Invisalign in Harley Street if you have been looking for a convenient way to straighten your teeth. Many people do not like the idea of having fixed braces, but this treatment offers a completely removable appliance. Depending on your individual circumstances you could have a straight smile in as little as six months.

invisalign-harley-streetA simple, straightforward treatment

Once you have had a consultation appointment with one of our dental practitioners at Harley Street Dental Clinic you will be on your way to transforming your smile. At your next appointment you will receive your custom-made aligners. You will have several sets of aligners and you will be required to wear these in the right order to gradually pull or push your teeth into their new positions. Every two weeks you will need to put your next set of aligners in, and this can be done from the comfort of your own home and requires no dental visits.

The aligners themselves are clear and therefore almost invisible and incredibly hard for people to notice. The discreet nature of this treatment means that you can remain confident throughout your treatment and will not have to worry about dealing with the noticeability of a fixed appliance.

You can remove your aligners to eat too, so you do not need to worry about food getting stuck around your appliance. You are expected to brush your teeth before putting your aligners back in after eating or drinking, and your aligners must be removed so you can clean your teeth in the morning and at night too. For at least twenty-two hours of the day you need to make sure you keep your aligners in, otherwise your treatment may not work as efficiently as it should and your overall treatment time could increase.

Predicting your teeth’s path to being straighter

Invisalign in Harley Street uses advanced technology to produce your custom-made aligners. You will have a 3D scan taken of your teeth and it will create a series of images showing how your teeth will move with each set of aligners and then a final image showing what your teeth will look like once they have been straightened. Once the images have been produced your dental professional will send them away so your aligners can be made, and once they have been returned to the dental practice you will have an appointment made to collect them.

Long-lasting smiles

When you have Invisalign in Harley Street you can expect to be left smiling for an incredibly long time. Once you have worn your last set of aligners we will provide you with a retainer to wear. This retainer will be made of plastic and will fit comfortably over your teeth as your aligners did, but after a few weeks of constant wear you should be able to reduce this to night time only. Some people will have to wear their retainer at night for several years and others will only require it for a few months, but it is important to follow your dental professional’s instructions to avoid your teeth returning to their original positions.

What you need to know about clear braces

Clear braces in Harley Street and appliances that are hidden from view have encouraged many people to have their teeth straightened. People are sometimes dubious about having traditional straightening treatments due to their bulky nature and the fact that they are permanently fixed onto patients’ teeth for up to twenty-four months. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer several alternatives to traditional treatments, and will make sure that you get the right appliance to fit around you, your teeth and your lifestyle.

clear-braces-harley-streetHidden from view and capable of correcting multiple problems

Clear braces in Harley Street come in two types, fixed and removable. They can help you with an array of different problems and efficiently straighten out your teeth in an unnoticeable way. Whether you have an overbite or want to close up the gaps you have between your teeth these appliances could resolve your problems. Sometimes people can suffer from overcrowding, which is where the teeth have not had enough room to grow straight. This could be because you have a small mouth, or you could need to have a tooth removed to make room for your other teeth. Either way, our friendly team at Harley Street Dental Clinic can help.

It is important to seek dental advice if you suffer from things such as overlapping teeth, as this can actually cause a build-up of plaque in some areas, even if you have a rigorous brushing routine. If left untreated this could lead to tooth decay or even tooth loss, so it is important to have your teeth straightened to reduce your chances of this happening.

Clear braces, in the form of fixed clear braces (also known as ceramic braces) can help you if you have generally crooked teeth too, as they give your dental practitioner a lot of control over the way that your teeth move. They attach to your teeth with clear or tooth coloured brackets and wires and are almost hidden from view, meaning that few people may know that you are undergoing teeth straightening treatment.

