How Invisalign has changed adult orthodontics

Orthodontics may bring up images of teenagers in braces who are going through an awkward adolescent period, but in a modern clinic, it just isn’t like that. Let’s see how Invisalign Harley Street has changed the adult orthodontist landscape. Contact us at Harley Street Dental if you would like more information.


The adult perspective

Orthodontic care for adult patients has been stymied for several reasons. There is a perception that teeth become less mobile as you grow older; there is a degree of truth to this, and newly erupting permanent teeth are more flexible than those that have matured. But this is a matter of years after getting those permanent teeth. The difference between teenage orthodontic and adult orthodontic treatment is minimal if any, but this idea has been reinforced by the NHS funding brackets that permit orthodontic treatment for children but not adults.

The second reason is the impact on your appearance and the tethering of orthodontic care to braces, which are often seen as the only orthodontic option; this is a significant impediment to treatment, particularly if the treatment is cosmetic. It is like asking people to significantly reduce their appearance for a long-term benefit. It is a barrier to entry that stops many patients from accessing the care they could so easily benefit from.

Treatment steps

Screening is an important aspect at the beginning of every treatment. You can easily book a screening at Harley Street Dental on our website.  It allows us to fully assess your suitability and what your outcomes might be. This is particularly in-depth when it comes to clear aligners since after the fundamentals – checking for cavity damage and any other risk factors – an oral scan can be taken. In real-time, you will be able to see the movements your teeth will go through during the course of the treatment, allowing you to be fully aware of every step before committing to proceeding with the care regime.

Invisalign Harley Street is quite different to braces. In the checkup schedule and daily life, they are nowhere near as rigid as braces. These aligners only really require intervention in the event that something is going wrong, and checkups are there to check for this and have the flexibility to fit around your schedule. Sometimes, the checkups can even be performed online.

The most important aspect of a checkup is ensuring that the aligner order is maintained and the movement of the teeth is in sync; assuming the aligner is used appropriately, errors with this are unlikely. Occasionally, finishing (additional adjustment aligners that are used at the end of the treatment) is required to correct the last few millimetres.

Living with clear aligners

Invisalign Harley Street is also significantly different to traditional braces and how they affect your everyday life. Their maintenance and cleaning are just as different as their appearance when it comes to this orthodontic tool.

Unlike traditional braces, it is possible to remove aligners before eating; this is highly recommended as it minimises the opportunity for them to be damaged by hard foods. It also means they do not affect your food choices. Aligners also require a little more than a quick rinse in lukewarm water before replacing them to keep them fresh and clean.