Keeping up appearances with lip fillers Harley Street

As our bodies go through the ageing process, our once youthful plumpness can begin to deplete as the hyaluronic acid within our skin lessens. Fine lines, wrinkles and a new thinness to the lips can develop over time and although you may still feel young, for some the appearance begins to suggest otherwise. At Harley Street Dental Clinic, we understand that although our bodies age, this does not mean we are necessarily ready for the appearance changes which will begin to occur. This is where dermal fillers can save the day.


Having lip fillers Harley Street is one easy step to restoring your youthful appearance as it is a simple boost of the hyaluronic acids within the lips. In order to get the process started you can contact our team online, in person or over the phone and get an appointment booked in for your free consultation. During this appointment we can ensure that any questions you may have are answered and the processes are explained in full so as to leave little to the imagination.

Avoiding surgery to enhance your appearance

When we strive to alter our appearance it can be easy to assume that we will need some form of surgery, but in many cases this is not necessary. Lip fillers Harley Street are just one of these cases. This procedure, which you will barely feel due to a numbing of the area, is created using a simple needle injected into specific points. Injecting the natural hyaluronic acid back into the body to create a freshened appearance is a quick way to create a more youthful look instantly. Minutes to complete for an instant result. 

Topping up or removing the filler

Once you have had your first filler, if you like the outcome you may want to continue with the new appearance. If this is how you feel, all you need to do is continue to attend further appointments around every 6 months on an ongoing basis in order to continue to top up the filler.

On the other end of the scale, should you not like the new image, in a matter of months the treatment will wear off and your original appearance will be back to normal. No need for extensive methods to remove the treatment, a simple wait can help reduce the results without any further action.

Not just for lips

Our lips are not the only aspect to our appearance that we may want to alter and it is therefore useful to know that at our clinic dermal fillers are available to enhance a variety of aspects of the body. This does not mean that once you have your lips enhanced you can just go straight into other filler procedures, as we would always book in a consultation appointment to begin with. The good thing about having lip fillers Harley Street first is that you will already understand how the process works and therefore should you have more questions, detailed or not, our team will be able to address these with you.