We offer a removable appliance too

If you are looking for clear braces in Harley Street and wish that you could be able to remove your appliance as well, it is a good idea to discuss Invisalign treatment with one of our dental professionals. This treatment involves you wearing a series of custom-made aligners that will move your teeth gradually as you move through the aligners. Each set of aligners need to be worn for around two weeks, and you will be able to notice results soon after you have worn the first few sets. The aligners are easy to remove and completely clear so they are discreet and manageable. If you have an important speech to make or meeting to attend you can pop your aligners out, but make sure to wear them for at least twenty-two hours of the day.

Another appliance known as the lingual brace although not under the heading of a clear brace, is also hard to spot. Attached to the surfaces of your teeth via brackets that are metal, they are attached to one another by a thin wire. This is what tightens your appliance and makes your teeth move. This appliance works in a very similar way to traditional appliances, which also have metallic brackets and a wire, but the lingual brace is attached to the back of a patient’s teeth. Our dental team is ready to help you find the best way to improve your smile.

Are you in need of an orthodontist in central London?

Head over to the Harley Street Dental Clinic in London and let our highly trained staff show you how much we love to exceed your expectations.

clear-braces-harley-streetFrom our beautiful and sumptuous five storey Georgian house in central London, our team of expert dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic really strive to do what they love to do best, which is to create amazing smiles. They do this for their patients, people just like you, day in and day out.

Who are we?

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we are conveniently located at one of the capital’s premier addresses and we really do love to go above and beyond to exceed our patients’ expectations. Over the years our team have worked hard to establish an enviable reputation as one of London’s most premier and go-to destinations for exemplary dental treatments. However this is not by pure chance. We have assembled a team of dentists who are all highly trained experts in their field of dentistry. They keep ahead of the curve on all the latest techniques and procedures in the endlessly evolving world of dentistry. We use only the very best materials and equipment ensuring your optimum comfort and oral health and our modern premises are kept scrupulously clean and hygienic. We are pleased to offer a complete and affordable package of dentistry. From check-ups and general dental hygiene, including screening for mouth cancer, to orthodontics.

If you are in need of an orthodontist we have a full and comprehensive range of alignment solutions including clear braces in Harley Street. Our team of specialist orthodontists are able to fit a full range of treatment options, from regular metal and wire braces, to state-of-the-art Invisalign and clear braces in Harley Street. There is no need for you to have your social confidence knocked while your teeth are being aligned as our orthodontists are trained in fitting the very latest in clear, almost invisible, orthodontics. We also specialise in a full package of restorative dentistry for missing, broken and damaged teeth. We can implant titanium posts which provide a long lasting solution to anchor bridges, crowns and dentures. If it’s cosmetic dentistry you are after our latest teeth whitening treatments, veneers and clear braces in Harley Street will be sure to keep you smiling.

Why do I need them?

Having that great smile is no longer the preserve of TV personalities and movie stars. You can have the smile of your dreams now and for much less than you can imagine. Do you suffer with missing, gapped or broken teeth? Is your smile less than you would like it to be ? Do you hide your mouth when you smile ? Has it been too long since you went to have a dental check-up? Advancements in dental technology have come a long way and creating a great smile has become a whole lot more accessible. You no longer have to have a great smile at the bottom of your to-do list, you can make it a reality today, Get in touch with Harley Street Dental Clinic today and let them show you how easy it can be to have that star quality smile.

Not all dentists are created equally! Come see for yourself at Harley Street Dental Clinic

Harley Street Dental Clinic in London would like to invite you to immerse yourself in a truly excellent five star dental practice. Offering the very best in dental excellence, combined with an exceptional level of patient care and comfort, it is no wonder that our reputation precedes us.

invisalign-harley-streetWhy is Invisalign so popular?

There are many reasons why our patients come to us looking for an orthodontist, needing help in achieving that awesome smile with Invisalign. Believe it or not a great many people put off seeking dental treatment out of fear and anxiety. However, with today’s advancements in dental technology and equipment there is, in reality, no reason why a visit to the dentist should be anything other than a comfortable one. Don’t let crooked, broken or missing teeth stop you from having that ‘knock out’ smile.

