Dental care for pregnant women in Harley Street

During your pregnancy, you will have to visit different doctors for different reasons. However, it is really important that you remember to visit your dentist for regular dental check-ups and cleaning. While oral health is always important, it is more so while you are pregnant. Pregnancy makes you more vulnerable to tooth infections and gum disease.

Dental care during pregnancy is completely safe. Our experienced dentists at Harley Street Dental Clinic will remove plaque build-up and bacteria in between your teeth to prevent the risk of potential gum infections. Your teeth and gums will also be gently and thoroughly cleaned. Your dentist in Harley Street will also suggest special oral care products that will help you strengthen your teeth and protect them against bacteria.

Pregnant Women in Harley StreetWhy visit the dentist during pregnancy

Over the years, researchers have discovered a connection between gum diseases in pregnant women and premature births with low birth weight. A mild form of gum disease, gingivitis, is very common among pregnant women, due to the rise in various hormones. This condition is relatively harmless, but if it is left untreated, it can lead to severe gum disease and more complications. Frequent visits to your Harley Street dentist and regular dental cleaning will help keep your teeth healthy throughout pregnancy.

While most regular dental treatments are safe throughout your pregnancy, the ideal time for treatment is during your second trimester. Once you reach the third trimester, it may be difficult to lie still on the dentist’s chair for a prolonged period of time. Your dentist in Harley Street will also recommend delaying teeth whitening or non-emergency dental procedures until after the birth, in order to avoid unnecessary risks.

Sometimes our procedures require x-rays and you may be worried that this will be harmful to your baby. Radiography at Harley Street Dental Clinic is entirely safe and we always provide extra protection. The same applies for treatments that require local anaesthesia.

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Oral health assessment and treatment should be an essential part of prenatal care. Even if you don’t have any dental issues, you need to find some time to visit the dentist to make sure it stays that way. So contact us today to book an appointment.

Bad breath – causes, oral treatment and prevention

Halitosis, commonly known as bad breath, is an embarrassing oral health condition that affects three in 10 people worldwide. The most common symptom is a foul smell associated with the mouth, throat or tonsils. Bad breath is experienced by people at one time or another in their lifetime, but if it doesn’t improve after brushing and flossing the mouth, then it may be a permanent problem.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic we understand that bad breath can cause many problems, but besides the obvious social implications, it may be indicative of serious dental issues. If you are aware that your breath is not as fresh as you would like it to be, you should make an appointment with our W1 dentist for a thorough check-up.

Dentist in Harley StreetCommon causes of halitosis

Bad breath can be caused by many reasons. Most frequently, it is the result of poor oral hygiene. When we fail to clean our teeth after eating, bacteria tend to concentrate on the teeth, the tongue or the gums, gradually releasing a sulphur compound that gives your breath an unpleasant odour. Along with this, certain foods such as garlic and onions can contribute to bad breath. This is because once they are absorbed into our body, they are transferred to the lungs, where they are exhaled. Finally, dieters sometimes have bad breath because of abstaining from certain food categories.

However, food is not the only cause of bad breath. Gum disease is often to blame for bad breath, especially if you cannot get rid of it, no matter how much you brush. Bad breath may also be a sign that you have a serious health problem, such as a respiratory tract infection, chronic sinusitis or diabetes.

Treating halitosis

If you suffer from halitosis our W1 dentist can help you determine the causes behind the symptoms and alleviate them. Your dentist will determine whether bad breath is caused by poor oral hygiene or gum disease. If you suffer from gum disease, they will clean your gums thoroughly to remove bacteria and plaque and recommend a special mouthwash to keep bacteria at bay. Your W1 dentist will also recommend changes to your diet and lifestyle. You will be advised to quit smoking, eat more fruit and vegetables and brush and floss your teeth daily.

Is it safe to visit the dentist while pregnant?

There are several myths and half-truths about visiting the dentist when pregnant. The truth is that taking care of your teeth and gums while pregnant is important for you and your unborn baby. A variety of oral health treatments – including teeth cleaning, x-rays, pain medication, and local anaesthesia – are safe throughout pregnancy, if carried out by an experienced dentist.

