Orthodontic care by stealth – clear braces W1

Young or old, rich or poor, the impact of wearing a brace weighs heavily on the mind of any patient considering orthodontic care in their adult years. Let’s talk about how we’ve transcended the problem with our clear braces W1.


Grown up orthodontic care

Orthodontic care is no longer wedded to teenage and adolescent patients as it once was and more adults are looking to correct minor misalignments later in life. This puts a lot of pressure onto clinics to adapt and meet the needs of this new group, a challenge that we have happily risen to with clear braces W1 at Harley Street Dental Clinic.

Breaking the cosmetic taboo

There has long been a taboo associated with cosmetic procedures, having been seen as superfluous, vain, unnecessary or somehow less than other medical procedures. Caring about your appearance and feeling good because you physically look good is somehow seen as shallow.

We’re beginning to see these ideas change, to crack and fade. The truth is that confidence and a higher quality of life, whether it comes from an aesthetic treatment or the relief of a medical condition, is still highly enriching and is well worth the time and effort, this is something that we firmly believe at our practice.

Maintaining a lifestyle balance

The challenge that many adult patients struggle with is mixing the demands of their lifestyle, career and interpersonal relationships with the disruption that treatment brings. One solution that patients have adopted is taking medical holidays for treatments to occur outside of their normal social circles.

This does not work well for orthodontic care, as the treatment is long term, somewhere between 4 to 12 months depending on how significant the misalignment is. This is what makes low-impact orthodontic care so valuable to our working, professional patients, allowing it to simply fly under the radar and allow treatment with minimal disruption.

Low impact orthodontic options

Lingual braces

These are streamlined versions of traditional braces, attached to the backs or the inside of the teeth making them practically invisible to all intents and purposes.

Clear aligners

Clear aligners are translucent plastic forms. They gradually realign the teeth by applying consistent pressure over the entire surface of the tooth; because they are so close fitting and crystal-clear, they can go unnoticed even during the most intimate conversations.

Ceramic translucent braces

Ceramic braces sometimes called glass braces, invisible braces or clear braces W1 are glass polymer composite braces. They share many of the structural properties of traditional metal braces but they’re see-through!

Minimal brace systems

Minimal braces systems use very high strength metals to have the same mechanical properties as a traditional brace whilst being as minimalistic as possible. There are two wires made using titanium nickel or tungsten composites and their brackets are narrower.

Dental cost and financing options

We don’t think that your cash flow should limit your access to the highest quality of dental care. We offer 0% finance  and low interest options allowing you to distribute the cost of your care over the long haul, which is up to 5 years.

By eliminating upfront costs, people are more engaged in the treatments most appropriate for them, rather than trying to cut corners or economise on their care by selling themselves short.