We are not all born with perfectly straight teeth and sometimes our teeth need some gentle encouragement to be part of that ‘knock out’ smile and this is where treatments like Invisalign in Harley Street step in. Our orthodontists are specialists in delivering the Invisalign in Harley Street system, it is the favoured solution for straightening your teeth. Removable for eating and with you in control for much of the time, its transparency helps patients preserve their confidence. With the very latest advancements in orthodontics like Invisalign in Harley Street your orthodontist will soon have you smiling again. A fabulous smile not only looks attractive, it will do wonders for your confidence and sense of well-being. Of course preventive dentistry is at the very forefront of good oral health and establishing good dental routines early on in life really does pay dividends. Did you know that poor dental health can have a very real and detrimental affect on your general health. It is important to our well-being to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to our dental health.

Who are you?

There is really no need for you to be afraid or nervous about seeing the dentist. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our highly skilled team of dentists are specially trained and experienced in treating the more anxious amongst our patients and can offer sedation where necessary. Our team of experts are continually evolving their skills to stay abreast of the very latest advancements in dental techniques and procedures. This, combined with our use of the very latest dental equipment and technology, helps us to stay at the very forefront of dentistry, ensuring that our patients are kept as comfortable as possible during treatment. We find that the outcomes for our patients are nothing short of exceptional. We specialise in a wide range of dentistry from general and preventive dentistry, to restorative and cosmetic dentistry, not forgetting orthodontics of course!. Harley Street Dental Clinic is truly a unique environment. Set over five floors of a stylish Georgian house, we aim to exceed your expectations, both in dentistry and patient comfort. We offer bespoke treatment programmes tailored individually for our patients and our multi skilled team is able to provide all treatment from within our five star practice. For our international patients we are able to offer a fully bespoke treatment plan designed around your schedule. We really do go that extra mile for our patients, because we love what we do, and it shows.

I have not been to the dentist in a while, my teeth are crooked and I have a gap, how am I ever going to get that great smile?

Well, at Harley Street Dental Clinic in London, the answer is simple, getting that celebrity  smile is now a lot easier than you could ever have dreamt possible! Our team of highly experienced dentists employ pristine contemporary techniques, and utilising the very latest dental equipment, they ensure amazing patient outcomes time after time.

Invisible Braces in Harley StreetWhy would I need to see an orthodontist?

If you have crooked teeth or perhaps even gaps in your teeth and would really like to have that Hollywood smile, well maybe it’s time you thought of seeing an orthodontist and looked at having invisible braces in Harley Street. Perhaps you have too many or overcrowded teeth (dentists refer to this as malocclusion) in this situation an orthodontist can help you. Orthodontists specialise in aligning or repositioning your teeth over time to help you create that fabulous smile, often using invisible braces in Harley Street. They achieve this with the use of braces and wires which can be adjusted as the teeth become aligned into the desired position. However these standard braces can be aesthetically unsightly and can interfere with your confidence socially. Many people prefer to achieve the results they are after in a more discreet way, with the use of invisible braces in Harley Street. Recent technological advancements have produced the advanced Invisalign teeth alignment system. Invisalign is a unique clear brace which offers several advantages over standard braces. Firstly Invisalign is barely noticeable to other people it is easier to clean and easy to remove when necessary. Both Invisalign and other clear braces are hardly noticeable and both get the job done discreetly. Another option is to use lingual braces which are unique, as they are attached to the rear of the teeth so they are much more discreet.