At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we appreciate that pregnant women have important dental needs and we are here to help and treat you through every step of your pregnancy. Taking care of your teeth and gums while you are pregnant, is really crucial, because hormonal changes in your body can increase the risk of gum disease.

pregnant-womenRed and swollen gums during pregnancy are indicative of a condition known as ‘pregnancy gingivitis’, which can start within two months of your pregnancy. This is because the hormone progesterone can be much higher than normal during pregnancy, affecting the body’s response to bacteria. Your Harley Street dentist will remove plaque build-up and apply fluoride treatment to protect your teeth from further decay.

At the same time, issues that affect your health, can also affect your baby’s health too. If possible, try to visit your Harley Street dentist before becoming pregnant. This way, any potential problems can be addressed in advance. While there is no evidence to suggest that dental work is prohibitive at any stage of your pregnancy, it is recommended to avoid dental treatments during the first trimester and second half of the third trimester of your pregnancy.

However, you can visit your Harley Street dentist for a dental check-up at any stage in your pregnancy. In contrast, elective procedures that require surgery such as dental implants, can wait after you’ve had your baby.

At the same time, it is really important to avoid sugary foods throughout your pregnancy. Brushing and flossing your teeth regularly and trying to keep a healthy and balanced diet, will be beneficial for you and your baby in the long run.

When you schedule your appointment, inform your dentist that you are pregnant. This information will help them customise your dental care and address potential health problems and concerns throughout your pregnancy.

Do you have a gummy smile?

When you smile, do you feel like a lot of your upper teeth are covered by your gums? or does it look as though your top teeth are shorter than your bottom ones? If so, you may have what is known as a “gummy smile”. If you’re not bothered by your gummy smile then that’s great! there are numerous celebrities who wear their gummy smile with pride, such as: Jennifer garner, Nicole Kidman and Gwen Stefani. However if you are one of those people that thinks a gummy smile negatively affects the way you look and your confidence when you smile, then there are treatments available to help.

gummy-smileCorrect that gummy smile with a Harley Street dentist

London dentist, Harley Street Dental Clinic know that many people don’t like their smile due to their gums appearing too large, or their top teeth appearing too small. They know that it can lower the self-esteem of many people and have a treatment that may help. Our Harley Street dentist offers a gum Lift treatment to its patients who have a gum line that’s either too low or too high. The Harley Street dentist usually reshapes the gum line using a pain free laser, this either reduces or increases the length of the gums giving a more natural aesthetically pleasing smile. in some cases, surgery may be required to remove some gum tissue and bone in order to achieve that perfect smile. The Harley Street dentist says there is usually a little bit of swelling after treatment but in most cases the results are immediate and you won’t even have to take the day off work! Amazing! Some more extensive treatments may require a different method of gum lift, if this is the case the dentist will discuss the recovery time with you.

If your confidence is affected by your smile, don’t suffer any longer. Speak to the Harley Street dentist about your options for a gum lift, it’s possible that you could get the smile you’ve always wanted with a relatively simple procedure. Contact The Harley Street Dental Clinic – One of the UK’s leading dental clinics, to find out more.

Kiss goodbye to a gummy smile with Harley Street Dental Clinic in London

People with a gummy smile, one that shows too much gum, can be just as self-conscious about smiling as those with discoloured, broken, or missing teeth.

Gummy smiles can be caused by gums that grow too far down the teeth; hyperactive upper lip muscles that draw up the lip to reveal the gums; and excessive protrusion of the upper jaw bone into the gum tissue.

gummy-smilesWhile gummy smiles are usually just a matter of aesthetics, if your gummy smile is a result of how the jaw developed and the teeth erupted, you may also have an uncomfortable or improper bite, which could negatively impact your long-term oral health.

The good news is that the cosmetic dentist in Harley Street Dental Clinic,in London, can help create a balanced smile for you with gum lift surgery.

Laser gum lifts help reshape an uneven or overly-dominant gum-line to help improve the appearance of the smile. As such, it is a cosmetic dentistry procedure rather than an oral health one.

A cosmetic dentist in Harley Street can offer several cutting-edge techniques to lift and sculpt the gum-line. Laser is a painless method used by our dentists to either reduce or increase the length of the gum so that it better fits the tooth structure.

Lasers seal the gum as they cut it, resulting in very little loss of blood. However, there may be some soreness and swelling afterwards, for which our dentists can prescribe painkillers. This procedure does not usually require time off work.

Some cases require more intensive work, involving dental surgery to remove bone and gum.

A Harley Street cosmetic dentist can make a full assessment of your gums, to recommend either a gum lift or another treatment to resolve your issues.

Our cosmetic dentistry team includes Dr Abel Moreira and Dr Bob McLelland, backed up by a team of dental nurses, hygienists and administrative staff. Together we aim to meet, and then exceed our patients’ needs, with personalised care delivered in peaceful, relaxing surroundings, using the latest equipment, techniques and materials. To make sure we deliver this we are checked by the Quality Care Commission. We were highly commended in the 2015 Private Dentistry Awards.

A day in the life of a Harley Street dentist in London

A day in the life of a Harley Street dentist is…. Well, in fact there is no typical day in the life of a Harley Street dentist. No two days are alike!

The entire team works together to provide the best patient care. We are a multi-disciplinary practice and we are unique in that we have a wide range of more complicated and complex procedures available at our practice all under one roof.

harley-street-dentist-in-londonOur efficient team is committed to preventative dentistry and is keen to stop problems before they start. We also aim to make the experience of all patients as pleasant as possible. We believe visiting the dentist doesn’t have to be unpleasant! We will give you attention care and support through the initial stages of your treatment and then throughout your journey with us.

What can my dentist in Harley Street do for me?

You can visit us at our central London practice for an initial consultation, but did you know that you can also send us a picture of your smile, with a message about your concerns or questions, on our website? If you visit the smile simulator page on our website: one of our team can offer you an online e-consult! With this we are able to make a quick initial assessment and answer any questions that you might have about your smile.

Your initial consultation

When you visit us for an initial consultation with a dentist in Harley Street, you will find the experience relaxed and positive. Our reception team will assign you a treatment coordinator and from there your patient journey will begin in full. Your initial assessment with a treatment coordinator may flag up any oral health concerns or issues, and you may require a further examination by one of our dental team who will be able to offer you advice and a clinical diagnosis if necessary for any dental issues which may require further treatment. In your initial checkup also, you will be given a quick oral cancer check, as well as be able to ask any questions about general or cosmetic dentistry treatments which we offer art the practice.

Special care from the dentist for pregnant patients

Visiting the dentist is vitally important during pregnancy. Harley Street Dental Clinic offers special care for pregnant patients, as well as for baby when his or her teeth start to emerge.

pregnant-womenWith all the excitement of pregnancy, it can be easy to forget about your dentist. With antenatal classes, baby showers, nurseries to paint and strange cravings to deal with, your teeth and gums could well be the last thing on your mind.

However, it is more important than ever to visit the dentist during pregnancy, because there are a range of dental health conditions that can specifically affect pregnant women, with many being caused because of the hormonal changes that occur in your body when you are expecting.

The vast majority of these conditions are temporary and nothing to worry about, but a timely visit to your Harley Street dentist can help to put your mind at rest, and to treat anything that is causing you concern or discomfort so that you can get back to focussing on preparations for your little one’s arrival.

Dental health concerns during pregnancy

Gum disease

Gum disease is common amongst the general population, but is more prevalent in pregnant patients. Often known was “pregnancy gingivitis”, the condition develops because of vastly increased levels of the hormone progesterone in your blood stream during pregnancy. This alters the body’s response to toxins, which includes dental plaque.

It can be alarming to develop the symptoms of gum disease – such as swollen, red gums or gums that bleed when you brush your teeth – because many studies have linked severe periodontal disease in mothers to premature labour and low birth weight in babies.

There is no need to panic, however. These problems only occur when severe gum disease is left untreated. Regular visits to your Harley Street dentist will help to treat and manage the condition.

Acid erosion

If you suffer from severe morning sickness, you may experience acid erosion of your teeth. This is similar to cases seen with patients suffering from bulimia – repeated vomiting causes tooth enamel to be worn down by stomach acids. Again, regular visits to your Harley Street dentist will help.

How to overcome fear of the dentist and get back to oral health

Fear of the dentist is a very common problem, and it can have a serious impact on many areas of your life. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our whole team is sympathetic to the needs of nervous dental patients, but we do not believe in the modern day and age that it needs to be a barrier to getting the treatment you need to restore your oral health. Your Harley Street dentist will work closely with you to help you overcome your fear – once and for all.

oral-health-harley-streetThere are numerous causes of fear of the dentist, with a negative experience during childhood being a commonly cited reason. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we encourage parents to bring their children in from an early age. We have a dedicated children’s dental team who will ensure that every experience your child has of visiting the dentist is a positive one.