Who can help me

Harley Street Dental Clinic are a bespoke and private dental practice centrally located in London. They have a highly experienced team on hand, offering a wide range of dental services including a specialist team of orthodontists. The team are dedicated to dental excellence in every field. They really do value and love to provide outstanding patient care. They routinely keep abreast of the latest training and developments, as their profession continues to evolve, ensuring the best patient outcomes possible. The team employ a wide variety of expertise across the board utilising the very latest techniques in many spheres of dentistry, including orthodontics, and implant surgery, along with cosmetic and general dentistry. The level of service and care provided at Harley Street Dental Clinic is sure to keep you smiling. The practice is located over five floors of a beautiful Georgian house, and upon entering you will be greeted by one of our friendly and discerning staff, who are on hand to answer any initial questions you may have. Your meeting with one of our dentists will involve a comprehensive and thorough dental examination, including X-rays if needed, which will be to help them to understand your current oral health. If treatment is required it will be discussed with you and explained in detail along with the costs involved. Our dentists offer a wealth of dental expertise between them and all treatment is performed within the facility. We offer an easy payment option, with interest free finance, and offer extended appointment hours where needed. We look forward to seeing how we can help you achieve that fabulous smile you have always wanted.

Do you need to wear braces as an adult? Worried about how they will look? Reasons to try clear braces in Harley Street

In today’s world, appearances are everything and nowhere is this more prevalent than in the workplace. With staff meetings, meeting colleagues, giving presentations etc, it seems that almost every job requires you to look your best at all times.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetWhen your dentist tells you that you need braces to correct a misalignment in your teeth, the first thing you may do is panic. Images of orthodontic braces shoot across your brain and you have decided against any form of orthodontic work before your dentist can even explain what the benefits are.

Luckily, there are many different types of braces on the market today, and in this article we will be looking at the benefits of trying clear braces in Harley Street.

What are clear aligners?

Clear braces in Harley Street are used to correct a myriad of dental misalignments and can help with conditions such as crowding or gaps.

While most are non-removable, clear aligners are fixed to the front of your teeth, using a bracket that is usually tooth coloured or clear, with wires that are slimmer, and therefore more discreet than other braces. At Harley Street, the most commonly used brand of clear aligner is the Incognito aligner.

So, what are the other benefits of choosing clear braces in Harley Street?

Shorter treatment time

Long gone are the days when dental realignment took years to complete. Today, many dental realignments can be started and finished in under a year and the Incognito brace used by our team is no different.

On average, the treatment of this brace takes between 9 to 15 months, depending on the complexity of the misalignment or any other potential condition.


Another worry many patients have when they are told they need braces is about comfort; how can having a protruding metal attachment fitted in your mouth be comfortable?

Most of our patients who have used our clear, Incognito brace have reported minimal levels of discomfort (if any) and as this aligner is customised to fit every tooth it is attached to, they are more comfortable when they are adjusted by your dentist and in day to day wear.

They also have the added benefit of having minimal impact on speech; inflection and pronunciation were unchanged in most of our wearers, meaning confidence was not impacted.

Fewer dental visits

Due to the customisation of this aligner, the realignment process is more efficient and thus, less adjustments or tightening procedures are needed throughout the course of the treatment.

This means, as an adult, you will spend less time in long winded appointments and will be able to focus on your life away from our dental chair.

Remember, in modern dentistry, braces can be discreet, fast and produce amazing smiles. If you have been told you need braces, then don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team today to discuss having clear aligners fitted.

Interested in some cosmetic straightening for your teeth? The top 5 benefits of having Invisalign in Harley Street

As we get older, with the pressures of modern life, we often forget to look after ourselves; what this means varies from person to person, but who doesn’t deserve a bit of TLC now and again?

Invisalign in Harley StreetHaving straighter teeth may not be high on your agenda but, for adults unhappy with how their teeth look, having straighter teeth can really have a positive impact on your confidence! So, if you are prone to closing your mouth when you smile for the camera, it may be time to try the famous Invisalign in Harley Street.

Tell me more!

Although relatively new to the world of dentistry, Invisalign in Harley Street is a very sophisticated aligner, that corrects mild to moderate misalignments of teeth. As its name suggests, it is classed as an invisible brace, meaning its discretion will not draw unwanted attention from friends and co-workers!