Some people have specific triggers for their fears, such as the sound or sight of the drill. By talking to your dentist about your triggers, they can prepare by ensuring instruments are out of site when you enter the surgery. You can often listen to music or watch a film during treatment at our Harley Street clinic, so that the sound of the drill will be drowned out.

Modern dentistry has advanced a great deal in recent years. If you haven’t visited a dentist in decades you may be pleasantly surprised at how much things have changed. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we work hard to maintain a relaxed and tranquil environment that is a million miles away from the cold environment of dental practices of old.

For patients who need a little more help to relax, we offer two options for dental sedation at our Harley Street clinic. The first is relative analgesia, which involves breathing in a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen to bring about a highly relaxed state, and has no unpleasant side effects.

The second option is intravenous sedation, delivered via a small needle. You will be monitored at all stages of sedation. Someone will need to drive you home after treatment.

Why regular dentist visits are vital for your health and wellbeing

You should consider your dentist as much a part of your health and fitness team as a good balanced diet, regular exercise, and MOTs with your doctor. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we have a firm focus on preventative dentistry, which means stopping problems before they start, or treating them promptly if they do arise.

gum-diseaseHow often you need to attend general check-ups with your dentist will depend on a number of factors, including the current condition of your oral health and whether there are conditions such as gum disease that need managing. Whilst standard advice is to have a check-up every six months, you should attend our Harley Street clinic as often as your dentist advises.

If you are a new patient to Harley Street Dental Clinic, your dentist will carry out a ten-step assessment of your current oral situation. This will involve:

1) Taking your full dental and medical history. Your dentist needs to be aware of any conditions you have or medications you are taking, because it may affect treatment choices.

2) A thorough clinical examination.

3) Taking x-rays as necessary.

4) Discuss oral health concerns since you last saw a dentist.

5) Talk about how diet and lifestyle affects oral health.

6) Assess your current home care routine, recommending any improvements.

7) If any treatment is needed, this will be explained in full.

8) Provide a full treatment plan.

9) Take the time to answer your questions.

10) If no treatment is needed, tell you when you next should visit the dentist.

Harley Street Dental Clinic appreciates many of our patients have busy lives, so we are open from 8.30am-7pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am-6pm Saturday, enabling you to fit appointments around your lifestyle.

Conditions such as gum disease have been linked to everything from rheumatoid arthritis to heart disease, whilst tooth loss can limit your diet and make it hard to get good nutrition. Therefore, visiting your dentist regularly is a vital part of your general health routine.

To book a check-up at our Harley Street clinic, contact us on 020 3773 2780.

Ways your dentist can help you fight gum disease

Regular visits to both your dentist and hygienist are essential in the battle against gum disease. At Harley Street Dental Clinic we offer full dental hygiene services, and also have a specialist periodontist – a dentist who has undergone additional training to specialise in the treatment of gum conditions.

gum-diseaseDespite improvements in dental hygiene, with more people than ever before regularly visiting their dentist than ever before, gum disease is still a big problem. It is one of the leading causes of tooth loss among UK adults, and at Harley Street Dental Clinic we think this is sad because the condition is entirely preventable.

There are two forms of gum disease; the early form is known as gingivitis, and most people will experience it in some form or another at some point in your life. Certain groups – such as pregnant women – are more susceptible to gingivitis. At our Harley Street clinic we offer special care for patients who are pregnant to minimise the risk of this condition arising and treating it appropriately if it does.

The more serious form of gum disease is called periodontitis, or periodontal disease. It is this advanced condition that leads to tooth loss, so prompt intervention from your dentist is essential. At Harley Street Dental Clinic our specialist periodontist, Dr Pedja Pavlovic, can treat complex and advanced gum disease cases. He is highly respected in his field, and lectures in Periodontology at the Royal London Hospital.

In its early stages, gum disease may have few noticeable symptoms. Your dentist can spot signs of the condition before you even suspect there is a problem, whilst your hygienist can remove the cause of gum disease – dental plaque – with a professional scale and polish.

  • Symptoms you may experience at home include:
  • Bleeding gums when you brush your teeth
  • Red, swollen gums (with or without pain)
  • Bad breath

Should you notice any of these early warning signs, or anything else suspicious, you should book an appointment with a dentist at Harley Street Dental Clinic as soon as possible. Caught early, gum disease is easily treatable and manageable.