What are the other benefits of invisible braces? Read on to find out our top 5!

Time effective

When you choose to undertake treatment with Invisalign in Harley Street, you may be surprised to hear from our team how fast this brace straightens your teeth in comparison to the traditional metal braces. Many people who have worn this aligner have had their teeth straightened within nine months, making the entire process very quick.


Predictability with any cosmetic procedure can be a worry, as obviously, you want to complete the treatment looking better than you did before you started! Our team are trained in how to use the sophisticated computer software that accompanies this brace, and can break down each step of treatment to you, predicting accurately how your teeth will move with each aligner.

Better oral health

As this brace is removable, you can easily maintain your dental routine, and can simply put them back in once you have finished brushing. This reduces the risk of conditions such as gum disease or cavities, meaning you won’t suffer for your gorgeous new smile!


As you have to wear this aligner for 22 hours a day to gain the most from it, you will need to wear it as you sleep. This aligner is made from a flexible, clear plastic that is custom fitted to your teeth and does not have any protruding parts, allowing maximum comfort while you are both asleep and awake!


Of course, when you undertake a cosmetic procedure that is difficult to spot, you will feel an increase in your confidence, especially as your teeth begin to realign. Your smile will not give away any sign of the brace, and will allow you to get on with your day to day life without hassle.

Therefore, if you think you want a straighter smile to show off, book an appointment with our team at Harley Street and we can achieve your gorgeous new smile together.

Contact our team today for your free consultation!

Want to straighten your teeth with discretion? Five key advantages of clear braces in Harley Street

Everyone wants to look their best, but procedures that involve wearing noticeable apparatus or cause your appearance to alter in a negative fashion can seem counterproductive to boosting confidence.

Clear Braces in Harley StreetWhen it comes to your teeth, it is no different; everyone wants ice white, straight, strong teeth. However undergoing treatment with metal, orthodontic braces can be off putting as they are not discreet enough and require a great deal of maintenance.

Luckily, as dentistry has advanced, more options for braces have become available, including clear braces in Harley Street as well as invisible braces and lingual braces too. All of these aligners are useful for correcting minor to moderate misalignments and are discreet enough to wear every day, making them perfect for busy adults.

What are clear braces?

Not to be confused with invisible braces, clear braces in Harley Street are less noticeable than orthodontic ones.

Depending on the brand you and your dentist choose, your clear braces will typically comprise of brackets that are attached to the teeth, made from either a clear or enamel coloured plastic and a single wire that runs through the brackets.

Based on the discretion of your dentist, this wire can be coloured to match the brackets, making it even less visible.

So, what are the other advantages to wearing clear braces?

They are discreet

Granted, clear braces are not as discreet as invisible ones, but they are still extremely minimalist in appearance.

The treatment using clear braces does not impact on your ability to speak as you usually would, making them more suitable for people who have careers based around public speaking or meetings. Best of all, you can smile while wearing them without attracting unwanted attention.

Quicker treatment time

Treatment with clear braces tends to be quicker than with traditional ones. The average time of wearing clear braces is around twelve months and depending on the misalignment you are having treated, it may be even shorter.

Remember, in order to use clear braces, you must be deemed to have a moderate misalignment of the teeth.

Improved oral hygiene

You won’t get bits of food stuck in your braces and as they take up less room on your teeth, they are easier to navigate your toothbrush around, to clean and maintain them. It is also less likely you will develop gum disease, cavities or tooth decay during the duration of wearing them.


Clear braces aren’t bulky and only use a single wire. They are easier to sleep in, as they do not rub against your inner cheeks or your tongue. Also, they offer superior comfort after they are tightened or loosened than orthodontic braces.

Ease when eating

While you still have to avoid certain foods that could cause damage, you can still eat foods like mashed potatoes or sweetcorn without worrying about them becoming permanently lodged under the brace.

Perfect for maintaining your varied and healthy diet!